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Monday, May 3, 2004


Here's a list of all stories that were posted online May 3, 2004

Hostage eludes Iraqi captors
In a daring escape, American hostage Thomas Hamill pried open the doors of the house where he was being held late Sunday morning and ran a half-mile to a military convoy that was passing by, officials and his wife said. Related stories

Bloomsday brings miles of smiles
Julie Peone, 43, sat on a stoop in the West Central neighborhood Sunday and summarized the Bloomsday feeling in five words. Related stories

Likud deals Gaza plan heavy blow
JERUSALEM -- Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's Likud Party soundly rejected his plan to pull out of the Gaza Strip and parts of the West Bank in a referendum Sunday, an embarrassing defeat for the premier.

Runners take ambition, laziness to the extreme
The only chasing done by Bloomsday participant Rod Mattson was a shot of booze slugged down after the beer he had drunk a few blocks short of the finish line Sunday. Related stories

Fed cautious on raising rates
A replay of 1994? That's one question that will face Federal Reserve policy-makers when they meet Tuesday to try to determine how an economy accustomed to super-low interest rates will react to rising rates.

U.S. strikes might have killed police
U.S. airstrikes killed four alleged militants following an attack on a military convoy in eastern Afghanistan, but local officials said Sunday the victims were policemen killed in a case of mistaken identity. Related stories

Flood victim's body located
Searchers on Sunday found the body of the last of four young children swept away in area flooding.

For the record
For Monday, May 3, 2004

Foreigners leaving Yanbu
YANBU, Saudi Arabia -- American and European families packed their bags Sunday after a deadly attack on foreigners, and traumatized Saudi schoolchildren recounted how the attackers proudly summoned them to watch them drag a victim's body through the streets.

Suspect admits killing 8 women
A man accused of killing five women has admitted killing three more women since 1994, his attorney says.

Suspect in assassination gives up
A notorious paramilitary leader suspected of masterminding last year's assassination of Serbia's prime minister surrendered to police Sunday.

Son of ex- dictator elected president
PANAMA CITY, Panama -- Martin Torrijos, the son of a former dictator, on Sunday won the nation's first presidential vote since the handover of the Panama Canal and withdrawal of U.S. troops in December 1999, election officials said.

Car bomb kills 3 Chinese workers in Pakistan
Three Chinese engineers working on a seaport project were killed and 11 other people were injured in a car bomb attack in remote southwestern Pakistan on Monday, police and hospital officials said.

Delta back in the air after computer glitch
A computer glitch that grounded Delta Air Lines flights to and from Atlanta for about 61/2 hours and caused delays over the weekend has been solved, and the airline was trying to determine the cause of the malfunction.

Kerry campaign plans television ad blitz
John Kerry is sharply expanding his campaign advertising with a $25 million buy this month that exceeds the total he has spent on television commercials since wrapping up the Democratic presidential nomination. Related stories

Consumers choosing gasoline over food
For financially pressed consumers, it's coming down to a choice between spending on gasoline or groceries, and gasoline is winning, a food industry analysis finds.

Mexico cuts Cuban diplomacy
MEXICO CITY -- Mexico announced Sunday it will recall its ambassador from Cuba and expel the Cuban ambassador, saying the communist-run island had meddled in Mexico's affairs.

9 hurt in Colombian bomb blasts
Two small bombs exploded outside the Ministry of Social Affairs in the Colombian capital late Sunday, injuring nine people and shattering windows, police said.

Jackson's staff could face charges
SANTA MARIA, Calif. -- Prosecutors in Michael Jackson's child-molestation case are expected to squeeze former aides of the singer to testify against him by threatening them with a charge of conspiracy to commit child abduction, false imprisonment and extortion.

Prison images stir outrage in Iraq, beyond
Abu Ali spent three years at the notorious Abu Ghraib prison during Saddam Hussein's brutal reign. Related stories

Fewer parish priests, more to do
A typical day for the Rev. Roger LaChance starts early in the morning and stretches late into the night.

Hula dancers let hands talk for them
Sometimes swaying hips, hand gestures and fancy footwork say more than words. That's why three Coeur d'Alene women took the spirit of aloha to the Coeur d'Alene City Council and danced a hula during the April 20 meeting.

