Thursday, June 5, 2003


Ferris class makes mark on school

Sara Bick
Ferris High School

What can you say about Ferris High School's Class of 2003 except that we were determined to be different?

We didn't want to be here and gone just as some of the classes before us.

We didn't want to be the typical senior class.

We have strived to show our talent. We held a senior talent show which had so many entries that we ended up cutting more than a couple acts.

And our outlandish sense of humor was very apparent, not only in our classmates, but our ASB officers as well.

We've been each other's family for the last four years. And even though each of us may have our own style, taste or social circle, we've managed to come together on numerous occasions.

We've been through a lot together.

We've celebrated victories and admitted defeats, we've danced together at mixers, and mourned the losses of an irreplaceable coach, Wayne Gilman, and a phenomenal classmate, Anna Malley.

Both would have given anyone the shirt off their back if asked.

We've shouted “Go Big Red!” and “Let's go Ferris!” more times than we can remember, and we have the Ferris fight song embedded so deep into our memories that we couldn't forget it if we tried.

We've laughed, cried, yelled and shouted our way through the last four years, and we've come out on top. It's difficult to express the experiences and knowledge we have obtained in the last few years without getting too sentimental, but after attending such a great school with so many remarkable teachers, we are ready to face whatever may come our way.

And as we all go on with our education and our lives, I have confidence we will remember each other and the obstacles we have overcome together.

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