Thursday, June 5, 2003


The best of times will be cherished

Will French, Alec Gardner and Chris Rainville
Gonzaga Preparatory School

Gonzaga Prep's Class of 2003 has been more than just a group of 230 students. We've seen our class do so many amazing things. Many have started businesses, which have sprouted into multinational corporations. Others have volunteered a year or two in some of the impoverished nations of South America and Africa. We recall one girl's story of how she saved an entire tribe of Amazon natives and their village from an attacking army of fire ants only using a garden hose, some twine and her G-Prep lettermen's jacket.

Between stories like these and other great accomplishments (like our research department's efforts to discover a new element, Prepium), one thing is clear: we've done a lot, but we still haven't graduated.

Now maybe some of these stories are a bit of a stretch, but this year our school brought in 133,982 pounds of food for the food drive, which is an all-time high. We also continued to be supportive of our student's endeavors, especially when state champion Curt Collyer ranked 15th in the nation in chess, or when Laura Kohler won best actress at the state level for Washington, making her the first high school student ever to win this award.

Applying our knowledge from the classrooms and the core values of the Jesuit graduate we not only have grown as a class, but as individuals.

We have students who won the Youth Chase Award and students who have worked countless volunteer hours, working to better the community.

But these four years have not been a cakewalk. There have been things that we should remember and those we should probably forget.

Forget. Forget the time when we lost spirit week and had our hall decorations torn down. Forget that time in senior hall when you thought that a cheerleader was waving at you, only to realize (too late) as you were shyly waving back that the cheerleader's friends were coming up behind you. But now that we are preparing to graduate, we can shed those insecure feelings and surround ourselves with the comfort of those things we should remember.

Remember. Oh, the memories of eating the deliciously average cafeteria food that was pumped out of those school ovens every day. Seeing the transformation of the school from the “glory days” of Schemmel to the dual monarchy of Cilley and Jack. Remember the basketball team with Bond and Johnson that played Ferris in the sold-out Spokane Falls Community College gym, and the volleyball team where Jen Clinton was already dominating as a freshman.

These things and countless others are forever etched in our memory. From freshman year to senior year, cons to sports, from deans to cafeterias, times change and last for only moments, but the moments somehow last forever. Remember.

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