For Bloomies, it's agony, ice... and the T-shirt
Snap, crackle, pop -- three sounds no one wants a knee joint to make in a 7.46-mile race. At mile 6 of Sunday's Bloomsday run, 21-year-old Grace Daly heard them all as her right kneecap slid to the side of her leg. Related stories

Evidence says lawyer guilty of misspeaking
Monday's Huckleberries column:

Race a sight to see, on course and off
It's hard not bumping elbows and ankles in the first two miles of Bloomsday, where the masses are packed into narrow neighborhood streets and the rule of the road is to look before you step. Bryant McKinley makes his way through the pack without looking at all. The 67-year-old Spokane man is blind and runs with the help of a cane and friend Greg Wilkinson. Related stories

Bloomsday runners' clothing cast-offs find new owners
Shane Williams wore a snappy Levi jacket, something he found at last year's Bloomsday race. He wore it as he foraged for other quality cast-offs Sunday offered up by the thousands of Bloomies. Related stories

Outstanding warrants
For Monday, May 3, 2004

Look for keys to firm’s long-term health
While a firm's sales and earnings growth is important, long-term investors should also study the balance sheet to see how sturdy the underlying business is and whether its financial health is improving or failing.

Time is on your side
This is for all of you high school and college seniors who, starting this week,will be donning mortarboards, collecting your diplomas, and getting ready to enter the Real World. Related stories

In debt? Take charge, prioritize and celebrate
Is your budget so tight right now that you'd be hard-pressed even to buy some books about debt reduction? If so, here are tips on getting out of debt from three financial authors:

In their words. . .
“If anyone would quarrel with the decisions of these soldiers, their issue is with me -- not with Rachel and Charity Witmer, two outstanding soldiers who stood ready and willing to return to duty with their units in Iraq.”

We must secure ‘target-rich’ areas
Our View: Direct anti-terror funding where it’s needed.

Must all cartoons bash president?
Question: If The Spokesman-Review is unbiased, why do ALL editors's page cartoons bash the current and honorable president of the United States?


Airline food staff become rare eggs
Airline pilots and co-pilots never get the same in-flight meals. Somebody's got to be able to land the plane if something's wrong with one of the meals, explained Robert Rigo, operations manager for CA One Services, the company that runs Spokane's in-flight kitchen.

Parking ticket issues now can be heard online
In a continuing effort to streamline court cases, Spokane District Court and Municipal Court officials have presented motorists with another way to resolve tickets.

Deloris Jordan, author and Michael's mom, to be speaker at luncheon
Former basketball superstar Michael Jordan's mother, Deloris Jordan, is the author of four books including the New York Times bestseller "Salt in His Shoes.'' She's a philanthropist, entrepreneur and advocate for children and families.

Gore campaign poster child dies
Ian Malone, a severely brain-damaged boy who became a poster child for Al Gore's presidential campaign when an HMO threatened to cut his coverage, has died at age 41/2.

Sandpoint man dies from crash injuries
A Sandpoint man died Saturday from injuries suffered Friday when he lost control of his motorcycle, hitting his head on the pavement.

Man shot twice in Spokane park
A man was shot twice Sunday in a neighborhood park after an alleged gang fight among about 15 people.

Washington’s on fire in vengeance flick
Since the days of William Shakespeare, vengeance has been a dominant theme in art. During the past few years, it has experienced a resurgence in film. Related stories

Sniffing out trouble
Nearly one in four high-school seniors uses an illegal drug on a monthly basis. This national statistic -- found on the National Drug Control Policy Web site -- may shock some teens. But while some students are unaware of what their peers might be carrying in their backpacks, the canine visitors making their way down some school hallways can sniff them out in an instant. Related stories

Good manners work magic on adults
Alas -- the days of chivalry are gone. No longer do handsome knights pluck petrified damsels from the mouths of dragons. This death of chivalry is coupled with the retreat of social etiquette. The poor manners epidemic is felt at all levels, but especially among today's young people. Related stories

Sandpoint mother, daughter team up for book on teen years
The idea for “Promise You Won't Freak Out” came to the mother and daughter almost simultaneously, during one of the most hideous times in a teen's life: middle school. Related stories

Dear Mr. Wolff: Playing in a suit contract, I was on opening lead and chose to attack from a suit headed by J-10-9. I led the jack, which held the trick, but when I continued with the 10, partner won and tried to give me a ruff. Did I mislead partner by my play of the 10 rather than the nine?

-- Dry Run, Selma, Ala.

Etiquette draws undesired effect
Miss Manners

OK for dad to see son; tell husband the truth
Dear Annie: I have a 15-month-old son I'll call “Matthew.” Matthew is not my husband's child. He is the product of an affair with “Chris,” a married man. Chris has never told his wife and adult children about Matthew, although I'm sure they will find out eventually. This is a small town.


