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*Sorry, folks, but I'm shutting down the blog until Monday. Got relatives in town who are looking to buy a piece of our paradise. Soon, I'm going to have so much extended family around here that you'll think I'm a native.

*Among the odds & ends I have to clean up before I go, Don Morgan sends along a great link in which Mark Steyn catches J. Flipflop Kerry claiming he hunted deer with a 12-gauge shotgun. Of course, you'll never see the story replayed in the mainstream media which is trying with all its might to get this elite snob elected. Click here.

*Don also provides links to a story re: a high-level al Qaida operative being arrested in Texas here and photos poking fun of Flipflop in that funny NASA bunny suit here.

*You can find a great link for bumpersnickers, courtesy of Doug Burr, here.

*Big John Rook provides a link to a poll that shows what Massachusetts residents really think of Flipflop here.

*As Porky Pig sez, b-deet, b-deet, that's all folks ... until Monday. Behave yourselves -- DFO

Peanut Gallery (The Edge)

You can imagine if the Judge Mitchell had sent Kootenai Sheriff candidate John Weick to work on the Rocky Watson’s road crew. I can imagine the full-page ad in the Coeur d’Alene Press with Weick slaving away in chains and Rocky standing guard with a shotgun. The ad would read, "Watson keeps criminals in their place." I am not Weick’s campaign manager, but I would think going to the jug is a bad thing.

The Edge

DFO: If he's any politician at all, he'll claim he was doing research for the campaign, checking out the jail from the inside.

Peanut Gallery (Juicy Lucy)

So tell me. Why did our President sit silently for seven minutes in that Florida classroom on 9/11? And don't give me the oft-repeated line, "he didn't want to scare the children". Really.

Juicy Lucy

DFO: Mebbe he was trying to gather his thoughts and, yes, not scare the kids. After all, it isn't every day terrorists fly planes into buildings in New York and Washington, D.C. Now, answer a question for me: Why didn't Slick Willie do anything to retaliate against Islamofacists who terrorized at will during his eight years in the White House? Seven minutes v. 8 years. No contest.

Peanut Gallery (John Austin)

I can understand why Mike Kennedy says John Kerry cares about the "real west and rural Idaho". I've seen pictures of the Kerry's $5 million place in "rural Idaho" (it's Sun Valley, but it's still rural, right?). Also, I remember Mr. Kennedy's efforts to get Alan Blinken elected. One day when Larry Craig was touring Kellogg, I asked the Senator his thoughts on running against A. Blinken. Sen. Craig laughed and we both wondered if this A. Blinken had been born in a log cabin, also.

John Austin

DFO: C'mon, John, Flipflop's an average guy, like you and me, wondering where his next rich wife will come from if he has to ditch Teresa to win votes.

Peanut Gallery (Bike Rider)

Eagle Eye, and others, should make sure they have the facts before they condemn folks - famous or not. Lance (Armstrong) and his wife, Kristen, separated, reconciled and than decided that they just couldn't make it. In Kristen's words, "It's an unfortunate situation, we are making the best of it for the sake of our kids." Sadly, like many couples, they just couldn't make their marriage work; but neither abandoned their children. In fact, Lance elected to forgo the Olympics this year so he could spend more time with his kids. Let's be fair and also remember that riding his bike is his livelihood.

Bike Rider

DFO: Thanks for the other side to the story.

Peanut Gallery (Steve Badraun)

The people of Coeur d' Alene have three avenues for activism to protest their rights for Sanders Beach. First they can join the coalition that is demanding a decision on the true high water mark. Second, they can march right down there and sit on the beach refusing to budge from that historical public space. Third, they can throw every one of those city council people out of office who gave away that public space to Duane Hagadone forever. The time has come for the people of Coeur d' Alene to refuse to allow one inch of public space to be stolen from them ever ever again. Sanders Beach is slipping away as we speak and the only way to get it back is to rise up and fight for it.

Steve Badraun

DFO: Fourth, they can read Thoreau's discourse of "Civil Disobedience."

