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Friday, May 7, 2004


Here's a list of all stories that were posted online May 7, 2004

Wildfire plays lead role in UI dramas
The budding playwrights couldn't borrow much from Shakespeare or Tennessee Williams when they created a series of wildfire-themed performances, but there was no lack of available stage music.

Stamp will honor World War II veterans
The men and women who served in the U.S. armed forces during World War II will be honored with a 37-cent postage stamp.

Bushes won't attend daughters' graduations
President Bush and first lady Laura Bush will skip their twin daughters' college graduations later this month to avoid creating a distraction at the respective schools, the White House said Thursday.

Judge throws out law in right-to-die case
A law pushed through by Gov. Jeb Bush to keep a severely brain-damaged woman alive was struck down by a Florida judge Thursday in the latest turn in one of the nation's longest and most bitter right-to-die cases.

Bill would aid parents of disabled children
Hundreds of thousands of middle-income families with disabled children would be eligible for Medicaid under legislation that passed the Senate on Thursday.

FBI arrests Oregon lawyer in Madrid bombings
ALOHA, Ore. -- FBI agents arrested a Portland lawyer Thursday as part of the investigation into the deadly train bombings in Spain, federal officials said.

Taliban, al Qaeda fighters moved from prison to jail
SHIBERGHAN, Afghanistan -- Shackled and under guard, 434 alleged Taliban and al Qaeda fighters shuffled out of Afghanistan's most notorious prison Thursday, winning transfer to a Kabul jail after a weeklong hunger strike to protest being held without charges for nearly 21/2 years. Related stories

Message attributed to bin Laden
CAIRO, Egypt -- An audio recording attributed to Osama bin Laden offered rewards in gold Thursday for the killing of top U.S. and U.N. officials in Iraq or of the citizens of any nation fighting there. Related stories

Plan to disarm fighters in doubt
A plan to disarm Afghanistan's warring militias ahead of landmark elections is "seriously in jeopardy'' because of obstruction by powerful commanders, the United Nations warned Thursday.

Rx still needed for morning-after pills
WASHINGTON -- The government rejected over-the-counter sales of morning-after birth control Thursday, citing concern about young teenagers' use of the pills. But regulators left open the possibility they will reconsider.

Bush appeals to Christians on prayer day
WASHINGTON -- President Bush appealed to evangelical Christians in a National Day of Prayer ceremony Thursday that religious networks were broadcasting coast-to-coast. Related stories

Senate will release information on athletes' drug use
WASHINGTON -- The Senate agreed Thursday to release to Olympic officials and anti-drug monitors evidence that a committee has collected on drug use among athletes.

Heinz Kerry tells of own averted abortion
Teresa Heinz Kerry nearly underwent an abortion some 30 years ago on a doctor's recommendation because she had been taking cortisone early in her pregnancy, but a miscarriage rendered the decision moot. Related stories

Vandals deface dragging victim's tombstone with racial epithet
JASPER, Texas -- The tombstone of a black man who was dragged to his death was found broken, with an obscenity and racial epithet carved into a metal plate on the bottom of the stone, police said.

U.S. troops retake key buildings in holy cities
NAJAF, Iraq -- Insurgents attacked U.S. troops Thursday in the Shiite Muslim holy cities of Najaf and Karbala after American armored units in both cities moved to assert authority by seizing key buildings. Related stories

White House says $50 billion more for war may not be enough
President Bush may seek more money for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan next year than the $50billion figure his budget director cited months ago, White House officials say. Related stories

While earnings rise, stocks slumber
NEW YORK -- Most U.S. companies are raking in big profits this year. Sadly, the same can't be said for most stock investors.

Northwest Mailing delivers
Selling office mailing equipment is much like selling golf clubs in West Palm Beach. The market is always there. The key question is: How hard do you work to close the sale?

Boomer consumers lacking in money skills
They wield enormous financial clout, but many baby boomers and older consumers are poor money managers because they lack the time needed to understand the increasingly complex world of investments, according to a report released Thursday by AARP.

