Thursday, June 5, 2003


We remember and we look ahead

Julie Teuton
Cheney High School

It's funny. We're all counting down the days until these four years are over.

A glittery “senior count down” sign hangs in the main hallway thanks to our Leadership Class.

We glance at it at least once a day and marvel at how small that number is becoming. At the same time, we grumble about how many more we have to go. What are we going to remember?

Faculty. As much as we have given you a hard time, you are quite essential to this thing we call school. You have tried to make us pay attention and listen to your lectures.

You may not think so, but some of it has sunk in.

We'll remember you for far more than what you taught. We'll remember a certain man's love of the intercom. The North Dakota song.

Your love of books that no person should ever have to read. (Sadly, we'll remember those, too.) Puns. Why do teachers love puns? Mr. Bathurst, Mr. Butler, you know what I mean. The confidence you gain when you're reminded that “10,000 Canadians” don't care how you did on your geometry test. Ah, the things that you have given to us.

There are so many normal days that make up our high school careers.

Those days hold more memories than any other thing. The off-the-wall comments kids say in classes. The laughing fits you break into at lunch and simply can't stop. Yeah, it's the little things that add up.

Over and over again I've heard that “these are the best years of our lives.” This can't be true.

We live a long time after high school.

Cheney High School was only a beginning.

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