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Stockton's reputation a bit painful

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A sneaky elbow to the ribs. A sly slap to the groin. A furtive bump in the ribs.

John Stockton has been accused of such dirty tactics in the past, and the Chicago Bulls have added their horror stories to the ones told by Houston in the Western Conference finals.

Michael Jordan clashed with Stockton during a regular-season game this year in Chicago after the Utah guard set a screen on him “that was a little shaky, and I mentioned it to him.”

“I can't say in the least I haven't set a shaky screen either. I'm not here to discuss the credibility of John Stockton being dirty or clean. Believe me, I've got some little tricks, too, that I can get away with - and I do get away with them sometimes. He knows how to get around the angles.”

Jordan said his former Dream Team teammate is “a very physical player, very gutsy.”

Stockton's take on his dirty reputation?

“There are a lot of parrots out there. They just repeat what they hear,” Stockton said.


Utah Jazz guard John Stockton, right, looks to pass against pressure from Dallas Mavericks guard Steve Nash during an April game in Salt Lake City. (AP Photo/Steve C. Wilson)

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