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Sunday, May 16, 2004


Here's a list of all stories that were posted online May 16, 2004

At least 18 killed in U.S. custody
WASHINGTON – An Afghan captive froze to death in a CIA-run lockup in Kabul, Afghanistan, in 2002 after he was doused with water and shackled overnight to a wall. The prisoner died, U.S. intelligence sources said, after Afghan guards apparently sought to punish him for being unruly. Related stories

City routinely dumps sewage into river
The thousands of gallons of concentrated sewage that spewed into the Spokane River on Monday when a tank ruptured and killed a city worker aren't Spokane's only sewage pollution problem. Raw sewage combined with wastewater is routinely dumped into the river, state records show.

Parade of energy
Jenna Johnson was glowing like a queen. Then again, no one expected anything less from the senior from Oaks Classical Christian Academy.

Homeowner digs illegal river canal
The silt continues to settle in the Spokane River where a Post Falls homeowner conducted an illegal dredging operation over Mother's Day weekend.

Historic gay weddings face mixed reception
For better or for worse, depending on which side of the ideological aisle one chooses, a divided America crosses a historic threshold Monday as state-approved marriages of same-sex couples take place for the first time.

Lottery numbers
Saturday's Washington Daily Game: 4-6-3. Saturday's Lotto: 1-5-19-37-38-39. No winner. Next jackpot $5.8 million.


100,000 Israelis rally for pullout from Gaza Strip
TEL AVIV, Israel – More than 100,000 Israelis rallied Saturday night in favor of a pullout from the Gaza Strip, a massive show of strength by the long-dormant opposition movement.

Powell vows justice in prison abuse
DEAD SEA, Jordan – U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell Saturday appeared before a largely Arab audience for the first time to express American regret at the mistreatment of Iraqi detainees. But the Arab business leaders and dignitaries reacted coolly, and said the outrage would not be easily overcome. Related stories

Judge wants defendant kept awake
FORT BRAGG, N.C. – An Army sergeant accused in a deadly grenade attack on his fellow soldiers fell asleep twice Monday during a pretrial hearing, causing an annoyed military judge to order government attorneys to deal with the man's sleep disorder.

Sonia Gandhi re-elected in India
NEW DELHI, India – Sonia Gandhi was unanimously re-elected as parliamentary leader of her Congress Party today, moving the Italian-born politician closer to making history as the first person of foreign origin to serve as prime minister of the world's largest democracy.

In passing

Pilot of WWII’s famous Memphis Belle dies at 85
ASHEVILLE, N.C. – Col. Robert Morgan, commander of the famed Memphis Belle B-17 bomber that flew combat missions over Europe during World War II, died late Saturday of complications from a fall, his wife said. He was 85.

City Hall Ten Commandments removed
DULUTH, Minn. – A Ten Commandments monument that stood on the lawn of City Hall for 47 years has been removed after a federal judge said its presence violated the separation of church and state.

Political duo urge Kerry to inspire
SAN FRANCISCO – Call them the latest political odd couple: Arianna Huffington, the chic, wealthy, Republican-turned-populist pundit, and Joe Trippi, the rumpled, tobacco-chewing, Internet-savvy steward of Howard Dean's upstart presidential campaign. Related stories

New Yorker: Rumsfeld allowed tactics
NEW YORK -- Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld authorized the expansion of a secret program that encouraged physical coercion and sexual humiliation of Iraqi prisoners to obtain intelligence about the growing insurgency in Iraq, the New Yorker reported Saturday. Related stories

Love of organics worn on their sleeves
CHICAGO – Some of Scott Leonard's cotton sweaters come in a red called “watermelon” and greens called “mint” and “herb.”

Bald eagle delisting likely in ’04
SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- The American bald eagle -- the national symbol whose decline helped spur the Endangered Species Act and a ban on the pesticide DDT -- will be off the threatened species list this year, a top Bush administration official said Saturday.

Manure milked for all it’s worth
After 25 years of persistent work, Marin County, Calif., rancher Albert Straus has figured out a way to run his dairy farm, organic creamery and electric car from the manure generated by his herd of 270 cows.

2004 Lilac Festival Torchlight Parade winners
Here are results of the equestrian and float judging for this year's parade. There was no band judging this year.

Band gives pre-parade preview
Before the parade passed on Saturday night, 92-year-old Hugh Cravens was treated to a small surprise preview.

