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Monday, May 24, 2004


Here's a list of all stories that were posted online May 24, 2004

‘The city that Jim Frank built’
Everyone has a shade tree. Everyone is five minutes from a public park. The power lines are underground. Property values are rising meteorically. This is Jim Frank's town.

Gas theft rises along with prices
Jim Larson in Spokane and Lonnie Chase in Coeur d'Alene have had sleepless moments in recent weeks dealing with the same issue: how to best protect the minuscule profit margin they make on the sale of gasoline.

Two U.S. soldiers die in Fallujah ambush
BAGHDAD, Iraq – A car bomb and rocket grenade attack killed two U.S. soldiers and injured five others as their convoy rumbled past Fallujah on Sunday, the first such deadly attack since U.S. Marines ended 3 1/2 weeks of siege late last month. Related stories

N. Korea likely source of uranium
VIENNA, Austria – North Korea has emerged as a possible supplier in the clandestine nuclear network, with diplomats saying Sunday the communist country was the likely source of nearly 2 tons of uranium that Libya bought for its now-scrapped weapons program.

Advance offers hope in search for paralysis cure
In a major step forward in research on spinal cord injuries, scientists in Miami will report today that an innovative combination of treatments allowed paralyzed rats to regain up to 70 percent of their ability to walk.

U.S. denies general saw prisoner abuse
BAGHDAD, Iraq – The U.S. military command denied on Sunday a report that the top U.S. general in Iraq was present during some interrogations at the Abu Ghraib prison and witnessed some of the abuse of Iraqi inmates. Related stories

Kashmiri bombing kills 33 Indians
NEW DELHI, India – A day after India swore in its new prime minister, separatist Kashmiri militants set off a remote-controlled bomb that killed 33 people in a bus carrying Indian troops and their families to a vacation spot.

Price of gasoline fuels fears that recession could be near
WASHINGTON – Consumers and businesses are feeling the pinch from record-high energy prices. Already there are worries the country could fall into recession if $2 per gallon gas keeps going up.

Take time to give road construction crews a ‘brake’
It's pretty scary when a huge tractor trailer speeds by within two feet of where you're standing. The ground isn't really supposed to shake like that.

Dark cloud still lingering over Wenatchee
WENATCHEE – It has been a decade since the first whispers of orgiastic sex between groups of adults and children brought unwanted international notoriety to this orchard-ringed city.

Pasadena Park faces prospect of business, again
“All of Argonne is going to be commercial,” Ron Armacost said. It was 1988. He was battling the neighbors of Pasadena Park for the chance to build a Zip Trip gas and grocery at the crossroads of Upriver Drive and Argonne Road.

In dressage, horse and rider compete as a team to win
Maggie Nicolino designs Starbucks coffee houses, but her real love is found in the barn. His name is Pauli – a 13-year-old Hanoverian warm blood who arrived in the United States from Germany last August with a $70,000 price tag.

Liberty Lake efforts pay dividends
Liberty Lake is putting itself on the corporate radar screen. After the recession wiped out 2,700 high-tech jobs inside the city, the business-savvy government started promoting the area to outside companies.

Show tells how son was touched by angel in Idaho
Monday's Huckleberries column:

Service lets senders know recipient has read e-mail
HACKENSACK, N.J. – If Paul Goldstein's dream comes true, never again will someone be able to use the old “I never got your e-mail” excuse – unless they really didn't get it.

Scrutiny may turn to Guantanamo
WASHINGTON – The storm of controversy over abuse at U.S.-run prisons in Iraq and Afghanistan largely has escaped the detention facility at Guantanamo, Cuba, where terrorist suspects are held. Related stories

Nation/world news
Israeli troops leave Palestinian area Rafah, Gaza Strip Israeli troops withdrew from a besieged Palestinian neighborhood in this refugee camp early today, leaving behind dozens of demolished homes and acres of leveled agricultural land.

Black prosecutor urges drivers, police to cool it
PORTLAND -- The former president of the National Black Prosecutors Association told about 150 community members that police officers need training to handle tense situations and motorists need to demonstrate responsible behavior when stopped by police.

Regional news
Reward offered for suspected gang member Secret Witness is offering a cash reward for information leading to the arrest of Gary Wayne Danielson Jr.

Foes of gays picket in Ellensburg
ELLENSBURG -- A small group of anti-gay protesters from Kansas on Sunday targeted a church that until recently was the home parish of a lesbian minister.

Lawsuit alleges UW illegally withheld records
TACOMA -- The Tacoma News Tribune has filed a lawsuit against the University of Washington, alleging school administrators illegally withheld public records in a case involving a former softball team doctor accused of overmedicating student athletes.

Painting of Goldschmidt sparks debate
SALEM, Ore. – On a tour of the state Capitol, Mar Goodman pondered the larger-than-life painting of former Gov. Neil Goldschmidt hanging just outside the Senate chamber.

