Thursday, June 5, 2003


Taking pride in Mead

Kelsie Chamberlain
Mead High School

Mead High School's graduating class of 2003 is Spirit, is Effort, and is Responsibility. We have become the most unique group of individuals in any high school anywhere, with all due thanks to our wonderful faculty and those construction workers who hung around for three interminable years full of jackhammers and caution tape.

As seniors, we have lived through the entire reconstruction of our school, not as bystanders, but with full daily contact as the walls were torn down and replaced around our very heads.

We have grown and persevered through fire, flood and sewage. We have learned balance and creativity, dodging mud holes and traversing broken pallets. Years of learning, experiencing and fleeing fire alarms has instilled in us a thirst for knowledge, a drive for development, and a sense of self-preservation. We accept all circumstances with ease. Sirens and collapsing portables are met with calm nonchalance and annoyance at the panicked freshmen.

A hope of prolonging the ancient ideal of just what is a “Senior” is alive in all of us. We hold our position with grave seriousness. The battles between Superior and Frosh live on. Freshmen droppings, such as wrappers and graffiti, are not easily ignored by us. We work to set examples to the contrary, not quiet examples of mopping mothers but earsplitting illustrations to reveal the offense. We have personal stock in the building where we have made friendships and endured hardships.

After four years of test taking and essay writing we are to be set free. How many dates and facts we will take with us is questionable but I know some things are certain. We will never panic in critical situations, we will never take four walls and a roof for granted, and we will never let anyone get away with disrespecting our school, others or ourselves.

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