Survivors keep other D-Day alive
ST. TROPEZ, France -- The other D-Day is all but forgotten now on beaches where half-clad vacationers sip Sancerre in the sun. But former Staff Sgt. Richard Fisco, who landed here the hard way, remembers.

School’s ‘negative attitudes’ linger
AIR FORCE ACADEMY, Colo. -- It could take up to a decade to change the negative attitudes that led to a sexual assault scandal at the Air Force Academy, an academy leader said Saturday.

Scientists find new way to kill tumors
Researchers at St. Louis University are working on a new way to kill tumors using genetically engineered viruses that replicate only in cancer cells while leaving healthy cells untouched.

Kerry’s daughter makes Vietnam-vet film
CANNES, France – The eldest daughter of U.S. presidential candidate John Kerry came to the Cannes Film Festival with a short movie about a 9-year-old girl and her father's difficult return home from the Vietnam War. Related stories

Wineries ask Supreme Court to review importation laws
WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court was asked last week to intervene in a long-fermenting wine war that pits the champions of small vineyards against state regulators and their licensed wholesalers.

Louisiana takes aim at overexposure
In a state where the best Mardi Gras beads go to women who flash their breasts during parades comes a Louisiana legislator who wants to ban low-riding pants that reveal underwear or the “cleft of the buttocks.”

Helping kids pick right path
The teenage boy Jack Nomanson meets every week for a friendly chat was back in Kootenai County's Juvenile Detention Center, so Jack steered his car into the center's parking lot. It never occurred to him to cancel their meeting.

Accuracy watch

Consultant gives limited testimony
BOISE – A controversial anti-terrorism activist and author who was widely expected to provide dramatic testimony against Sami Al-Hussayen left the witness stand this week after a single day of anticlimactic testimony. Related stories

Stars in their eyes
The dream often begins in childhood: Mike in hand, you stand in the spotlight belting out your song. Applause. The crowd roars. They love you.

Panabaker facing 3 challengers
It's winner takes all in the May 25 Republican primary race for the District 3 Kootenai County Commission seat.

Bush, Kerry ads just warming up
For Inland Northwest voters who are tired of the ongoing campaign battle over war images – grainy black-and-white shots of John Kerry in Vietnam matched against disappearing high-tech weapons from the Bush campaign – there's bad news ahead. Related stories

Trapshooting competition draws crowds
Hundreds of trapshooters set their sights sky high at the Inland Empire Handicap, a tournament this weekend at the Spokane Gun Club in Greenacres.

Just another pretty flower? Only to fools
Homeland security has been on everyone's mind during the last few fear-filled years. But who would have guessed the next threat to our safety would be take root right here in snoozy Spokane?

Fate of STA tax riding on public faith
The Spokane Transit Authority's ballot issue may hinge on change. Voters will get a chance Tuesday to cast their ballot on the proposed 0.3 percent sales tax increase (3 cents on a $10 purchase). Those on both sides of the issue say that a key question to ask before voting is whether STA has changed enough in the last year and one-half to warrant the public's faith.

Teens pay their debt to society
A couple of Hayden teenagers were busy Saturday, paying their debt to society for a bad decision last summer when they set fires in recycling bins at six area schools.

The great big engines that could
SANDPOINT – There are about 550 vintage hot rods on display here this weekend. This is a story about one of them.

Goldschmidt to surrender his Oregon law license
PORTLAND -- Former Gov. Neil Goldschmidt, who admitted to repeated sex with a 14-year-old girl in the 1970s, will surrender his law license, the Oregon State Bar Association said Friday.

Nethercutt’s Pledge makes point
Rep. George Nethercutt got a chance to lead the House in the Pledge of Allegiance this week, and made a point of saying the two most controversial words – “under God” – in the daily recitation. Related stories

Week in Review
An accident at Spokane's Wastewater Treatment Plant claimed the life of Mike Cmos Jr. on Monday, and injured three of his coworkers. Officials say a concrete roof collapsed into the 2-million-gallon “digester” tank it was covering. Workers initially thought Cmos, who had been on the roof with others, may have been washed into the adjacent Spokane River, and began a frantic search.

Kempthorne: N-waste plan wrong
IDAHO FALLS – Proposed legislation allowing the Energy Department to avoid removing radioactive sludge from a South Carolina nuclear site may threaten a court settlement between the agency and Idaho, Gov. Dirk Kempthorne said.

Government almanac

State’s first female fire marshal submits resignation
OLYMPIA – Mary L. Corso, the first woman to be appointed Washington state fire marshal, has resigned for unexplained reasons after six years in charge of the state's fire protection services.