Governor attends funerals of soldiers who died in Iraq
PORTLAND -- Christine Dybevik remembers blinking back tears as Gov. Ted Kulongoski handed her a carefully folded Oregon flag in a wind-swept cemetery in Coos Bay. Related stories

Playing the Rate Game
By now, we should all have gotten the message: Interest rates are going to rise, making mortgages more expensive.

AT&T method is wrong way to do business
In January, AT&T sent erroneous bills to nearly a million people who were not its customers. In thousands of other cases, the same billing error was passed along to existing AT&T customers. Oops.

Broker tells how guerrilla tactics can generate big sales
A former stockbroker once revealed to us how he was trained and under what conditions brokers typically work. Here are some eye-opening snippets.

Field-burning must change now
Our View: Growers’ profits aren’t the only thing that matters.

In their words...
“His perception of a public safety threat and ours was different.” -- Spokesperson Madonna Luers of the Washington state Department of Fish and Wildlife after a Spokane County sheriff's deputy shot and killed a moose that was running toward Highway 395 near Mead.

Vote preserved essential service The results of the (May 18) election were most encouraging. This community, and others like it, cannot survive without a healthy public transportation system. If you use it that's fine, but if you don't, remember that a healthy public transportation system is required for a major metropolitan area, which we have become.

Looking in vain for big stories
Question: Here are a few issues I see seldom (or never) in The Spokesman-Review but which are, I believe, due more coverage (pro and con, although I think you've definitely given more coverage on the con side):

Sharp shooters
Three Spokane teens won top honors in a photo contest sponsored by the Inland Empire Chapter of the Photographic Society of America. Related stories

Sequel gives more of best ingredients
Somehow the hideously ugly, green and anti-social ogre known as Shrek has become -- gasp -- loveable. So loveable, in fact, he's now available at Wal-Mart stores everywhere in the form of a cuddly 12-inch plush doll. Related stories

Phish singer takes a classical turn
“Seis De Mayo,” a solo production from the lead guitar player and vocalist from the band Phish, is not quite what you would expect as an offshoot from the group recognized as the greatest jam band ever. Related stories

Aries (March 21-April 19) ••••• – You make your mark wherever you are. At a meeting, your words hold weight and direction. With individuals, you help them re-energize and take a more positive gander at their world. Take a risk if it feels right.

As actors go, you could call Gyllenhaal a Jake of all trades
An orchestra of wheezing milk-steaming machines sporadically drowns out Jake Gyllenhaal's voice. But the 23-year-old actor isn't sipping a nonfat latte with extra foam. He isn't even at the coffee shop where an interview had been scheduled. Instead, he was calling from his white-walled (“what does that say about me?”) bedroom in Los Angeles, where he lives with Kirsten Dunst.

Some breaches of etiquette unforgivable
Miss Manners

Changing their lifestyle can lead to weight loss
Dear Annie: I have never written to anyone about this problem, although it's been bothering me for over 10 years. Annie, I am a large woman. (I weigh 240 pounds and am 5 feet 4.) I am a divorced mother of a 7-year-old girl who also is heavy for her age.

Dear Mr. Wolff: I held •8, •K-J-9-7-5-4-3, •A-K, •K-8-3 and opened one heart. My partner responded one spade. Is there any merit to my rebidding no-trump as opposed to rebidding hearts – and at what level should I make this call? – Cautious Claude, Duluth, Minn.

Expectant Author
Heidi Murkoff, the woman behind the “What to Expect” parenting phenomenon, had absolutely no idea what to expect when she, her mother and her sister wrote their first book 20 years ago.

Libraries filled with summer adventures
They may be taking a break from school this summer, but kids can still curl up with a good book to learn something new. Reading can take them on a great adventure -- without ever leaving their chairs. Sign-up for the city and county library branches summer reading program -- Discover New Trails at Your Library -- starts June 1.

Kids don’t make best tech support
We lost all tech support services for our television set last Monday. That's what happens when you depend on family.

L.M. Boyd Trivia
• When two male wolves keep their distance while they hold a howl-off -- or whatever you call it -- the wolf with the howl of the lower tone wins. Unless they meet fang to fang. That makes howl tone irrelevant. So says a naturalist.

CBS planing live Madonna concert special
Perhaps having exhausted all the ways it can use Michael Jackson to boost ratings, CBS will turn to another pop icon next season: Madonna.

‘Raymond’ sure to trigger laughs
Tonight's best choice is an evening of season finales on CBS. And two instances of brotherly, um, love will highlight the festivities.

Looking back All Saints Episcopal Church circa 1900
Serving Spokane area All Saints Episcopal Church was located on the northeast corner of First and Jefferson from 1886 to 1935. The church is pictured here about 1900, with the Felix building next door under construction. The church was abandoned in 1929, when St. John's Episcopal Cathedral was built. All Saints was torn down a few years later to make room for a service station and used car lot.