Initiative threatens Avista dam
More than half of Avista Corp.'s power-generating resources could be at risk if a proposed initiative makes it onto Montana's November ballot.

Ex-Enron exec’s wife gets 1 year in prison
HOUSTON -- The wife of former Enron finance chief Andrew Fastow pleaded guilty Thursday to helping her husband hide some of his ill-gotten gains and was sentenced to the maximum of one year in prison.

Business News

Downtown mall sees sales increase
River Park Square reported on Thursday its highest first quarter of sales since the shopping center reopened in 1999.

Investors find plenty of reasons to sell
NEW YORK -- Stocks slumped Thursday as upbeat labor market data was eclipsed by interest rate worries, lackluster retail sales and a stern warning about the nation's budget deficit from Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan.

Greenspan issues warning about deficit
WASHINGTON -- Huge federal budget deficits threaten the nation's long-term economic stability, Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said Thursday as he raised new concerns about impending financing problems in Social Security and Medicare.

DVD-copying software attempts to skirt the law
NEW YORK -- Court rulings have pulled the most popular software for copying DVD movies off the market, but a new program, already on sale at CompUSA and Wal-Mart, is trying to get around these rulings and still let users duplicate copy-protected discs.

Economy gets double boost
WASHINGTON -- The productivity of America's companies rose solidly in the opening quarter of this year, and new filings for jobless benefits plunged last week to their lowest level in more than three years, good news for the country's economic health.

Bush apologizes for prisoner abuse
A week after the release of photos showing American soldiers torturing Iraqi prisoners, President Bush apologized Thursday for the first time and called the revelations "a stain on our country's honor and our country's reputation.'' Related stories

Fitzpatrick admits role in 'suicide by cop' bid
Sean Fitzpatrick heard two voices in his head -- one was bad, the other good. They'd been speaking to him for two years, but as time passed, the bad one drowned out the good.

City Hall coveted for condos
City Hall employees could be packing their boxes for a move into the 17-story Metropolitan Financial Center.

UW study on warming draws fire
Scientists at the University of Washington say the lower atmosphere is heating up, a discovery that, if true, would overturn one of the main arguments against global warming.

Rage-inspiring images of Iraqi humiliation just keep coming
It almost hurts to look. The prisoners are in positions of humiliation and degradation: Naked. Leashed like a dog. Piled on top of one another in clumsy pyramids of flesh. Positioned into pretend sex acts.

Controllers' accounts of 9-11 were destroyed
WASHINGTON -- Six air traffic controllers provided accounts of their communications with hijacked planes on Sept. 11, 2001, on a tape recording that was later destroyed by Federal Aviation Administration managers, according to a government investigative report issued Thursday. Related stories

Stink leads officials to apartment zoo
GERMANTOWN, Wis. -- It was a stench of decay that caused authorities to search an apartment in suburban Milwaukee.

Lawsuit filed over Hayden Lake logging
A logging and forest restoration project encompassing much of the east side of Hayden Lake is being targeted by a lawsuit from environmental groups.

UI team to address shortfalls
The University of Idaho's incoming president has assembled a team of faculty, staff and students to help define a new vision for the school and make the cuts necessary to address the university's $6million budget shortfall next year.

School forums will dig into five-year plan
Everyone from teachers to maintenance workers and cooks has had a chance to voice their opinion on the Coeur d'Alene School District's plan for the next five years.

Sometimes, comfort comes in a rich, doughy crust
The pies in the display case were uncooked but inviting nonetheless with dark purple blueberry filling stretching strips of dough like Santa's belly pushes his belt.

Sewer lines, lonely dogs and other oddities
It's spring. Time to clear out the clutter and call it a garage sale: Related stories

Kids show off hard work with animals
Lane Hannas doesn't do much talking. The care he has given his steer, Shiner, during the past eight months speaks for itself -- that and the purple ribbon they won Thursday at the Junior Livestock Show of Spokane.

Workers to be disciplined for fire deaths
BOISE -- Six Salmon-Challis National Forest employees face disciplinary action over their actions on last year's fatal Cramer fire, Regional Forester Jack Troyer said Thursday.