Church bookkeeper pleads guilty to theft
IDAHO FALLS-- A former bookkeeper at St. Luke's Episcopal Church pleaded guilty to charges of embezzling nearly $90,000.

Tribe, agencies agree to Snake River settlement
BOISE -- The Nez Perce Tribe and state and federal agencies have agreed to augment Snake River flows to aid endangered salmon, improve fish habitat in the Salmon and Clearwater rivers, and officially recognize some of the tribe's claims to water in the Snake River Basin.

I did, I did enjoy musical ‘I Do! I Do!’
The 1965 musical “I Do! I Do!” is not the stuff of today's musicals. Today, a show about marriage would be the stuff of sitcoms.

Hatching salmon naturally
FORT LEWIS – People haven't done many things right over the years at this steel-and-concrete pool, where finger-sized coho salmon wait for their journey to the sea.

Recovery-plan revision extended
PORTLAND -- A federal judge has voiced strong doubts about the government's financial commitment to protecting threatened salmon in the Columbia and Snake rivers from hydroelectric dams.

Idaho Week in Review
An accident at Spokane's Wastewater Treatment Plant claimed the life of Mike Cmos Jr. on Monday, and injured three of his co-workers. Officials say a concrete roof collapsed into the 2-million-gallon “digester” tank it was covering. Workers initially thought Cmos, who had been on the roof with others, may have been washed into the adjacent Spokane River, and began a frantic search.

Prescription plan is too confusing
BOSTON -- Next time the government comes up with a program for senior citizens, may I suggest testing it on some human subjects? If the planners can't find any elderly volunteers, I could lend them some of my nearest and dearest.

Alternatives to STA sales tax won’t help
Our View

Questions about new plant valid
Our View: Sewage treatment is a concern of everyone.

Hatred distracts from other problems
As bad as the Iraq detainee scandal is -- and it is very bad -- this is not the time for Americans to blame all our failings in the Mideast on ourselves.


Devices to enable tax on miles
CORVALLIS, Ore. -- Engineers at Oregon State University are working on a pair of devices that measure the number of miles driven between stops for gas, then factor in a mileage-based fee at the gas station.

Hanford to keep treating groundwater
YAKIMA – State officials have rejected a request by the U.S. Department of Energy to temporarily discontinue treating some contaminated groundwater at the Hanford nuclear reservation, according to a letter released Friday.

Breaking free
The soccer ball skittered across the dusty flat and into some bushes, and Asiki Ayume ran to retrieve it.

Tigers rout rest of 3A boys field
SPIRIT LAKE, Idaho -- He's back. And except for the expandable wrap and athletic tape around his left hamstring, Timberlake High sprint standout Caleb Cazier appeared to be in top form Saturday afternoon.

Smarty Jones breaks away to win Preakness Stakes
BALTIMORE -- The move came in a flash. Lion Heart had the lead, Smarty Jones was lurking and jockey Stewart Elliott was waiting for the right moment to go. The Preakness was setting up according to plan.

NC back in state tourney
North Central continued its 21st-century baseball dynasty by blending together a sharp performance by a sophomore pitcher, four crucial plays from an unheralded shortstop, and a bit of righteous indignation from a call that didn't go its way.

Mariners score 6 in lucky 13th, top Yankees to end losing skid
NEW YORK -- A team that has specialized in losing games it could have won surprised the New York Yankees on Saturday, as the Seattle Mariners won a game they had every opportunity to lose. Related stories

Stepp & Friends put on great, high-scoring show for 3,200
It wasn't the Big Dance, just the last one – and for Blake Stepp, one last affirmation of his old team's appeal. Related stories

L.A. sends champs home
LOS ANGELES -- The Lakers completed an improbable comeback Saturday night, sending the defending NBA champion San Antonio Spurs home for the summer.

On the air
For Sunday, May 16, 2004

Control gives Garcia lead
With awesome control from tee to green, Sergio Garcia figured his 5-under 65 should have been a little lower, and his two-shot lead at the Byron Nelson Championship a little larger.

Today’s menu

Sports Letters

Walton, Spears: ‘Toxic’?
Cancel the wedding plans. It appears Luke Walton and Britney Spears won't be getting together any time soon.

Sports Briefly

Piazza to stay out of dispute over Williams
NEWARK, N.J. -- Mike Piazza will not interfere with the family controversy surrounding Ted Williams' body.