Speaker’s words will stay with me for rest of my life
I never thought I could be called a racist. In fact, I saw myself as one of the least racist people you could meet. Related stories

Time to shop for graduation gifts; here are a few ideas
Perhaps you've gotten some graduation announcements in the mail, or your own child, grandchild, niece or nephew is getting ready for college. If you've been waiting for inspiration before shopping for a gift, you're in luck. We scoured stores, catalogs and the Internet for gift ideas in every price range, and asked recent graduates what items came in handy as they settled into college or their first apartment.

‘Troy’ flawed but worthy summer flick
The new movie “Troy” can be examined from two angles: as the latest adaptation of Homer's epic poem “The Iliad” or one of the first manufactured mega-blockbusters of the season. Fans of the source material will probably scoff at this new version, as the filmmakers take so many liberties with the story that the “Inspired by Homer's The Iliad” credit at the end of the film is just barely legitimate. Related stories

Book offers parents tips to avoid commercialization of kids’ world
Today's children are tomorrow's consumers -- and in the years in between they have an awful lot to say about their parents' purchases -- so is it any wonder that they are an attractive demographic for marketers?

Family on the fringe again
Once the Brophys settled on golf for their family sport, they did what all golfers wished they could do -- they went out and bought five sets of clubs.

Flesch overcomes his miscues to hold off Campbell at Colonial
Steve Flesch lost his focus when he realized he had a two-stroke lead with two holes to play at the Colonial in Fort Worth, Texas.

Garcia silences Tigers, M’s avoid sweep
SEATTLE -- Freddy Garcia is returning to All-Star form this season, and with a little run support, the wins should follow. Related stories

Shadow qualify for Open Cup
Fortune was grinning down at the Spokane Shadow. After starting their Premier Development League season 4-0, Spokane still needed help to qualify for the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup.

Resilient Wolves show muscle
MINNEAPOLIS -- Remember when everyone was celebrating the greatness of the Los Angeles Lakers? Yes, that was Saturday.

Sunday’s games
Mets 4, Rockies 0: At New York, Tom Glavine came within four outs of the first no-hitter in team history and finished with his first career one-hitter as New York blanked Colorado. Glavine retired his first 18 batters before a leadoff walk in the seventh inning and got two outs in the eighth before Kit Pellow doubled off the right-field wall. The two-time Cy Young winner struck out eight and walked one. But in their 43rd season, the Mets are still without a no-hitter. Glavine's effort was the 27th one-hitter in team

Kansas City makes closer out of Affeldt
Jeremy Affeldt's move from starter to closer for the Kansas City Royals got off to a rough start Saturday.

Ray’s patience pays off
For Greg Ray, it was worth the wait. After nearly two weeks of frustration as he waited for sponsorship to turn up, the former IRL champion finally got on the track Sunday and made qualifying for next Sunday's Indianapolis 500 look easy.

Hammon steps up for Liberty
Becky Hammon is adjusting well to her new leadership role with the New York Liberty. Hammon scored 10 of her 22 points in the final six minutes and the Liberty won their home opener, 68-62 against the Houston Comets on Sunday.

Gardner, and his shoes, will be at Athens
INDIANAPOLIS -- Rulon Gardner walked off the mat Sunday at the U.S. Olympic wrestling trials with an unmistakable look of determination on his face and his shoes still firmly on his feet.

National sports
Collins talking with Raiders, but nothing finalized yet The Oakland Raiders have had serious discussions with quarterback Kerry Collins about joining the team.

Stanley Cup final has speed, scoring
This Stanley Cup final arrived like a Lightning bolt from the blue, a you-got-to-be-kidding me Calgary vs. Tampa Bay matchup that might see the winner retain the cup for far longer than the normal one year.

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Golf College: NWAACC Championships, MeadowWood, 8:30 a.m.Off-track betting

On the air
For Monday, May 24, 2004

CCS women almost a gimme for golf title
The women's golf team from the Community Colleges of Spokane has won every golf tournament the Northwest Athletic Association of Community Colleges has sanctioned this season – and even finished second in a tournament with four-year schools to start the season.

Serena set for first major since surgery
PARIS – En route to the French Open, Serena Williams paid a visit to the Cannes Film Festival. She enjoyed the glamour of it all, saw some movies, and even chatted with Tom Hanks about acting.

Cougs split twinbill with Oregon State
Aaron MacKenzie threw a complete-game Sunday, allowing seven hits and just one earned run, as Washington State won Game 1 of a doubleheader with Oregon State 4-2 at Bailey-Brayton Field.

Kelowna wins 2-1 for its first Memorial Cup title
Justin Keller scored the game winning goal late in the third period as the host Kelowna Rockets won their first ever MasterCard Memorial Cup by defeating the QMJHL Champion Gatineau Olympiques 2-1 on Sunday in Kelowna, British Columbia.