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Tuesday, June 8, 2004


Here's a list of all stories that were posted online June 8, 2004

Sandpoint gets commercial air service
SANDPOINT – Gary Ballew kissed his wife goodbye Monday morning. Then he walked about 50 feet across the Sandpoint Airport's tarmac to board a nine-passenger airplane to Seattle.

Judge to let spy suspect out of jail
Deborah Cummings, a special-education teacher who has been in jail for 16 months on espionage-related charges, was ordered released on bond and electronic monitoring Monday by a federal judge.

Public bids farewell to Reagan
SIMI VALLEY, Calif. – Nancy Reagan touched her cheek to the flag-covered casket, then made way for Americans by the thousands to pay respects Monday to Ronald Reagan before a cross-country journey to a state funeral in Washington.

Nine Iraqi political parties to disband militia fighters
BAGHDAD, Iraq – Iraq's new prime minister announced an agreement Monday by nine political parties to dissolve their militias, integrating some of the 100,000 fighters into the army and police and pensioning off the rest to firm up government control ahead of the transfer of sovereignty. Related stories

U.S. plans troop cut in S. Korea
SEOUL, South Korea – A U.S. plan to cut the number of American troops in South Korea by one-third by the end of next year will force the South to shoulder more responsibility for defending itself against any North Korean military aggression.

Valley Fire moves into Millwood
The town of Millwood needs help. Less than two weeks ago, nearly all the town's volunteer firefighters quit to protest Chief Bill Clifford being put on administrative leave.

Cassini craft nearing orbit of Saturn
PASADENA, Calif. – Saturn and its rings are growing large in the view of the international Cassini spacecraft, which is nearing a rendezvous with the giant planet after years of travel across the solar system.

Cancer treatment improves
NEW ORLEANS – Early low-dose chemotherapy appears to substantially improve short-term survival in patients with the most aggressive and common form of brain cancer, offering the first significant advance against the disease in decades.

Study links carcinogens, products
One in three personal-care products has at least one ingredient classified as a possible carcinogen. And one in 100 has ingredients certified by the U.S. government as known or probable causers of cancer.

Woman may sue for stolen art
WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court ruled Monday that Americans can sue foreign governments over looted art, stolen property and war crimes dating to the 1930s, a victory for an elderly California woman trying to get back $150 million worth of paintings stolen by the Nazis more than 65 years ago.

Paper: President can order torture
WASHINGTON – A group of lawyers in the Bush administration argued in a paper last year that the president has supreme authority over the questioning of terrorist suspects, and can legally order interrogators to torture or commit other crimes against them.

Security increases for G-8 summit
ST. SIMONS ISLAND, Ga. -- Military aircraft drowned out the sound of surf, gunboats cruised a historic riverfront and Secret Service agents guarded a beach road as security tightened with President Bush's arrival for this week's summit of world leaders.

Court removes ban on Mexican trucks
WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court removed the last legal roadblock to Mexican trucks rolling across U.S. roadways, siding with the Bush administration Monday in a long-running dispute with labor union officials, environmentalists and consumer advocates.

National news
Toy-train maker must pay rival $40 million Detroit A U.S. District Court jury decided Monday that model-train maker Lionel LLC and others should pay $40.8 million to rival Mike's Train House Inc. for misappropriating its designs.

Saudi Arabia not stable, Clarke says
MADRID, Spain – Former U.S. counterterrorism adviser Richard Clarke said Monday that instability in Saudi Arabia deserves special attention and warned of a repeat of the situation in Iran following the fall of the U.S.-backed shah.

Israelis strike Lebanese base
BEIRUT, Lebanon – Israeli warplanes struck deep into Lebanon, blasting a Palestinian militant base south of the capital in what Israel said was retaliation for a rocket attack on an Israeli naval boat earlier Monday.

Sharon passes no-confidence vote
JERUSALEM – Prime Minister Ariel Sharon survived no-confidence votes in parliament Monday, a sign that his coalition is in no immediate danger of collapse, despite Cabinet approval of a divisive Gaza withdrawal plan a day earlier.

