Democratic primary: Match your candidate

Here's how the quiz works: For each of 10 issues, you'll see a set of six quotes. They'll be the Democratic hopefuls' own words, gleaned from the candidates' campaign websites and from On The Issues, a nonpartisan website. But there won't be any names attached. You won't know who said what, so read each quote and checkmark the ones you like. On some issues, you may agree with more than one candidate; on others, you might agree with none.

Once you've checkmarked all the quotes you like, hit the "Next Issue" button. When you're done, you'll be presented with your results: how many times you agreed with each candidate, and on which issues.

This quiz isn't scientific, but we hope it gives you a better feel on how you match up with the Democratic field. One thing to remember: If you leave the quiz before finishing completely, we'll lose your answers and you won't get an accurate look at your results. But it's a quick quiz, really. Have fun.

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