Thursday, June 5, 2003


Small class of 140 fostered friendships for a lifetime

Nicole McElreath
Deer Park School

The class of 2003 not only shares memories from high school, but shares memories from the days of ABCs and recess. This quality is what makes our senior class so personal and close.

Our small graduating class of about 140, has grown up together since we were in kindergarten. That's 13 years of memory making -- the good ol' days of tag at recess or time-out in the corner for hitting the boy who always pulled your hair.

Next came the awkward days of middle school. These were the days that everyone tried to fit in. Those were awkward, yet life-changing moments. You know, boys' voices were now deep, with occasional outbursts of squeaks and squeals. Then there were the girls, always trying to look grown up to impress the boys who were now walking hormones.

Next came high school, the wild emotions of the first day of school. Intimidated by the alltoo-scary, gigantic upper classman. But throughout these four years, the Class of 2003 has shared too many memories and awesome times to ever slip our mind.

Our senior year is at an end. Not one senior will forget the stressful days of the Senior Project. There were countless nights of staying up until the crack of dawn to finish papers for the portfolio. Or what about the endless class periods of trying to focus ever so hard? Then wondering to yourself as you fail again to concentrate if you honestly need some type of medication.

However, as this class looks back and reflects upon our high school years, we have gained much from this school, whether many realize it or not. We have gained years of friendships that will never fade our memory.

The best feature that describes our Class of 2003 is humor. Whether reciting lines off of Saturday Night Live and “Dumb & Dumber,” or making up our own little corny jokes, we never cease to crack a smile in every moment of the day. As our lives separate and travel to new paths, I hope that we will all remember the memories of Deer Park High School and the lasting impressions we made on each other.

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