Al Qaeda cell threatens Saudi Arabian attacks
CAIRO, Egypt – An Internet statement signed by an al Qaeda cell in Saudi Arabia warned Monday that the terror network will target Western airlines, military bases and residential compounds and told Muslims to stay away from Westerners.

World news
Official replies ‘no' as groom says ‘oui' Cluj, Romania The groom said “yes,” but a city official said “no,” refusing to marry a couple because the groom didn't consent first in Romanian, authorities said Monday.

Kurds threaten boycott over rights guarantees
IRBIL, Iraq – In an angry letter to President Bush, Kurdish leaders in northern Iraq have threatened to derail the newly formed Iraqi government by withdrawing their ministers from the Cabinet and boycotting upcoming elections unless a proposed U.N. Security Council resolution on Iraqi sovereignty guarantees Kurdish rights.

CdA Mines urges Wheaton revolt
COEUR d'ALENE -- Rebuffed a second time by opposing management, Coeur d'Alene Mines Corp. on Monday called on stockholders of Wheaton River Minerals Ltd. to reject another merger deal and at least review Coeur's offer.

Calling Olympia: Why no rush to help Spokane?
Washington's top legislators, Gov. Gary Locke and his would-be successors say they will renew in next year's Legislature a near-miss effort to approve a sales tax exemption that would apply to, among other things, construction of new call centers in the state. Why was this not done already, given interest from Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. in making Spokane its next port of calling?

GM makes China inroads
SHANGHAI, China -- Signaling its confidence in the booming Chinese economy, General Motors Corp. said Monday it plans to spend $3 billion in China over the next three years in a challenge to rival Volkswagen for dominance of the world's fastest-growing auto market.

Stewart sentencing pushed back
NEW YORK -- A federal judge has delayed the sentencing of Martha Stewart until next month, giving lawyers for the celebrity homemaker time to prepare new legal papers aimed at winning her a new trial.

Home Depot preparing to expand to China
ATLANTA -- The Home Depot is expanding into China with the hope of one day becoming the largest home improvement store chain in Asia and rivaling the success it has had in the United States, company officials said Monday.

Bellingham firm to buy Peyton Building
A Bellingham, Wash., real estate company is buying the Peyton Building in downtown Spokane.

Oracle begins anti-takeover fight
SAN FRANCISCO -- Oracle Corp. began a pivotal legal battle Monday by depicting its $7.7 billion takeover bid for rival business software maker PeopleSoft Inc. as a competitive catalyst that will spur Microsoft Corp. and other major players to pounce on new market opportunities.

Cell phone firms sued for ‘locking’ handsets
LOS ANGELES -- A consumer watchdog group sued three cell phone companies on Monday for “locking” their phones to make it harder for customers to switch carriers.

Railroad repair will halt service
Pend Oreille Valley Railroad will halt its daily Usk-to-Newport freight train on Friday and possibly next Monday to repair a rail crossing west of Newport.

Business news
Markets to observe day of mourning New York Most U.S. financial markets will close Friday in observance of the national day of mourning for former President Reagan.

Bullish investors push Dow up 148
Optimistic investors bid stocks sharply higher in light trading Monday, buoyed by the strength of the economy and even ignoring a slight rise in oil prices. The Dow Jones industrial average rose more than 140 points.

More white collars wear union label
During his 15 years with The Boeing Co., Stephen Gentry never pictured himself wearing the union label.

GOP to hold memorial service in Bothell church
OLYMPIA – State Republicans say a memorial service for Ronald Reagan is planned Friday in the Seattle suburb of Bothell.

Infant, toddler class may close
Nine-month-old Hailey Hixson's legs were covered with pink paint Friday morning. She reached out toward her 15-month-old friend Colin, who had a yellow star stamped on his mostly blue chest.

