Thursday, June 5, 2003


Better for knowing each other

Leah Salem
Rogers High School

Diverse. That's us, all right. Diverse and somehow the same. Not because we all attend the same school, no. Maybe a better word would be ... family.

Yes, we have become family. From the moment we walked into that building full of construction, we became family, whether we wanted to or not. However, it took some time breaking those barriers between the “Shaw Kids” and the “Garry Kids.” We had to learn how to move together through the oddity of the overcrowded halls and the upperclassmen. We survived because we had our teachers and friends there, our family there, offering their support every step that landed on someone else's foot.

Through four years we have learned life through each other. We developed our own language, like Katie Southwick's contagious “Coooall,” our own laugh to laugh at ... Shelly Seipp's “He, he, he” forever ringing in our minds, and conversations with the guys, which was always a challenge, as they spoke in quotes from every movie known to mankind. Never a dull moment.

As seniors we had our firsts and lasts _ a well-deserved homecoming week victory as we displayed our 2003 Senior Pride. We shared every break-

up and reunion, tragedy and victory, every new-kid-at-school day and premature farewell. And every one of Colin Smith's mayonnaise packet mines.

Now, as we venture away from “home” we feel apprehensive and anxious. It is hard to believe that we have spent 720 days together. Even though the building will remain the same, our family will grow, change and move on and our treasure chest will close on the years.

We know that no matter what happens we will be able to re-open it to take a glimpse back to our time together and remember: From the senior hall to cowboy comer, the sacred crest to “Ye Old Scene Shop,” the farting toilet, the Pirate Pit, the field house and the senior bleachers. Though our last year together is coming to an end, the memories we hold will live on in our hearts for eternity. Good luck to our Rogers Class of 2003!

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