Friday, February 27, 2015

Family Lessons: A Special Report

Two families. Two women abused by a loved one -- slapped, punched, choked, bruised. One chose to stay. One chose to go. The beatings -- and the choices -- occur thousands of times a year in the Inland Northwest. The crimes are played out behind closed doors, as are the ramifications, which can last for generations.

In this series, The Spokesman-Review presents a year in the life of Judy Winzer and her family, who are struggling in the wake of a domestic violence arrest and bitter divorce. They illustrate what experts say is one of the toughest lessons about domestic violence: The effects linger long after the moment of violence, and families have an arduous road to find healing.

We'll also look at the story of Erin and Mike Valente. Erin chose a path that counselors say is riskier: She stayed with Mike and believes he's managed to turn himself around.

Sunday, Dec. 7: Fallout of abuse

Winzer family becomes study in pattern of violence

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(This story includes depictions of intensely personal moments of strife and chaos in the lives of a mother and her children. The reporting and photography were done with permission of the children's mother.)

Reporting by: Erica Curless
Photos by: Liz Kishimoto

Region teems with abuse cases

Stats show Spokane County and Kootenai County are no strangers to domestic violence

Reporting by: Erica Curless and Kevin Blocker

Monday, Dec. 8: Changing direction

Former abuser takes advantage of chance to turn his life around

Reporting by: Erica Curless
Photos by: Liz Kishimoto

Seeking solutions

In the Kootenai County legal system, a task force cracks down on domestic violence. In Spokane County, Domestic Violence Court faces a big task.

Reporting by: Erica Curless and Kevin Blocker