Drought conditions put Henry’s Lake in jeopardy
MACKS INN, Idaho – Five years of drought have stretched southern Idaho's irrigation resources so thin that the world-renowned trout fishery in Henry's Lake is now in jeopardy.

Smoke study released
PULLMAN – Volunteers exposed in 2002 to field smoke from burning wheat stubble at pollution levels lower than in the recent past showed no adverse health effects, a new study has found.

Accuracy watch
Cause of rider's death misstated Omak bull rider Jeremy Ives died after his head was hit by the horn of a bull. Because of a reporting error, the cause of death was misstated in a Monday story.Obituary cited wrong hospice

Judge sentences 3 in marijuana smuggling ring
A federal judge in Coeur d'Alene told a Spokane woman convicted of drug possession to wear a key around her neck every day she is on probation “… so you understand you hold the key to your future.”

Witness wants travel restrictions lifted
BOISE – Former University of Idaho football player Abdullah Al-Kidd has lost a scholarship, had his travel options restricted, been ordered to live with his in-laws and had to find work at a moving company, all because he was named as a material witness in the Sami Al-Hussayen terrorism case. Related stories

Program alive and ticking
Kootenai Medical Center's new heart program appears to be off the ground. Actually, the program is three stories tall and has nearly 100 successful open-heart surgeries to its name.

Reagan left a lasting impression even in the ’50s
Like every other unwashed columnist in the country, I spent the weekend trying to come up with a new angle on Ronald Reagan, who died Saturday after a 10-year struggle with Alzheimer's disease.

RPS owners boot city as garage landlord
The owners of River Park Square maneuvered to take control of the mall's parking garage and its revenue Monday, telling the city of Spokane it is replacing a city agency as the garage's landlord because of some $9 million in unpaid bills. Related stories

Regional news
Toddler hit by truck in store parking lot Post Falls An 18-month-old girl was struck and injured by a pickup truck pulling away from a parking space Monday morning while the people caring for her were loading purchases into their own vehicle, the Idaho State Police said.

Scientists evaluate evolution of crossbill’s beak, food source
HANSEN, Idaho – A team of scientists is evaluating a southern Idaho bird that one researcher believes is a prime example of a species evolving with its food source.

Homeless advocates denounce plan
Advocates for Spokane homeless people on Monday decried a proposed anti-camping ordinance as harsh and unfair to people in need.

Sage grouse numbers rise, but worries continue
BOISE -- The number of sage grouse, proposed for possible listing under the Endangered Species List, is increasing in Idaho's deserts, but biologists remain concerned about the effect of wildfires on critical sagebrush habitat.

Game officials back hunting of bison
BILLINGS – State wildlife officials recommended Monday that Montana resume the hunting of bison that leave Yellowstone National Park in search of winter forage, possibly by the end of this year.

Man to be sentenced in drug-deal killing
A Pend Oreille County man is to be sentenced today for first-degree murder in a case in which the actual killer was acquitted.

Airman receives Purple Heart
In a first for Fairchild Air Force Base since its involvement in the global war on terrorism, an airman who was injured by Iraqi insurgents while he was destroying a large cache of enemy ordnance was presented with the Purple Heart on Monday. Related stories

Oh, my ears: 115,000 CDs flooding libraries
OLYMPIA -- More than 115,000 music CDs are flooding Washington schools, colleges and libraries this week, ranging from jazz and classical to Springsteen and hip-hop, as part of a consumer protection settlement with the recording industry.

Suit seeks compensation over suspended licenses
OLYMPIA -- Even as state lawyers and officials puzzle over a Washington Supreme Court ruling that drastically reduced the state's power to suspend drivers' licenses, a federal lawsuit seeks compensation for hundreds of thousands of people who lost the right to drive in recent years.

Former president was eternal optimist
He lingered too long for his own good, but not long enough for his beloved Nancy and the many others who loved and admired him.

