Sunday, February 15, 2004


Call for a good notecard
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Paul Turner
Staff writer

Valentine's Day is over, but some sentiments are timeless.

"My parents have a home business where they sell pressed-flower notecards nationwide," wrote Erin McNeely.

OK, so far.

"When they started their business they purchased an 800 number for stores to use for placing orders."

Still OK.

But it turns out that the number used to be a phone-sex line.

Not OK.

"Several times a week, for the past five years, people have called wanting phone sex," said McN

And that's not what McNeely's folks, who live near Colville, sell.

But explaining that the number is no longer a phone-sex line doesn't deter all callers. "Nearly half of them ask if we will talk to them anyway," said McNeely.

Maybe the family could come up with a special series of pressed-flower notecards designed expressly for those callers.

On second thought, maybe not.

  • Fair warning: Former state Sen. Lois Stratton was a guest reader at her 8-year-old grandson's Spokane school recently.

    Not long after that, she received a handcrafted thank-you card from that grandson, Ben Wright.

    It was brightly colored and featured a big hand-lettered "Thank you."

    It was signed, "Love, Ben."

    The card also came with a homemade copyright declaration: "Benjamin Wright Cards, Inc. 2004. And don't even think about copying this cuz my dad's a lawyer and he'll sue your butt!!"

  • Workout partners: Teri Pieper of Moses Lake has been doing aerobics with the same set of friends for 20 years. That makes her the new girl.

  • Slice answer (death knells for the weekend): "One sure sign that the weekend is slipping away is when, at about 5 p.m. Sunday, my neighborhood starts to sprout garbage collection bins along both sides of the street." -- Tim Finneran

  • Today's great S-R carrier (Ila Fordyce): Alice Lobdell's backwoods home near Blanchard, Idaho, isn't the easiest place to find. She has been known to mail people detailed maps.

    Well, one morning last summer, she saw a strange car in her driveway. So she went out to investigate.

    It was her nephew from Utah, his wife and their 10-day-old newborn.

    "I asked Jesse how they found me," said Lobdell.

    The young man handed her the baby and said, "Easy, your newspaper lady brought us right here."

  • Today's Slice question: What current Inland Northwest resident is the best bet to one day become president of the United States?


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