Issue 1 of 10: War in Iraq/foreign policy

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 I believe we should lead in a way that brings others to us, not that drives them away, and that American families are safer in a world where America is looked up to and respected, not in a world where America is hated.

 We will immediately declare the policy of unilateralism over and work to rebuild our shattered alliances all across the globe. We will launch a successful war against terrorism and also restore trust here at home and abroad by making sure that America always tells the whole truth.

 Is against the war and urges the immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops. Wants to establish alliances with other countries so that America will not be the ''dominant corporate or military force'' present in Iraq.

 We will work tirelessly to take America in a new direction regarding Iraq and to gain approval of this plan at the United Nations. To plan, put it into action, will bring all U.S. troops home in 90 days.

 I will not divide the world into us versus them. Rather, I will rally the world around fundamental principles of decency, responsibility, freedom, and mutual respect. Our foreign and military policy must be about the notion of America leading the world, not America against the world.

 We need a success strategy. Only success that can honor the sacrifice of so many American men and women; it is only success that will allow Iraq to stand on its own; and it is only success that will allow our soldiers to come home. Early exit means retreat or defeat.