Election 2004: Match your candidate

Washington: Spokane County Commission, District 1

Here's how the quiz works: For each of seven issues, you'll see a set of three quotes. Each will be from one of the Democratic hopefuls: Tom Hargreaves, Barbara Lampert or Linda Wolverton (Republican candidate Todd Mielke is running unopposed.) With each quote, however, there won't be a name attached. You won't know who said what, so read each quote and checkmark the ones you like. On some issues, you may agree with more than one candidate; on others, you might agree with none.

Once you've checkmarked all the quotes you like, hit the "Next Issue" button. When you're done, you'll be presented with your results: how many times you agreed with each candidate, and on which issues.

This quiz isn't scientific, but we hope it gives you a better feel on how you match up with the field. One thing to remember: If you leave the quiz before finishing completely, we'll lose your answers and you won't get an accurate look at your results. But it's a quick quiz, really. Have fun.

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