Idaho records
For Friday, May 7, 2004

Truth is in the eye of the beholder
AUSTIN, Texas -- Let's get real. On Fox So-Called News, former Army Sgt. Tony Robinson was allowed to claim without contradiction that what happened at the prison at Abu-Ghraib was no worse than “fraternity hazing.” Rush Limbaugh concurs.

American values are under attack
Our View: Civil rights violations are an affront to our heritage.

Measles vaccine falsely accused
Every few months I get a call from a very distraught parent. They want to know whether they should have their child immunized against measles, mumps and rubella, or MMR.

Sewage plant study available for review
Preliminary site development studies and environmental analyses are available for public review on the two sites under consideration for a new regional wastewater treatment plant -- the former Playfair Race Track and Stockyards. Citizens are invited to review these results, provide comments, learn what's next in the site selection process and ask questions at a public meeting Wednesday at the East Central Community Center, 500 South Stone St., 6:30-8:30 p.m.


Be informed voters
During the past several months, I have become much more active in learning the truth about what our leaders have been telling us, whether local, state or national. Some of them have much the same attitude as my 24-year-old daughter, which is to only tell me what she thinks I want to hear, but not necessarily the truth.

Runoff may peak earlier than normal
Runoff from melting mountain snow has surged in recent days and may peak earlier than normal because of unusually warm weather for this time of year, a water manager says.

Sections of streets to be closed next week
The city is closing sections of Third and Fourth streets next week so the Wastewater Department can replace two sewer manholes.

Post Falls reminds residents of water restrictions
The city wants to remind residents about restrictions on outside watering and irrigation. Post Falls restricts irrigation between noon and 6 p.m.

Refuges to welcome back migratory birds
Wildlife refuges on either side of the U.S.-Canadian border are teaming up for the International Migratory Bird Day today and Saturday.

Police: Medical center' s ex-CFO admits theft
The former chief financial officer of the Shoshone Medical Center has admitted stealing $55,000 from the Kellogg hospital, according to a statement from Deputy Sheriff Mitch Alexander.

In the Jordan house, life was more than a game
As a child, Michael Jordan wasn't raised to become a basketball star. His parents simply wanted their son to be a good human being.

Incumbents hold ground in Colville tribe elections
Only two incumbents failed to outpoll challengers in Colville Confederated Tribes primary election, according to results released Thursday.

Militia investigation nets three arrests
A 100-member task force arrested three men Thursday in northwestern Montana on firearms charges associated with an alleged militia plot to kill public officials.

Valleyfest expands in new park
Don't go to Terrace View Park on Sept. 25 looking for Valleyfest. It won't be there.

Teacher arrested on sex charge
A teacher and coach at the private Northwest Christian High School was arrested Thursday and charged with soliciting sex online from a 13-year-old girl.

Hearts in tow, he rode again
Wally Macklin told friends he wanted to "help put the fun back in funeral.'' Plaster my coffin with bumper stickers, he said. Make sure the gospel music is old-fashioned and there's plenty of it.

Valley death investigated
A car crash in a quiet Spokane Valley neighborhood became the center of a homicide investigation Thursday afternoon.

Accuracy watch
Name misspelled - Due to a copy editing error, Edna Darroch's last name was misspelled in a headline in Thursday's Valley Voice. The article will be republished in Saturday's Valley Voice.

Washington teacher will train as astronaut
CHANTILLY, Va. -- NASA introduced a new class of 11 astronauts Thursday, a group that includes three teachers -- one from Vancouver, Wash. -- who are giving up the classroom for the chance to fly into space.

Evidence called inconsistent in terrorism trial
BOISE -- Sami Al-Hussayen's defense attorneys began trying to poke holes in the government's terrorism case against the graduate student Thursday, pointing to everything from translation problems to suggestions in the government's own evidence that Al-Hussayen didn't control the content of various Islamic Web sites. Related stories

Idaho Supreme Court hears arguments on field-burning law
In the rarefied atmosphere of the state's highest court, North Idaho's down and dirty fight over smoke from burning grass-seed fields -- and the potential health hazards from breathing it -- was elevated to the plane of ... property rights.

