Thursday, June 5, 2003


Class starts, finishes together

Anthony Johnson
Mt. St. Michael's Academy

Of course, every student has said it at least twice -- “I can't wait to get out of here,” -- but when the time comes, everyone is scared, worried, excited and also frightened. We spend time worrying about colleges, searching for a summer job, giving tearful goodbyes and basking in the glory of the senior year. How many graduating classes in Spokane, or anywhere for that matter, have stuck together for the last 13 years, to graduate from the same Catholic school in which they started? And who wouldn't be proud of it?

Granted, there were some latecomers and a few of us missed a year or two in the mix, but we remained a team and made it to the end together. Most of us were there for the grade-school pranks, the junior-high crushes, and the high-school friendships and trouble making. We were there for the wins and losses, and the ups and downs. We enjoyed our skip day touring Lake Coeur d'Alene on a friend's boat, strolling through an empty mall, and enjoying a rowdy dinner at Denny's.

The girls welcomed both their basketball and softball seasons, traveling with the boys and then starting a rooter's bus for the boy's team when theirs was knocked out of the playoffs. The boys' basketball hopes were bowled over by Republic, but those hopes were bolstered with academic state championships for both seasons and a successful baseball season with eyes on the state trophy.

On the way through this journey we've picked up so many memories and little knickknacks of fun.

Everybody knows that each class has its quote or theme, but how many have an unintelligible bellow? 2003's “Rah!” will echo for years to come. And how many classes join the rest of the high school in its entirety for choir practices and competitions, getting near perfect scores? And who has heard of an entire school singing at high Mass in thanksgiving for winning a place in state baseball? And for those going to a senior all-nighter, the freshmen on up are coming to join us at ours!

We are all excited to get out of school, and of course, a little scared of what will happen to us. But we will still remain friends and never forget each other. We will never forget our faith. We will always remember and cherish these last 13 years, the best years of our lives!

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