Calling all girls: Here’s the real lowdown from Lohan
Lindsay Lohan knows we can't all get along all the time. The 17-year-old star of the new comedy “Mean Girls,” about the brutal backstabbing of high school life, has had at least one high-profile catfight herself -- with fellow teen star Hilary Duff. That began with a reported tug-of-war over pop heartthrob Aaron Carter, and ended a few months ago when Lohan declared a truce on “Good Morning America.”

Teaching to the senses
My child attends a school where reading is delayed, testing is nearly nonexistent, computers are scarce and the students painstakingly craft their own textbooks.

Students need praise to succeed in studies
Have you heard about the math teacher in Ahwatukee Foothills, Ariz., who pinpoints students and tells them they will ace the math portion of their SATs? He's not just whistlin' theorems. This year, 18 of his students scored a perfect 800 on the math portion of the college entrance exam. Related stories

Good options, but no consensus
While this column is still nameless, the search provided some wonderful responses from readers as well as a lively philosophical discussion about what our lack of a single accepted name may mean.

L.M. Boyd Trivia
• First year of marriage tends to be the most difficult. That's a repeated report in our Love and War man's files. One explanation: The get-acquainted year quickly thins the ranks of incompatibles. Another explanation: It's in the first year that partners face the most trouble with the least experience.

VH1 makeover show hopes for ‘Flab to Fab’
VH1 is jumping on the makeover-show bandwagon, but it's decided not to include massive cosmetic surgery in its self-improvement toolbox.

Fox offers more ‘American Idol’
The folks at Fox should start a dairy, because they sure know how to milk it.

Books can help you tell Mom just how much you really care
Most people will tell you they love their mother, but oftentimes they forget to mention it toMom.

Spurs saddle up Duncan, win
SAN ANTONIO – The Los Angeles Lakers had a fourth-quarter plan: Get the ball inside to Shaquille O'Neal. The San Antonio Spurs answered with a better idea: Get the ball outside to Tim Duncan.

M’s show signs of life
DETROIT – The Seattle Mariners got a solid pitching performance from Gil Meche and let their bats take care of the rest. Related stories

Lonely at the top
A late entrant to the 2004 Lilac Bloomsday field made an early impression with his nearly wire-to-wire victory in the 28th running of the 12-kilometer race and Spokane institution.

Ivanova earns victory on Doomsday Hill
The strategy may have been lost in translation, but the results were there for all to see. Related stories

Sanders finds home in St. Louis
The last six years, it's been the same old story for Reggie Sanders. At the end of the season, he's out the door.

Sunday’s AL games
Yankees 4, Royals 2: At New York, Mike Mussina pitched seven innings, Hideki Matsui hit a go-ahead single and New York won its sixth straight game with a victory over Kansas City. Joe Torre got his 800th win as Yankees manager.

Sunday’s NL games
Cardinals 1, Cubs 0 (10): At St. Louis, Scott Rolen lined a bases-loaded single to the warning track in the 10th inning, giving St. Louis a win over Chicago. Kyle Farnsworth (0-2) walked Albert Pujols and Jim Edmonds on full counts to load the bases, and the outfield was drawn in when Rolen lined to left. Pujols was ejected during the rally after twice confronting plate umpire Angel Hernandez.

Fields to return to Panthers
CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Carolina Panthers linebacker Mark Fields hopes to return to practice next month after completing his treatment for Hodgkin's disease.


On the air
For Monday, May 3, 2004

Today’s menu

Hornets hold off Heat, force final showdown
The New Orleans Hornets did just enough down the stretch to set up a final Game 7 against the Miami Heat.

Primeau’s hat trick leads Flyers over Maple Leafs
Back at home, the Philadelphia Flyers dominated the Toronto Maple Leafs and regained control of the series.

Victim of stick attack watches teammates play
CLEVELAND – A minor league hockey player viciously attacked by an opponent during an AHL playoff game hopes to resume playing soon.

High school schedule

Santa Clara puts end to GU’s win streak
Michael Thompson's two-run single keyed a six-run third inning and the Santa Clara Broncos cruised to an 11-2 victory over the Gonzaga Bulldogs in West Coast Conference baseball action on Sunday at Avista Stadium.

Rosales earns first LPGA title
Jennifer Rosales shot a 7-under-par 65 for her first LPGA Tour victory Sunday, overcoming Annika Sorenstam, Grace Park and other more acclaimed players to win the Chick-fil-A Charity Championship at Stockbridge, Ga.

Gordon king of California
Jeff Gordon says he isn't really as dominant at California Speedway as it might seem after Sunday's victory.

Mendoza unchallenged
Spokane's Tyler Byers, fourth in the 2003 Open Men's Wheelchair division of Bloomsday was assigned No. 206, the sixth seed overall.