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"The best pure
point guard
who ever
the game"

Start to finish, it was about the game

He entered laughing and exited with tears in his eyes.

In the 19 years between those emotional extremes, John Stockton set unbreakable records and cuss-worthy picks, and defined the essence of both the position he played and the city from which he came.

No, he never won a championship ring - but he managed a feat far more difficult.

He made his old man's tavern on Hamilton one of the most famous saloons in the United States.

John Stockton walked away from professional basketball on Friday at the age of 41, or rather he hurried away before the tears started fast-breaking down his cheeks - the flinty toughness and stubborn stoicism that carried him through 19 National Basketball Association seasons now stripped bare by a single word.


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Utah Jazz guard John Stockton, right, looks to pass against pressure from Dallas Mavericks guard Steve Nash during an April game in Salt Lake City. (AP Photo/Steve C. Wilson)

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