Thursday, June 5, 2003


Through it all, VC seniors had a blast

Linnea Christine Nelson
Valley Christian School

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,
Old time is still a-flying;
This same flower that smiles today,
Tomorrow will be dying.

These words, written by Robert Herrick over 300 years ago, became the road map for my senior year.

I tried hard to get involved, make friends, have fun and do my best. And with graduation now a few days away, I look back on the past 10 months and reminisce about the “old times.”

The year at Valley Christian School began with a fall retreat, designed to unite the school. We played high-octane games such as Smuggler and Capture the Flag to help get the juices going and lay the foundation for friendships. We laughed till we ached at impromptu games, impersonations of Elvis, a mock 'N Sync concert, and a hilarious skit about living in a van “down by the river.”

We had incredible worship times, and Bible studies that taught us about God and ourselves. In one quick weekend, students evolved from strangers to friends and the year was underway. Most of the time we worked hard in class.

We dissected cow eyeballs, and had “eyeball juice” wars in biology.

A field trip to the cadavers at WSU gave us the chance to see dead people up-close and personal. Because of that trip, I will never look at a white turkey sandwich the same way again. We mumbled our way through songs in Spanish class, practiced our tae-bo in PE, and dressed like funky disco people for “Crazy Eighties” day.

We also learned godly principles in our Bible classes that can be applied to everything we do, from algebra to zoology. If you were to slip into your chair before the tardy bell on the last Friday of any month, you would be all alone all day.

On these Fridays, we dispersed into the community to do service projects.

We raked leaves for old people, visited elderly folks at the Cheney Nursing Home, and sorted cans of beans and corn at the food bank.

Through it all, we had a blast.

Service project days taught me to be a leader by serving others, while expecting nothing in return.

VCS is basketball. Our teams made State B all four years I attended, and they are still going strong.

During State B tournament, students, teachers, parents and grandparents crowded into the Spokane Arena to watch our Panthers in action. State B fever caused the halls to buzz with tournament gossip, spirit posters, and students decorated with blue and white faces, blue spandex, and blue fuzzy wigs. And suddenly ... graduation is here.

I am excited to move on to new places and meet new faces. But, since my senior class is only 19 students, it's hard to be excited about graduating because I am saying goodbye to 18 of my closest friends.

When you know so many things about every person in your classroom that it makes you sick, it becomes very difficult to say goodbye forever.

I have had the time of my life in high school.

But now I must say adieu to that stage of my life, gather up my rosebuds, and reach out for whatever God hands me next.

After graduating from Valley Christian School, Linnea Christine Nelson plans to attend Convent Bible College in Colorado for one year and then enroll at Whitworth College to pursue a degree in nursing.

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