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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Frequently asked questions

What does it cost?
The charge for viewing the full-text of most stories from the NewsLibrary is $2.95 per story. However, prices may vary by newspaper. The price of the article is displayed on the search results page. These charges will be automatically added to your monthly credit or debit card statement under the name "InfiNet."

What is included? What is missing? The NewsLibrary contains the complete text of the Spokesman-Review since July of 1994. This doesn't include any display or classified ads, pictures, or graphics.

How do I do a search for a story?
Fill out the Newspaper Search form, including words and phrases to search for, years to search, how you prefer your list of stories to be sorted and number or stories you want returned. Once you are satisfied with the way you have filled out the form, click the "search" button. If you want to change the form, clock on the "clear" button and begin again.

You will then receive a page listing your stories by headline, date and first paragraph. There is no cost to view this list, but you will be charged when you click on the "Complete Article" hyperlink to view the entire story.

What do I do if I don't get the story I want?
Perhaps you are not phrasing your search in the best way possible. Here are a few tips:

1. Enter an exact phrase to be searched by separating words with spaces.
2. Join words and phrases with "and" to narrow your search.
3. Use "or" between words or phrases to expand your search.
4. Use "not" before words or phrases to exclude them from your search.

What hardware and software does the library use?
The Spokesman-Review Library system uses a SAVE newspaper archive system originally from VU/TEXT, a division of Knight-Ridder. SAVE runs on an IBM RS/6000 located at the Spokesman-Review. Its search engine is by PLS.