Headlines @ 12:03 p.m.

*Orlando Bloom is the new young James Bond (The Times of India): That's Legolas -- James Legolas.

*Controversy surrounds Kerry convention film: War scenes re-enacted (Drudge Report): If he doesn't make it as prez, mebbe Flipflop has a future in Planet Hollyweird.

*Sexually Transmitted Infections continue to increase during 2003 in UK (Medical News Today): How do you spell "safe sex"? A-B-S-T-I-N-E-N-C-E.

*Cheney to Democrats: Weakness Invites Terror (My Way): In other words, don't send girlie-men to do Dubya's job.

*Anna Nicole Smith defends Kirstie Alley's weight gain (Boston Globe): Now, there's an endorsement that Kirstie doesn't need.

Best of the Northwest

Welcome to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, where our Lady Mayor (pictured) breaks up fights between homeowners and beachcombers on our public waterways here (high five to Brand X for the skewp), and a sheriff's wannabe sues the incumbent and gets thrown in jail in the process here. And I thought things were as dull as a national political convention around here.

1. David Horsey here and Milt Priggee (pictured) here doodle about Slick Willie & Lovestruck D's and the aging Baby Boom generation.

2. News Editor Ralph Bartholdt of the weekly St. Maries Gazette Record writes the first of a series of war dispatches from Iraq, where he's "vacationing" here, and Publisher Dan Hammes of the Gazette Record explains why the paper pitched in to help Ralph go to Iraq here.

3. Demo "super delegate" Tom Foley's 100 pound leaner than when he became the first House speaker since 1860 to lose a re-election bid, and he's hell-bent on making sure that Patti "Osama Mama" Murray beats George Nethercutt, the man who dethroned him, here.

4. Paul Girard, a bartender from Lacey, Wash., drove around with a lottery ticket worth $4.15 million in his back pocket for seven weeks before he decided to check it, according to The Olympian, here.

5. Wanna know how the other half lives? In Sun Valley, the 23rd annual Sun Valley Center Wine Auction raised $1 million. The Excel Foundation of Coeur d'Alene would have to sell all its ceramic moose and much more to reach that figure. Click here.

6. At Glacier National Park, the grizzly bear aren't the only danger to humans. Sometimes, their own carelessness can get them in trouble. The Daily Inter Lake tells of a man who's in critical condition after falling into a deep crevasse in the Grinnell Glacier here.

7. Ronald and Krista Torpey of the Plummer area have provided a home for 20 wild horses, according to Estar Holmes of the St. Maries Gazette Record here.

8. If you don't think Boy-C football has gone big time, check out the first name on its 2005 schedule: University of Georgia. The Idaho Statesman tells ya all about it here.

9. Ken Saucier, the 40-year-old Seattle police union chief who died in a car crash near Post Falls last Wednesday, was remembered in a memorial service. The Seattle Times reports that Saucier fell asleep at the wheel here.

*The Missoulian opines on the sentence handed to a motorist who killed a family of four while rushing half asleep from western Washington to be with an ailing mother in Great Falls, Mont., here.

*The Idaho Statesman sez judges should be held accountable here.

*A sports summit between USA and China that will bring Olympic level talent to the Puget Sound area next year is big news, sez columnist Steve Kelly of the Seattle Times here.

Hump Day Quick Fix 6 (7/28/04)

Lezzee, the U.S. has whipped the Taliban and driven So-Damn Insane from power with a minimum loss of brave life, and the Demos are still gripin' about Dubya's policies in the Middle East. As far as I know, when Demos were running things (see: Carter, Slick Willie), the Arab Muslims were seizing Americans wholesale (Iran) and bombing American embassies, ships, etc., with impunity. Sometimes, I think national Demos are more French than American.

1. For your Political 'Toon Fix this morning, No Holds Barred is offering a triple header: Daryl Cagle & Co. doodlin' about "shove it" and other things here, Wayne Stayskal also focusing on Heinz-Kerry here, and Chuck Asay tooning on the "Botox Convention" here.

