Thursday, June 5, 2003


Groovy times at NC High

Lindsey Hagen
North Central High School

“We have come a long way ...”

Walking through the tunnel. Losing Groovy Shoes by three points. Coming back and winning the next year, and the next, and the next. Winning the shoe and both the basketball games, never done before by NC in Groovy Shoe history. The new building. ID badges. The gymnastics team winning districts sophomore year. Walking out to annex classes. The crowds at the volleyball games. Girls cross-country are GSL champs for three years, State champs our junior year. Girls track winning districts junior year. Baseball team, three-time GSL champs. “Dollshop.” Sleeping in during collaborative time. The girls' soccer team upsetting Mead and going to the playoffs for the first time ever. “Oh Red and Black, dear Red and Black...”

Trying to find a parking spot. The football team beating Shadle 70-20. The old gym getting repainted. Prom, “Memories Last a Lifetime.”

“Have a great day NC and don't forget to wear your ID badges.”

“.. but not half as far as we will go.”

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