Court throws out fee for ambulance service
The state Supreme Court struck down the city of Kennewick's flat fee for ambulance service Thursday, ruling that it's an unauthorized tax.

Former DSHS official faces sex harassment suits
OLYMPIA -- A state official forced to resign last year in a sex scandal now faces sexual harassment lawsuits filed by three women who work for the Department of Social and Health Services.

Fire season expected to be worse than normal
Unusually dry weather and warm spring temperatures have caused the state's snowpack to melt at a swift rate, raising concerns about what officials are anticipating will be a tough wildfire season.

Level III sex offender now living downtown
Spokane police want the public to be aware of a 25-year-old Level III sex offender living in downtown Spokane.

Officials cite arson in Pullman house fire
Pullman police and fire officials have determined the fire that destroyed a 6,000-square-foot home under construction in west Pullman early Monday was caused by arson.

Extra police patrols will monitor proms
Area law enforcement officers will target several high school proms this weekend as part of a state-financed program called RUAD, or Reduce Underage Drinking, the Spokane County Sheriff's Office said Thursday.

Man wounded in April dies of his injuries
A 19-year-old man injured in a Spokane Valley shooting last month died Wednesday at a local hospital, Spokane Valley police reported Thursday.

GU law professor named interim dean
A human rights defender and Gonzaga law professor has been named interim dean of the Gonzaga University School of Law.

Freddy gets his due against Twins
SEATTLE -- Freddy Garcia got his first win of the season in his sixth start and the Seattle Mariners scrapped their way to a 2-1 victory over the Minnesota Twins on Thursday night. Related stories

Give Myers credit
Massive offensive linemen, double teams in the trenches. . . bring 'em on. Compared to the challenge Brandon Myers met off the field, nothing on the football field is going to faze him. The 6-foot-1, 260-pound senior defensive tackle for Eastern Washington went to school non-stop for two years, often taking 20 credits a quarter, to earn the opportunity to be a senior again.

Shadow have sights set on first
The Spokane Shadow, coming off a 14-2-2 season, a Northwest Division soccer championship, and returning 14 of last season's 22 players, have some clear goals in mind as they celebrate their 10th anniversary.

Mead has numbers, and more
John Mires crunches numbers, that's what most track coaches do before big meets. The way the Mead coach figured it, the Greater Spokane League track championship meet was going to be close.

Pacers handle Heat despite 11-day layoff
INDIANAPOLIS -- The Indiana Pacers showed plenty of rust from an 11-day layoff. They still had more than enough to beat the weary Miami Heat.

It’s a blur at Champions meet
The District I Meet of Champions provided the stage where all high school track and field athletes in North Idaho were on equal footing Thursday afternoon in ideal weather.

Thursday’s games
Red Sox 5, Indians 2: Boston's Pedro Martinez settled down after a shaky start, pitched seven strong innings and reached 11-1 lifetime against the Indians as the Red Sox won in Cleveland. Manny Ramirez homered in the sixth off C.C. Sabathia (1-1) and Pokey Reese hit a go-ahead RBI double in the seventh. Three of Cleveland's four hits -- including leadoff man Matt Lawton's first-pitch homer -- came in the first inning.

MLB nixes plan for ads on bases
Spider-Man ads on bases didn't fly with baseball fans. A day after announcing a novel promotion to have advertisements on bases next month, Major League Baseball reversed course Thursday and eliminated that part of its marketing deal for “Spider-Man 2.”

Mariners send Davis to Tacoma
SEATTLE -- Mariners backup catcher Ben Davis was optioned to Triple-A Tacoma Thursday. Seattle called up Pat Borders, 40, from its Pacific Coast League affiliate to take over for Davis as its No. 2 catcher behind Dan Wilson.

National Sports

Ex-Seahawks back Warren on list of deadbeat parents
Former Seattle Seahawks running back Chris Warren is on Washington state's “most wanted” list of deadbeat parents.

