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Political Party Affinity Quiz

To determine whether you trend Republican or Democrat, choose which statement best represents your opinion on various issues or principles.

Not every set of statements offers mutually exclusive positions, but pick the one closest to your position, or the one you think is more important.

General statement of principles

I believe in the values of community, dignity, equality, fairness, respect and tolerance; in sustainable stewardship of the environment, fairness and economic opportunity, access to quality education and health care and equal treatment of all; in accountable government, personal freedom and privacy, respect, tolerance and compassion for people of different beliefs and cultures.
I believe active participation by citizens is absolutely necessary to protect and preserve values which include preserving a free society, free markets, free trade, the sanctity of human life; limited government, low taxes, a minimal bureaucracy, a strong national defense, private property rights and the concept that government should do for individuals only those things they cannot do for themselves.


I support a progressive tax system at both the federal and state level.
The federal income tax should be eliminated.


Government's responsibility is to uphold and respect traditional institutions, such as marriage between one man and one woman.
Marriage is a human right and should not be restricted by sexual orientation or gender identity.

Abortion rights

A woman has a right to choose an abortion regardless of age or ability to pay.
Abortion for any reason except to save the life of a mother should by prohibited by a constitutional amendment.

Health care

Individuals should have the freedom and opportunity to make their own health care decisions, and the ability to choose a plan that meets their individual needs. Government should promote competition among health care providers and avoid mandates.
Health care is a basic human right that should be guaranteed by law, and the United States should have a comprehensive, single-payer national health care plan that provides quality care, prescription coverage, dental, visual, hearing and contraceptive services.


First set

I support tuition tax credits and competition in education to bring wider choices, higher quality and lower costs.
I oppose charter schools and vouchers.

Second set

Public school employees have the right to unionize, bargain collective and strike without fear of reprisal or replacement.
Teachers who are in ideological conflict with teachers’ unions should be supported.


First set

Nuclear power is safe, clean, environmentally friendly and should be developed rapidly to reduce reliance on coal and oil.
Nuclear power should be limited until it is environmentally safe and the a long-term waste disposal system is set up.

Second set

A key solution to the energy crisis would be creative mechanisms to encourage conservation, efficient, renewable and environmentally responsible energy, which includes solar and wind power.
A key solution to the energy crisis would be drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and along to U.S. coastline, using the best available technology to protect the environment.


Pharmacies should not be required to dispense “Plan B” emergency contraceptives or force pharmacists to choose between their religious beliefs and their livelihoods.
Pharmacies must fill legally written prescriptions irrespective of the personal values of individual pharmacists.

Iraq and the war on terrorism

First set

The war in Iraq was an unjustified war based on false and misleading statements and faulty thinking.
The United States is a peace-loving nation that has been forced into a war against terrorism, attacked numerous times by fanatical elements committed to destroying our culture and freedom.

Second set

I support an expeditious and orderly withdrawal of U.S. military forces and bases from Iraq, conducted to do the least harm to the people of that country.
I support giving military leaders and troops all the equipment, arms and other material supplies and services that they need to bring the campaign to a successful conclusion.

Third set

I support the operation of detainment facilities such as Guantanamo Bay and military tribunals, and oppose attempts to give enemy combatants any rights or privileges reserved for U.S. citizens.
I believe detainees in Guantanamo and elsewhere come under the Geneva Convention.


First set

States should not provide social services or other privileges of citizenship without proof of citizenship.
States should not deny civil rights or educational opportunities to immigrants or their children because of immigration status.

Second set

English should not be established as the sole official language of the United States.
English should be the only language used for legal documents and laws requiring other languages to be used should be eliminated.

Crime and punishment

First set

The death penalty, used appropriately, is part of an effective criminal justice system.
The death penalty should be abolished.

Second set

The criminal justice system should emphasize rehabilitation.
The criminal justice system should deter crime through strong and appropriate punishment.


The president should be elected through the Electoral College system.
The president should be elected through the popular vote.