Thursday, June 7, 2001


Playwrights Forum Festival kicks off Friday

Shawn Jacobson
Greg Nagy, left, Jhon Goodwin and Richelle Matheny rehearse for "Home Schooling," a play by Terry Hagerty that will be part of the Playwrights Forum Festival.

Jim Kershner

A total of 45 scripts flowed in; eight made the cut.

Now the 18th Annual Playwrights Forum Festival begins Friday at the Spokane Civic Theatre.

America's playwrights are starved for venues willing to mount new work, so they deluged the Civic with scripts. They arrived from all over the country, and a committee chose the eight finalists. An adjudicator will pick an overall winner, to be announced on the last night of the festival.

The festival has expanded from two to three weekends this year. Once again, the plays have been divided into two groups, Rotation A and Rotation B, so you will need to attend two performances to see all eight. None of the plays is more than a half-hour long.

Here's the lineup of the plays in Rotation A:

  • "A Good Man is Hard to Find," by Matthew E. Harget of Spokane -- A romantic comedy about a businesswoman confronted with her past when she conducts a job interview with someone with whom she once had an affair. Directed by Maynard Villers.

  • "Thanks for Nothing, Marilee," by Katie Kilbridge of Kalispell, Mont. -- A short play that defies categorization. Directed by Norman Gano.

  • "In the Blue Room," by Sean O'Meara, Marina del Rey, Calif.: An intimate portrayal of a sensitive young girl drawing upon faith and fantasy in her search for solitude. Directed by Kyrsten Suzanne Weber.

  • "Treasure," by Robb Padgett of Spokane: A play about three unlikely people chancing to meet before a televised antique appraisal show. Directed by Ann Russell.

    Here are the plays that will be in Rotation B:

  • "Home Schooling," by Terry Hagerty, Los Angeles -- A comedy about two political consultants who are attempting to groom a Congressional candidate. Directed by Maynard Villers.

  • "Musing," by Terry Hagerty, Los Angeles -- A semiautobiographical tale celebrating the joy and pain of artistic creativity and show business survival. Directed by Thomas Heppler.

  • "The Questionnaire," by Claude McMillan, Boulder, Colo. -- Two college students fill out a psychological questionnaire and discover each other. Directed by Norman Gano.

  • "A Mile a Minute," by Jeremy Gable of Barstow, Calif. -- A twist on the old story about a man threatening to jump off a building while another man tries to talk him down. Directed by Scott Finlayson.

    Rotation A will run on Friday and again on June 14, 16 and 22. Rotation B will run on Saturday, Sunday and again on June 15 and 23. All shows are at 8 p.m. except the Sunday show at 2 p.m. There will be a moderated talk-back after each performance.

    All shows are in the Firth Chew Studio Theatre in the basement of the Civic, 1020 N. Howard. Tickets are $5 general admission, available by calling 325-2507.