Knights rule in GSL baseball
East Valley and Mt. Spokane know what they'll be doing in one week. Other Greater Spokane League baseball teams will need today, and maybe Monday, to figure out their fates.

On the air
For Friday, May 7, 2004

Offense sizzling for Lake City
COEUR d'ALENE -- Lake City High's baseball team is on a roll heading into next week's 5A Region I tournament.

Today’s menu

College: Gonzaga at San Diego, 3 p.m.; Whitworth at Lewis-Clark State, 6:30.
Off-track betting

Hunting and fishing report
For Friday, May 7, 2004

Triplett sets course record at Wachovia
Thousands of fans watching Tiger Woods post his first bogey-free round of the year missed out on all the excitement behind them -- Kirk Triplett setting the course record at the Wachovia Championship in Charlotte, N.C., with an 8-under 64.

Recreation calendar

Sign up: Stars fastpitch U-18 traveling team is seeking players for the 2004 season. Call Tom Thompson at 922-7077 or 370-1845.

Cougs’ Welch tied for fourth
Washington State junior Kim Welch fired a 1-under-par 71 at the Stanford (Calif.) Golf Course Thursday and is tied for fourth place after the first of three rounds of the NCAA West Regional women's golf tournament.

NIC splits pair of games
Lindsie Nielsen and Sheri Shrock combined on a four-hitter Thursday as Salt Lake Community College defeated North Idaho College 6-1 in the second round of the Scenic West Athletic Conference softball tournament at St. George, Utah.

Lineup for Blair All-Star Classic has strong Washington influence
The 11th annual Jack Blair Memorial Girls All Star Basketball Classic will feature rosters top heavy with Washington players.

SI cleared to appeal ruling over sources in Price case
BIRMINGHAM, Ala. -- A federal judge cleared the way for Sports Illustrated to appeal a decision that would have forced the magazine to reveal sources used in a story about former Alabama football coach Mike Price.

Official records
For Friday, May 7, 2004

Serviceable items need not be cast aside
When Rachel Ashwell introduced the concept of shabby chic to America in the 1980s, she was really just bringing the European philosophy of reinventing what you have to American shores.

Garden proceeds can help charities
Seventeen hundred pounds in four hours. That was the amount of fresh produce the Valley Food Bank put into food boxes for clients on a recent Wednesday. Sadly, the food bank was open for five hours that day. That meant that there weren't any fresh vegetables left for folks who came that last hour.

Best of then, now
When Al and Charlotte Oliva moved to Spokane from the San Francisco area nine years ago, they planned to take their time finding a new home.

And besides, there weren’t really any ashtrays in Troy
To play the Greek hero Achilles in “Troy,” Brad Pitt gave up something he loved: smoking. “This guy's supposed to be the greatest warrior of all time; I had to get my (behind) in shape,” Pitt tells Vanity Fair magazine.

Annoying trait can get on nerves after marriage
Dear Carolyn: I have been dating a man for two years, and we are treading lightly upon the subject of marriage. This is my issue: He's not much of a smiler, if there is such a word. For example, I give him a gift, he opens it, claims he likes it but no smile.

I have remarked before on the dangers of premature euphoria at the bridge table. Just as it is difficult to recover from a disastrous opening lead by regaining concentration and finding the best play to beat the hand, so on a successful opening lead there is always the danger of relaxing and failing to see your good start through to a successful finish.

Aries (March 21-April 19) •••• – Face facts: Everyone has different ideas, and that is where the confusion lies. As hard as you try, you cannot get a consensus or agreement. Visualize more of what you want and be willing to go out on your own to make it so.

Bed socks for wife will melt her heart
Miss Manners

Carbon monoxide invisible killer
The human body depends on oxygen to burn fuel (food) and to function. Once oxygen enters the lungs it combines with hemoglobin in the blood. When saturated with oxygen, it is called oxyhemoglobin. After being carried by the bloodstream to the body's cells, oxyhemoglobin releases oxygen to the tissues.