2. "This has not been a good year for political quotes. When I was a kid, I remember John F. Kennedy, "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” And those were great quotes. What do we have this year? We had "Shove it”, "girlie men”, and Dick Cheney saying "go f yourself" -- Jay Leno. For your My Way Fix, you can find This Day in History here, This Day in Music here, and Today's Birthdays here.

3. For your Top of the News Fix, No Holds Barred offers: Dan Rather calls Demo convention 'Dullsville' here, Demos are hopping mad about Kerry's 'bunny suit' photo op here, Islamofascists murder 68 more Arab Muslims in car bombing here, Surprise! Surprise! E-voting records disappear from Miami-Dade County here, and Teresa: anti-war protesters are true patriots here.

4. The New York Times and other national media already has swept ex-Kerry adviser Sandy Berger's trousergate under the rug. But Lt. Col. Gordon Cucullu, an Army Green Beret who has regularly dealt with "top secrets" and classified information explains the seriousness of Berger's crime. Here's your Clinton Gang Rides Again Fix.

5. Jonathan Cohen, NHB's Massachusetts conservative, turned us on to Jewish World Review a few weeks ago. Great Web site, with plenty of commentary and perspective from God's chosen people. In "He'll Always Have Paris," writer Jonathan Tobin challenges Europhile J. Flipflop Kerry to address Europe's drift toward anti-Semitism. Here's your Jewish World Review Fix.

6. For your Opinion Fix, No Holds Barred has: Chuck Colson (building better husbands), Ben Shapiro (USA Today censors Ann Coulter), Michelle Malkin (5 reasons to fear the Demo party), Kate O'Beirne (the Teresa problem), Paul Rosenzweig (Patriot Act saves lives).


I know it's wrong to feel sorry for a Democrat in Republican Idaho. But I can't help feeling sorry for activist Mike Kennedy. After all, Mike's a sharp fella with a lot of energy who happened to get involved with the wrong party in this state. If he was Republican, Mike would be one of the movers and shakers in Idaho. He's far sharper than others his age who are making their way up the Repub ladder. I could name names. But that would be uncivilized. Mike managed Alan Blinken's U.S. Senate campaign two years ago and Walt Minnick's U.S. Senate campaign in 1996. Can you say, roadkill, baybee? Now, he's signed on to manage John Kerry's state presidential campaign. If that ain't spittin' in the wind, I don't know what is. Still, I admire this quixotic cousin of celluloid hobbits (Sean Astin). And can't help thinking that Idaho Demos would be in better shape if more of them were as personable and closer to the center as Mike is.


Peanut Gallery (Mike Kennedy)

OK, Dave, whether you like Bill Clinton or loathe him - and in my house we have both flavors - you have to admit that the man gives one sam hell of a speech. Clinton single-handedly strung together with wit and humor the most compelling reasons why, No Holds Barred notwithstanding, Idaho will have a much closer connection to the seat of power in the national political arena come January 2005 when another JFK takes office. And despite what you might hear from Fox News, this JFK actually understands and cares about the real West and places like rural Idaho - instead of just spending many months of his presidency on a sound stage built in Crawford, Texas to try and recreate the era of the Gipper.

Mike Kennedy

DFO: Anyone check to see if his zipper was up while delivering the speech? I despise the man (much like the Hate America Left despises Dubya). But I hear he gave a good speech last night. In fact, I blogged the thumbs up that columnist Dick Morris gave Slick Willie's speech.

Peanut Gallery (Juicy Lucy)

You're killing me! Stop if you want to, but I seriously doubt that Alec Baldwin, Barbra Steisand, Whoopi Goldberg and Linda Ronstadt care if you stop seeing their films or buying their music. And you think it is they that are causing us to become a second rate nation by undercutting the President? Go back and read the First Amendment, Dave. It's all there. Even those who don't agree with you get to say whatever they want, no matter how tasteless or ridiculous or no matter how mad it makes you.