Reagan had power of persuasion
SHANGHAI, China – Ronald Reagan came onto my beat a half-century ago, not as a candidate for office but as a visitor. I was working at the Bloomington (Ill.) Pantagraph, my first newspaper job after leaving the Army. Reagan, then the host of the General Electric Theater, would come to Bloomington once a year to visit the local GE plant and then go up the road to Eureka, Ill., to speak to students at his alma mater, Eureka College.

Former railroad tracks pay off big
Our View: North Idaho bike trails offer state economic bounty.

Sign committee must reflect all sides
It's good to examine both sides of an issue. Better still to examine all sides. But there's reason to think that a special committee studying the city of Spokane Valley's sign regulations will concentrate on only one side of the question assigned to it. All seven members have strong ties to business, including the sign business.

Who will pay for sins of hierarchy? “Who will pay for the sins of a few priests?” A more accurate headline for Brian L. Ernst's recent Roundtable column would have been, “Who will pay for the sins of the church hierarchy?”

1-room schoolhouse reopened by EWU
Blue skies, sunshine and “old-timey” fiddle music set the mood Friday afternoon at a one-room school house tucked between expansive brick buildings and auditoriums at Eastern Washington University. There, a slice of teaching's history was opened to the public.

Idaho non-football coaches also look forward to WAC encounters
MOSCOW, Idaho – Football coaches aren't the only ones smiling because Idaho is moving to the Western Athletic Conference.

Nageotte makes statement in starting debut
SEATTLE – His first two pitches were so full of adrenaline they came within an area code of the strike zone. Related stories

Cougar QB Hurd given okay to pursue other playing destination
Chris Hurd, who lost the competition for the starting quarterback job at Washington State University, is looking for a different place to play but has not quit the team.

Lightning snuff out Flames
TAMPA, Fla. – The Tampa Bay Lightning became one of the most unlikely Stanley Cup winners ever and kept the Calgary Flames from an even more improbable championship.

Gagne’s feat right up there with Gilligan’s
Eric Gagne has engineered one of the most remarkable streaks in the history of sports, and although he's done it in public view, in the second largest city in America, for one of the most storied franchises in baseball, nobody much cares and hardly anyone's noticed.

Bring on the Olympians!
The four-year college career of Kaylene Fountain, like many players on the Area All-Star team that will face the U.S. Olympic softball team on Saturday, played out a long way from home.

Monday’s National League games
Giants 10, Rockies 5: At Denver, Pedro Feliz homered twice and Yorvit Torrealba hit a three-run homer that staked San Francisco to a five-run lead in the first inning of the Giants' win over Colorado. Pinch-hitter Damon Minor singled home the tiebreaking run in the seventh inning. The Giants won three of four and sent Colorado to its fifth series loss at Coors Field this season. Feliz hit a solo homer in the eighth and a two-run homer in the ninth for his 10th and 11th homers of the year. Feliz had his

Monday’s interleague games
Rangers 6, Pirates 5 (10): At Arlington, Texas, Hank Blalock hit an RBI single with two outs in the 10th inning, and Texas beat Pittsburgh in the first interleague game of the season. Blalock's looper to center, on a full-count pitch from Mike Johnston (0-3), dropped in front of charging outfielder Tike Redman to score Laynce Nix. Nix had reached on a similar hit, a flyball to center knocked down by a gusty wind that fell several feet in front of the outfielder. Michael Young's two-out single

Prep shortstop No. 1
NEW YORK – The San Diego Padres' decision to make California high school shortstop Matt Bush the No. 1 pick in Monday's draft came down to overall talent – and more importantly, money.

Griffey takes chase for 500th homer to Oakland
As Ken Griffey Jr. closes in on another major milestone, it's clear 500 home runs means a lot more to his family than it does to the slugger.

Rangers go after right-handed pitchers on first day of draft
The Texas Rangers entered the first day of the 2004 First-Year Player Draft with two picks in the 1st round, picking with the 10th and 30th overall selections.

Babcock lands Raptors’ GM job after all
TORONTO – The Toronto Raptors hired Rob Babcock on Monday to be the team's general manager, a month after they declined to give him the job.