Garden Expo 2004 on Saturday
The brochure for Saturday's Garden Expo 2004 describes the fifth annual event as “an all-you-could want gardening buffet … cooked up by The Inland Empire Gardeners.”

Popular pergolas
The pergola, with apologies to the classical gardens of Italy, has become our great suburban equalizer, making even the modest homestead seem sophisticated.

‘Joan of Arcadia’ deals with looks
You have to wonder if the writers of the earnest and entertaining “Joan of Arcadia” were thinking of some of their flashier, trashier competitors such as “The Swan” and “Extreme Makeover” when they came up with the episode that airs on CBS tonight at 8.

L.M. Boyd Trivia
• The old traditional approach to marriage was a bit specialized on the Triobrian Islands near Papua. A student of love and war explains: How the man felt about it didn't matter. It was the woman who selected. And having selected, she simply went up to the lucky fellow and bit him on the arm.

Fox will note U.S. accomplishments in Iraq
Fox News host Chris Wallace plans a counterstrike Sunday against his old ABC colleague Ted Koppel, claiming Koppel's controversial roll call of slain U.S. troops on last Friday's “Nightline” failed to explain what they died for.

Open house Sunday for NIC raffle home
The North Idaho College Foundation is holding its 11th annual Really BIG Raffle with open houses held on the next three Sundays, May 9, 16 and 23, from noon to 4 p.m. This year's house is located in Coeur d'Alene Place at 2669 Bolivar Ave. in Coeur d'Alene. The event is sponsored by Stock Building Supply and proceeds benefit educational needs at North Idaho College.

Spring is here, it’s time to get cleaning
There's something almost primal about spring cleaning. On a pretty weekend, many of us feel tugged to grab buckets and rags and attack our floors and windows. We can blame the powerful pull of history -- and bedbugs.

More expensive lightbulbs save you money in long run
This weekend, spend a couple of hours walking through a local building-supply or hardware store, and check out all the inexpensive energy-saving products on the shelves, such as the efficient light bulbs.

Erase dirt away with Magic
Maybe the kids used the walls as a canvas in a Picasso-inspired spurt of crayon creativity. Or the smudges around the light switches just won't budge. A wand won't help, but Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser might.

Coming soon to a newspaper near you...
Coming soon to a newspaper near you ... What you're holding in your hands is the last edition of Weekend.

The Side Project focuses on being part of bigger scene

  • Isamu JordanThe Side Project focuses on being part of bigger sceneSince Suzie Anderson broke away from Pitching Woo and formed The Side Project, her new, mellower band has been popping up everywhere.

    Adult Influences
    Outspoken, surly, and unapologetic, if Kid Rock seems a bit jaded by the music business, it's because he was on the grind for nearly a decade before releasing his major-label debut, 1998's "Devil Without a Cause."

    Joan Jett rides '80s nostalgia to CdA casino
    The '80s have returned with a vengeance: Guys wearing pink are in, Transformers are on the toy shelves and even Joan Jett is back to her familiar jet black hair.

    Brown brings blend of tradition, orginiality
    Over the course of Greg Brown's 25-year career, the Iowa folk singer has always wanted to record an album of traditional folk tunes which were the soundtrack of his youth the songs that inspired him to become a musician.For one reason or another, the project was always getting pushed back. Until now.

    Smashing comedy
    Gallagher, the watermelon-smashing comedian, sledgehammers his way into the Spokane Opera House on Saturday.

    Videofile bids farewell
    After a more than 15-year run, today marks this column's last appearance.

    Not that I'm going anywhere (except, temporarily, on vacation). No, what is changing is the section that you're holding in your hands.

    A real monstrosity
    "Van Helsing" is the guy Dracula, the Wolf Man and Frankenstein's monster whisper about around the campfire. He's the thing that goes bump in the night for ghouls, the hunter of the hunted.

    Twins strain reality in effort to nab a big-screen audience
    It must be nice to live in the fictional world of a Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movie where the fetching blond twins can stroll into an beauty parlor in Harlem and the stylists love them so much, they shower them with hair treatments, clothes, jewelry and boots. On the house, naturally.