Juicy Lucy

DFO: You're right. In fact, Ronstadt sez she's bothered when she knows there's a Republican or Evangelical Christian in her audience. Swap the words Republican and Evangelical Christian with the words black and gay, and you realize what bigots these, ahem, entertainers are. They have a right to ply their craft. And I have a right to ignore them. So what's the problem?

Peanut Gallery (Eagle Eye)

I am getting a little tired of all this Lance Armstrong butt kissing. A guy who divorces his wife and leaves his two small children because it is more important to him to ride a bike around France is a schmuck in my book.

Eagle Eye

DFO: Anyone who can make the double-dealing French spitting mad can't be all schmuck. But Eagle Eye makes a good point.

Peanut Gallery (The Edge)

I don’t disagree with you that Carter was a terrible president, what a mess. He might be one of worst presidents in the history of the United States. But his work since he left office has been quite good. The Habitat for Humanity program is his, and its results can’t be denied. He’s been an advocate for peace and Christianity. I think you were a little harsh on the old peanut farmer.

The Edge

DFO: If it wasn't for Habitat for Humanity, Carter would be a total waste of human skin. The guy has never met a dictator he didn't like, including Fidel Castro, the Left's favorite butcher. Carter has no standing, as a failed former prez, to be lecturing a prez with cajones about good and evil in the Middle East.

Peanut Gallery (Naples Barb)

In response to Juicy Lucy's comments on entertainers and political tatements...I am not paying for a political statement. I'm paying to be entertained. The entertainers are not being paid to make a political statement. They are being paid to sing/dance/act/play sports, etc. If I want to go to a political function, and fork over my hard earned dollars for that, great. But don't force on me political views held by the entertainer while I sit at their concert expecting a batch of songs that I paid 94 dollars for!

Barb from Naples

DFO: Bingo.

Headlines @ 12:01 p.m.

*Dukakis II: The Photo Kerry Regrets (NewsMax): You thought the photo of Michael Dukakis sitting atop that tank back when looked silly? Try this pix of Flipflop in Cape Canaveral looking all the world like the sperm Woody Allen played in "Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex but Were Afraid to Ask."

*Democrats again complain of uncounted votes in 2000: Clinton, Gore use convention speeches to express bitterness over Florida mess (WorldNetDaily): You never hear the Donkeys braying about the military votes they tried to suppress.

*Carter sees battle for 'nation's soul': Decries end to Mideast 'peace process' (WorldNetDaily): For 444 days, this Donkey piddled on himself while trying to figure out what to do about Americans being held hostage in Iran. Now, he's talkin' about the "nation's soul"? Carter's not only the worst president in my lifetime, but the worst ex-president.

*Show and Tell: Teresa Heinz Kerry’s ‘Shove It’ Outburst Is the Latest in String of Outspoken Behavior (ABCNews.com): The nation's most liberal U.S. senator and a Mama Warbucks who everyone'll agree is a perfect B -- billion-heir-ess, that is.

*Schwarzenegger and Girlie Men Agree on Budget: California's jealous Democrats finally end their obstructionism (NewsMax): All you have to do is kick a little sand in the D girlie-man's face, and he'll follow you anywhere.

Best of the Northwest (7/27/04)

The gals in the office contend that I'd get in touch with my sensitive side if I spent more time at the spa, getting a facial, herbal wraps, massages, etc. As an example of metrosexuality, one of them pointed to an article in the In Life section today here. I told her that the only time I'd consent to being pampered (like Prince Charming, right) would be when I was on a mortician's slab. You can do anything you want with my corpse. Until then, I remain an unrepentant chauvinism who bathes regularly, reads Emily Dickinson occasionally and owns more than five pairs of shoes.

1. Eric Devericks here and Milt Priggee here launch our Best of the Northwest roundup with their views of convention "free speech" and CIA "intelligence."

2. Writing for the Missoulian, Dave Workman of Gun Week discusses that controversy in which NRA prez Kayne Robinson ripped the Sierra Club at an outdoor writers gabfest for idiotorializing against U.S. Sens. Don Young of Alaska and Larry Craig of Idaho here.