Buchanan repeats as Pac-10 champ
Washington State senior Anthony Buchanan repeated as the 100-meter dash champion Saturday on the final day of the Pacific-10 Conference Outdoor Track and Field Championships in Tucson, Ariz.

UI finishes high at Big West meet
Mary Kamau won a pair of events to guide the Idaho women to a second-place finish and Pat Ray and J.R. Ruffin finished 1-2 in the 200-meter dash to help the Vandals' men place third at the Big West Conference Outdoor Track and Field Championships on Saturday in Irvine, Calif.


Meche was ready to volunteer
NEW YORK – When the Mariners scored twice in the 13th inning Saturday, a strange figure began hurriedly warming up in the Seattle bullpen: Gil Meche. Related stories

Even trainer surprised by Smarty’s performance
John Servis was still glowing over Smarty Jones' spectacular performance Saturday when someone told him the margin of victory was a Preakness Stakes record.

Sosa slugs 549th homer, passes Schmidt for ninth place on all-time list
SAN DIEGO -- Sammy Sosa hit his 549th home run Saturday night to pass Mike Schmidt and take sole possession of ninth place on the career list, leading the Chicago Cubs to a 7-5 win over the San Diego Padres.

Saturday’s AL games
Twins 4, White Sox 1: At Chicago, Torii Hunter homered twice and had four hits to help Seth Greisinger get his first win in two years as Minnesota beat Chicago. Hunter singled, doubled and hit solo homers in the sixth and ninth innings. His first homer of the night was the 100th of his career.

Lo Duca’s thinking batting title
So, Paul Lo Duca went into the weekend leading the National League in hitting at .386. All he has to do now is stay in that rarified neighborhood for four more months and he could become only the third catcher to win a major league batting title.

Saturday’s NL games
Braves 11, Brewers 6: At Milwaukee, Johnny Estrada had a career-high five hits and five RBIs to lead Atlanta to a victory over Milwaukee. Marcus Giles broke his collarbone in a collision with center fielder Andruw Jones in the first inning while chasing a popup and will be sidelined six to eight weeks.

Ferris falls, but Tigers score upset
Ferris was two minutes away from being shut out by Pasco. That's when Cody Wilson scored Ferris' first goal.

CdA golf coach ready for final go-round
Darrell Hull loves his job as the Coeur d'Alene High boys golf coach. That's one of the reasons he's giving it up.

Arnold, Bradley lead West Valley
Kyle Arnold pitched a five-hitter and Greg Bradley hit a three-run homer Saturday as West Valley qualified for the State 3A baseball playoffs with a 7-3 win over Sunnyside in 3A regional play at Hanford.

Freeman boys, girls each post team victories in District 1A meet
It was a good day for Freeman's track teams. Spearheaded by Kelsie Lashaw's win in the 100- and 200-meter dashes, Freeman's girls won all but two of the running events en route to a first-place finish at the District 7 1A track and field meet at Central Valley.

Lakeland wins state 3A qualifier
In a pitchers' duel, Lakeland prevailed in a 3A state play-in game. Andy Kifer had a two-run double in the sixth as Lakeland scored all four of its runs in the inning to edge Fruitland 4-3 at Orofino.

District champ Timberlake, Lakeland off to state
Some dreams came true and others were dashed Saturday in the 3A District I softball tournament at Timberlake High in Spirit Lake.

West Valley clinches No. 1 seed to regional
Jodi Collins hit a three-run home run in the first inning and finished 3 for 3 with four RBIs as West Valley pounded out 17 hits and clinched the No. 1 seed to the regionals Saturday by beating Clarkston 14-4 in six innings in a District 8 3A softball match at West Valley.

Earnhardt makes all the right calls in win
Dale Earnhardt Jr. and his team are making all the right calls and showing why he's NASCAR's biggest star.

Rice gets his chance, claims pole at Indy
INDIANAPOLIS -- All Buddy Rice wanted was a chance. So far, so good. The youngster who replaced injured Kenny Brack at Rahal Letterman Racing surprised just about everyone Saturday by winning the pole for the May 30 Indianapolis 500.

Two peas in a Team Penske pod
INDIANAPOLIS -- Sam Hornish Jr. is the shy, quiet type. Helio Castroneves is funny and boisterous.

Earnhardt parlays fuel, tire decision into victory at Richmond
Dale Earnhardt Jr. and his team are making all the right calls and showing why he's NASCAR's biggest star.

Injury bug hitting hard
Not long ago, there were complaints that Venus and Serena Williams were too dominant, hurting tennis' popularity by meeting in one Grand Slam final after another.

