Curriculum Guides

Curriculum guides are developed to be used with newspapers in the classroom. These guides are not available for purchase but are offered free with classroom newspaper orders. Please contact the NIE department to order your copies.

It's NIE For K-3
This is a resource guide for teachers to introduce children to the newspaper, as well as provide activities for major curriculum areas: math, language arts, writing, social studies, and science and health.

Introductory Teacher's Guide (Grades K-12)
This 67-page guide is designed to expose students to the newspaper while reinforcing basic skills taught daily in the classroom.

Our Fragile Future (Grades K-12)
This guide contains 32 activities for learning about environmental issues, using the newspaper as a resource.

On the Sidelines (Grades 3-8)
Use the Sports section of the newspaper and this guide for enrichment activities that teach language arts, social studies, science and math.

500 Newspaper Activities (Grades K-12)
This guide provides 500 enrichment activities that teach language arts, social studies, math, science, business education, foreign language, music, art, home economics, industrial arts, and physical education.

Ultimate Newspaper Activity Guide (Grades 4-12)
There is something for everyone in this Ultimate guide. The activities can be adapted to fit individual and classroom needs. The guide also includes reproducible activity pages within each subject.

Using the Newspaper in Upper Elementary and Middle Grades (Grades 4-8)
This is a 93-page guide on how to incorporate newspapers into daily classroom instruction. It covers five subjects: language arts, science, math, social studies, and an introduction to newspapers.

Using the Newspaper in Secondary Social Studies
This guide provides teachers who teach secondary social studies with a series of meaningful activity options that use the newspaper as the learning resource.

Messages & Meaning - A Guide to Understanding Media (Grades 5-8)
This curriculum guide serves as an introduction to the forms and issues related to media literacy. Activities include accessing, analyzing, evaluating, and communicating media messages.

Creating a Classroom Newspaper (Grades 4-8)
This guide allows students to practice, prepare and create their own classroom newspaper.

Ideas! Ideas! - Newspaper in Education
This booklet is designed to give teachers hints, suggestions and ideas for using the newspaper as an aid and a tool for more stimulating and effective teaching.

Your Key to Better Living - Using the Newspaper in Adult Education Classes
This 50-page guide shows how to use newspapers in adult education classes in order to provide both reading and life skills for adult students.

Newspapers - Touching the Kaleidoscope of Your Mind (Grades K-6)
The activities in this guide are designed to help teachers develop different learning opportunities for students and provide ideas to enhance student performance.

Writing With the Newspaper - Ideas for Teachers (Grades K-8)
This guide was developed to assist in the development of good writing skills in young people. The writing activities are broken down into age-appropriate lessons.