It’s only a game, isn’t it?
BOB RAISSMAN of the New York Daily News, naming the Dodgers' Milton Bradley his “Dweeb of the Week,” showed some gamesmanship.

National sports
Biffle gets 14th career win in rain-delayed Busch race at Dover Greg Biffle took the lead for the first time with 21 miles to go and then drove away from the field to win the rain-delayed NASCAR Busch Series race Monday at Dover International Speedway.

Lakers remain loose
LOS ANGELES – Leave it to the Lakers to make light of a loss. Coming off their low-effort virtual no-show in Game 1 of the NBA Finals, the Lakers all but laughed it off Monday and promised to try harder next time against the Detroit Pistons.

On the air
For Tuesday, Jun 8, 2004

Today’s menu
Off-track betting Coeur d'Alene Casino: Dog racing, first post 9:05 a.m.; horse racing, first post 9:25 a.m.

Maddox agrees to contract extension
Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Tommy Maddox agreed to terms on a one-year contract extension, signing with the team through 2007.

Richards claims MVP Trophy
TAMPA, Fla. -- Brad Richards can finally forget about last year's playoffs. The Tampa Bay Lightning forward had a miserable introduction to the postseason in 2003, but he bounced back in record-setting fashion the second time around to win the Conn Smythe Trophy as playoffs MVP on Monday night.

Dreams do come true
TAMPA, Fla. – Dave Andreychuk hoisted the Stanley Cup above his head, hopped twice in jubilation and skated away with the prize that eluded him for more than two decades on a long, sometimes frustrating journey.

College baseball pairings set
Texas is heading to the super regionals in an enviable position: as the No. 1 national seed with home-field advantage.

Jack’s a true fanatic
LOS ANGELES – He is a player – ask anyone in Hollywood – but the old point guard hasn't so much as hit a free throw in well over 30 years with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Huff ready to make a big impact
KIRKLAND -- Something about Orlando Huff's demeanor shows that he's not only ready to assume a starting role with the Seattle Seahawks, but that he's confident he'll get it.

Eastern signs Gonnella
Former Mead High School standout Leah Gonnella has signed a letter of intent to attend Eastern Washington University and play for the Eagles' women's basketball team.

Mead baseball coach hangs up his cleats
Kevin Workman's passion for baseball dwindled as his passion for teaching expanded. Workman announced to his Mead baseball players Monday that he won't return for a fifth year as the Panthers' varsity coach. A waning interest in the sport was a major factor, Workman said.

Mariners pick Tuiasosopo
SEATTLE – Matt Tuiasosopo, who has signed to play football at Washington this fall, was chosen by the Seattle Mariners in the third round of Monday's baseball draft.

Mariners stay local, pick Tuiasosopo
SEATTLE -- Matt Tuiasosopo has a big decision to make. Either way, he gets to play for one of his favorite teams.

N.C.’s Uhlenkott shines at Brooks Meet of Champions
North Central graduate Mike Uhlenkott won the boy's pole vault, tying his personal best at 15 feet, 3 inches, in Saturday's Brooks Meet of Champions at Lewis & Clark College in Portland.

This Ali hails from Baghdad
NEW YORK – Najah Ali studied the faded fight posters, dented dumbbells and flies buzzing over the spit buckets.

Cavaliers’ Boozer added to U.S. Olympic men’s roster
Cleveland Cavaliers forward Carlos Boozer has been added to the U.S. Olympic men's basketball team, an NBA source told the Associated Press on Monday.

Official records
For Tuesday, June 8, 2004

Greeks remain silent about opening ceremony
Shhhh! Athens has a secret. As organizers hustle to get everything ready for the opening festivities of the Aug. 13-29 Olympics, they are also going to extremes to keep details of the ceremony a mystery. In a country known for having the gift for gab this is no small feat. But there are clues the ceremony will celebrate Greece and its heritage.

Medicine MAZE
Al Tiegs, 68, and his wife, Peggy, 64, shell out $1,100 a month for their medicines. They do not have prescription-drug coverage, and they pay retail prices at their neighborhood pharmacy.