Tarver shocks Jones with TKO in 2nd
LAS VEGAS -- The punch was shocking enough. The result was even more shocking. Antonio Tarver's left hand out of nowhere stopped Roy Jones Jr. in the second round Saturday night, giving him the light heavyweight title and handing Jones the most crushing defeat of his illustrious career.

Signs point toward improved economy
If you're looking for signs that the economy's on an upswing, there's progress found in the declining numbers of personal and business bankruptcies filed in North Idaho and Spokane since January.

Friends in high places
The Inland Northwest, seemingly without friends among higher-ups at the U.S. Small Business Administration, suddenly has two. Last month, former Tri-Cities legislator Pat Hale joined the Washington, D.C., staff of SBA Deputy Director Melanie Sabelhaus as policy adviser. Norm Proctor, a former lobbyist for Bellevue-based Paccar Inc., became the agency's Region X administrator last week. Both say they will be sensitive to the region's needs as budget cuts force the agency to transform itself.

Market madness
Condron Homes usually has 10 to 15 “spec” homes for sale this time of year, scattered in housing developments throughout Spokane County.

Coming Monday
Credit-card companies are using a new tool to help their customers prevent identity theft from Internet shopping: single-use, disposable credit-card numbers.

Wal-Mart experiment ushers in ‘smart tag’ era
Crates of shampoo headed for Wal-Mart's shelves will silently announce their arrival to a computer when they roll through a cavernous Dallas warehouse.

Week Ahead

Bank fined $25 million in terrorism investigation
WASHINGTON -- The Federal Reserve ordered Riggs Bank's parent company Friday to take steps to prevent money laundering after it was fined $25 million in connection with a probe into possible links to terrorism financing.

Japan prime minister won’t step down over pension dispute
TOKYO -- Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi missed premium payments into Japan's troubled pension system, his office said Friday, implicating him in the damaging scandal that already has forced the resignations of his top lieutenant and the No. 1 opposition leader.

Business Beat

Personals sites gaining popularity
Personals Web sites have proven to be big money makers, thanks to 30 million visitors a month, according to ComScore Media Metrix. And what are all those people doing? Results of the Elle/ Cybersex and Romance Survey offer some answers.

Dialing in to the Hot Zone
NEW YORK -- Now that some Wi-Fi “hot spots” have grown into broader neighborhood “hot zones,” the next wave is waiting: Phones and gear that send conversations over wireless Internet networks -- for free or at a fraction of the cost of traditional calls.

Web site owners needn’t be lost out in cyberspace
Almost everyone who has a Web site wants to be found among the top 10 hits of an Internet directory or a search engine. But if there are millions of top-level domains, how does a single Web site crack the top 10?


by the numbers

tech speak

Kroger pays former CEO $6.3 million
WASHINGTON -- Kroger Co. paid its former top executive $6.3 million last fiscal year, excluding stock options.

At 100 with nature
For 100 years, Manito Park has been the place where Spokane stops to take a whiff of the genus rosa. And just about every other kind of blooming thing. The land was deeded to the city on May 19, 1904, and this scenic patch of rocky outcrops, ponds and four natural springs has been the premier city park in Spokane ever since.

Golden Staters have feelings, too
My niece in California is bringing her family to Spokane for a visit. That prospect had me thinking about how people here tend to view the Golden State and its inhabitants. Related stories


So can you begin to imagine Malcolm in middle age?
After five seasons as the adolescent title character of Fox's “Malcolm in the Middle,” Frankie Muniz has grown up.

Romancing her too soon may push her away
Dear Carolyn: I've been in love with my best friend for years, and finally told her last summer -- right after she got engaged! Yeah, awful awful timing. She was sad and sympathetic and angry, which I understand, and said she doesn't feel the same way. We've kept in touch, sort of, but she's gone back to college, and I haven't seen her since.

ART to call SFCC home for season
THE ACTOR'S REPERTORY THEATRE of the Inland Northwest (ART), the new professional theater being launched by Michael Weaver and Grant Smith, has found a home at Spokane Falls Community College.

Charles Manson was master manipulator
The chilling story of the Charles Manson “family” and its cold-blooded, grisly slaughter of Los Angeles jet-setters remains an enigma and fascination 35 years later.

Studio shooting for monster summer
‘It's time,” the fairy godmother cruelly informs “Shrek 2's” green ogre, “you stop living in a fairy tale.”

