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The Davenport

History of the Davenport Hotel

  • 1906
    Local businessmen, including successful 36-year-old restaurateur Louis Davenport, discuss need for first-class accommodations and convention space in Spokane.
  • 1908
    Newspaper reports hotel plans and speculates that Davenport, a major investor and adjacent property owner, will manage the hotel.
  • 1912
    Davenport Hotel Co. formed; 100 stockholders invest$2 million; property cleared and hotel construction begins.
  • 1914
    Davenport Hotel opens with 400 guest rooms, including 300 with private baths.
  • 1917
    Fifty-three more guest rooms added; French chef Edward Mathieu hired, stays 30 years.
  • 1928
    Louis Davenport buys out fellow stockholders.
  • 1929
    Eighty more guest rooms added.
  • 1940
    Eighty-car parking garage built south of First Avenue entrance.
  • 1945
    At age 77, Louis Davenport sells hotel to William Edris of Seattle for $1.5 million.
  • 1947
    Edris sells hotel to three local investors for $2.5 million.
  • 1947
    Edris sells hotel to three local investors for $2.5 million.
  • 1951
    Louis Davenport, 83, dies in his Davenport Hotel suite.
  • 1953
    Western Hotels Inc. purchases controlling interest.
  • 1957
    Swimming pool installed on roof.
  • 1967
    Western Hotels sells Davenport to John McMillan of San Francisco for $2.6 million.
  • 1969
    Local group buys hotel from McMillan for $3.2 million; major renovation plans announced;< /B>many area residents invest.
  • 1972
    Davenport Inc. files for bankruptcy.
  • 1973
    Original mortgage holder Lomis & Nettleton Financial Corp. of Dallas assumes control of hotel.
  • 1974
    Former Davenport Inc. corporate manager J. Harlow Tucker indicted, later convicted, for securities fraud.
  • 1979
    Former Montana Gov. Tim Babcock and former Davenport general manager Warren Anderson agree to buy hotel for $4.5 million; losses continue.
  • 1985
    Ownership reverts back to Lomis & Nettleton; hotel closes; demolition discussed.
  • 1986
    Friends of the Davenport group forms to encourage hotel's preservation.
  • 1990
    Sun International of Hong Kong buys hotel for $5.25 million; restoration begins.
  • 1994
    Underground oil spill from nearby steam plant discovered; this and other obstacles interrupt renovation.<2000
    Spokane developers Walt and Karen Worthy purchase hotel for $6.5 million in cash and property;<$30 million renovation project begins.
  • July 15, 2002
    Davenport Hotel to reopen.

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