Germs hitch a ride on neckties
Many patients prefer that their doctors wear ties -- which creates a professional appearance -- but probably don't think about where those ties have been.

Key to cool is Birthday Bunch test
Nikki Sauser has figured out a quick and easy way to determine how with it (or out of it) you are. Here's what you do: Go to the People Etc. column on page 2 of this section. Find the “Birthday bunch.” That's where celebrities' birthdays are listed, starting with the oldest. Then see which ones you've actually heard of.

Sauser suggested that people truly in tune with pop culture should be able to identify those singers and actors down on the young end of that list Related stories

Newlywed J.Lo gets high fives from her old flames
Jennifer Lopez's former lovers were all smiles -- in public, anyway -- after her surprise Saturday wedding to fellow singer Marc Anthony. “If she's in love with somebody and that makes her happy, I'm happy for her,” hip-hop mogul Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, who had a high-profile, two-year relationship with Lopez, said on “Access Hollywood.”

This marriage is a mess; it’s time to get help
Dear Annie: I have been married for eight years. The man I married was a loving, caring person, but he has turned into a monster. For the last month, when he is not yelling at me, he's criticizing me, or worse, he totally ignores me.

Invasive testing may be necessary
Dear Dr. Gott: I have an ongoing problem that doesn't seem to have an easy answer. Every month for about a week, I have blood in my urine. My white blood cell count isn't up enough to indicate infection. Because I'm generally healthy and have no kidney pain, I'm unwilling to have invasive tests done. I had a hysterectomy for endometriosis 10 years ago. Could that be the problem?

One unusual feature of George Jacobs' team, the losing finalists in the American trials of 1999, was that it bore the name Team Goldman, after Bobby Goldman, a team-member who had died earlier that year. Bobby was an original member of the Dallas Aces, the first American team to break the long run of successes of the Italians during the late '50s and '60s

Aries (March 21-April 19) – Go within for answers. You might be shocked by what you see. New beginnings become possible if you are honest with yourself. You also might overreact to someone close to you. Play it cool. Assume the positive.

Program offers at-home help for new parents
A new service in Spokane called Baby Steps offers brand-new parents the reassurance of a home visit from a registered nurse. The service is offered by Family Home Care, a private home-care business in Spokane.

During the home visit, the nurse can provide breast-feeding advice, take a look at the new baby's skin rashes, make sure the new mother is recovering well from childbirth and answer all the little questions that arise during the first weeks of baby being at home.

Strong tea foot soak may offer relief
Q. My son has really smelly feet. He can't take off his shoes when we're in the car or the house, or he stinks us all out. His feet must be covered. (Fresh socks, a blanket or a hazmat response suit all work equally well.)

Fox beats NBC with ‘The Jury’
Sometime you just have to go with the cheesy play on words. So: The verdict is in. Jury shows are hot.

L.M. Boyd Trivia
• That snake known as the sidewinder crawls in its peculiar manner for a reason. Only two points on its body touch the hot sand at one time.

‘Arrested’ tops nominees for critics’ awards
Fresh off its pickup for a second season, “Arrested Development” leads the way in the nominations for the 20th annual Television Critics Association Awards.

‘Harry Potter’ magic still alive at box office
The boy wizard has worked his biggest box-office spell to date. “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” charmed audiences to the tune of $92.65 million in its debut weekend, the best results yet for the franchise, according to studio estimates.

Behind doors
On most legal and courtroom drama series, the jury is seen but not heard -- unless it's the voice of the foreman delivering a verdict.

Ex-Spokane singer joins former Creed
The spiritually inclined band Creed, whose anthemic hits “Higher” and “With Arms Wide Open” helped them become one of the top-selling rock acts of the past decade, has called it quits.

Try to fit exercise into your vacation
Taking a summer vacation doesn't have to mean putting exercise or physical activity on hold. With some planning, you can incorporate fitness activities into your vacation. And you may even try something new along the way.