Instrumentals big draw on ‘Shadows’

Patty Loveless big fan of The Boss
It's a marriage of rock and rhinestones: Suddenly, studio dalliances between country and rock 'n' roll are breaking out all over.

Renting music could be next trend
We rent homes. We rent cars. We rent movies. So why not rent music?

Andre 3000, Cartoon Network teaming up
Andre 3000, one-half of the chart-topping hip-hop group OutKast, is developing a potential series project with Cartoon Network.

Music charts

Her way’s the way
Nellie McKay isn't afraid to admit that she was a “band geek” in high school.

Book looks at children and integration
The most famous photographs of school integration are images of hate. They show angry whites jeering, spitting and threatening young, wide-eyed black students who needed the protection of soldiers and federal marshals to go to public schools.

Best-selling books

Connelly’s ‘Narrows’ a solid compelling tale
Safety and the danger zone converge at “The Narrows,” where the surface hides what lurks beneath. It's here, in this shadowy sphere, that detective Harry Bosch toils.

Adult the children in Perrotta’s newest
Tom Perrotta's previous novels -- “The Wishbones” (1997), “Election” (1998) and “Joe College” (2000) -- were funny, relaxed and deeper than they looked. A sharp satirist was lurking behind an easy-breezy style that seduced readers into thinking these were light comedies, not light tragedies.

Authors reading, discussing books at local venues
Area book events over the coming week include: • Eastern Washington University instructor Christopher Howell will read from his latest poetry collection, “Light's Ladder,” on Monday at 7:30 p.m. at Auntie's Bookstore, 402 W. Main Ave. (838-0206).

2003 book sales down markedly from previous year
Not even Harry Potter could prevent a big drop in book sales in 2003.

Video game sequels cause excitement
Video game fans can't wait for more of the same -- as long as it's bigger, glossier and rowdier.

Events planned for park’s centennial
Here are some upcoming Manito Park Centennial events: • Wednesday, 11 a.m.: Rededication of Manito Park, with Mayor Jim West and other city officials, in the Joel E. Ferris Perennial Garden. Free.

Book offers helpful tips on finding lost cats, dogs
Statistically, one out of two pets will be lost sometime in their lifetime. If your dog or cat got lost tomorrow, what would you do to get it back?

Event to aid youths’ pilgrimage
The Episcopal Cathedral of Saint John the Evangelist will host a wine tasting and silent auction on Saturday to raise money for the cathedral's youth pilgrimage trip to California.

idaho calendar

spokane calendar

Here are life rules for those who don’t know
OK, here are the rules: 1. If there's a line, you get at the end of the line, and you wait your turn.

Mister manners
Don't hog the remote. Be discreet about scratching where it itches. And always put the toilet seat down.

Networking seems to mean not working
What happens at a conference for professional development is, they give you a name tag and a string. You're supposed to attach the name tag to the string. I know this. But I am not, on command, immediately getting the configuration. The clip on the end is apparently supposed to hook here into this plastic flap. Um.

Tours de friends
Men of retirement age usually phase into more sedentary activities, but Paul Eichin -- who's already pedaled nearly 100,000 miles in the past two decades -- still logs about 5,000 two-wheel miles a year.

Critters everywhere you look
While most fly fishers were trying to subdue rainbow trout at Coffeepot Lake two weekends ago, others were entertained by not-so-fishy things going on in and above the water.

Army altitude training peaks at Denali
MOUNT McKINLEY, Alaska -- The Army Chinook helicopter hovered over the Kahiltna Glacier, its blades whipping the surface snow into a glittering white fog as it gingerly touched down.

Field Reports

It’s time for canoes, kayaks
There's no reason to be up the creek without a paddling partner or paddling instruction this season.

Montana resort offers springs, spas and specter
PRAY, Mont. -- Last time our family went on a group vacation, it was to a quaint little bed-and-breakfast in Glendive, Mont., near the North Dakota border.

Napa’s rebirth
NAPA, Calif. -- There's Napa, the valley. And then there's Napa, the city.

Gold Coast rich in vacation options
One of the popular ways to reach the southern Oregon Coast town of Gold Beach sounds odd: by raft. But don't imagine Tom Hanks washing ashore a la “Cast Away.” We're talking river rafts running down the celebrated Rogue River, sometimes through whitewater and sheer basalt canyons.

Better deals than the Web
Warm-weather destinations are a summer traveler's dream, which means many vacationers will soon be prowling airline Web sites and popular search engines in pursuit of low fares. But the cheapest prices aren't always found on Orbitz and Travelocity.