3. A proposed amendment that would ban same-sex marriage in Oregon has enough signatures to make the November ballot, according to the Oregonian here.

4. For you wild and cuh-razy hydroplane racing fans who tried in vain to get the sport back to Lake Coeur d'Alene in the 1980s, you might have missed your last chance to see Miss Budweiser. The famous Budweiser team won the 39th Columbia Cup over the weekend. But it will need to find a new sponsor because Anheiser-Busch is pulling out after this year. For complete coverage of the annual Columbia Cup, click here.

5. Ralph Bartholdt, a writer for the St. Maries Gazette-Record, is making his way to the First Marines in Camp Taqaddum, Iraq, where for five weeks he will work with the public affairs office. Ralph begins to tell his story here.

6. Dot by dot, Montanan Ted Hall traced the 407-mile overland trip by the Lewis & Clark expedition, and now has written a book about it: "The Trail Between the Rivers." Hall told the Missoulian that the engineer in him made him do it here.

7. A memorial service will be held tonight for Ken Saucier, the Seattle police officer who died in a crash near Stateline, Idaho, last week here.

8. Garrett Stephenson, 32, of Meridian, Idaho, a former pitcher with the St. Louis Cardinals, is rehabbing his pitching arm with dreams of someday returning to the Major Leagues here.

* The P-I sez the Demo convention's "Free Speech Zone" is Orwellian and an affront to the First Amendment here.

*Kristin Dyzon of the P-I looks at Planet Hollyweird celebrities who are speaking out for presidential wannabes in this political year and in some cases getting in trouble here.

*Columnist Joel Connelly describes "Fortress Beantown" for his Seattle P-I readers here.

*The Idaho Statesman sez the sale of Boise Cascade -- to be known as OfficeMax henceforth -- was a good thing here.

Quick Fix 6 (7/27/04)

I'm in a great mood this morning because I had a date with a beautiful, intelligent, young woman last night ... my daughter. The two of us are batchin' it while Momma's at a family reunion in Oregon. So, I asked Amy Dearest (pictured right as "Titania" in "A Midsummer Night's Dream") out. And she accepted. Chili's. A movie -- "Shrek 2," for the second time, which got two thumbs up again. Stimulating conversation. And a night I'll long remember when she's away at college. I thank God for the wife and two amazing children He brought into my life. All the rest -- job, house and even the viewtiful town in which I live -- is window dressing.

1. Howard "Arrrrgggghhh" Dean and Daryl Cagle & Co. take a look at look at conventions in general and the Demo gabfest in particular for your Political 'Toon Fix.

2. At the Atlanta Olympics on this day in 1996, a pipe bomb exploded at the public Centennial Olympic Park. One person was killed and more than 100 were injured. For your My Way Fix, you can find the rest of This Day in History here, This Day in Music here, and Today's Birthdays here.

3. For your Top of the News Fix, No Holds Barred offers: An ABCNews/Washington Post poll shows Dubya getting best of Flipflop here, suspicious Syrians flew with expired visas here, Heinz-Kerry's harsh words about Dems, T. Chappaquiddick Kennedy resurface here, GOP to track Flipflop's extreme makeover here, and Dem conventioners dis Whoopi here.

4. When conservatives charge the media with liberal bias, media moguls close their Little Orphan Annie eyes and demand proof. Well, here it is. Investor's Business Daily compares coverage provided for Joe Wilson when he claimed there was no grounds for Dubya's concern that Iraq sought yellow-cake uranium from Africa -- to recent coverage when Dubya was proved right. Here's your Media Bias Fix.

5. Many American Christians are nervous about the presence of some 6 million Muslims in this country -- and counting. Yet, missionary trainer Jeff Marlowe of Enterprise, an Atlanta-based church, sees God's hand involved in bringing so many Muslims to this country. Here's your God Moves in Mysterious Ways Fix.

6. For your Opinion Fix, No Holds Barred has: Phyllis Schlafly (NEA), Ramesh Ponnuru (good Algore speech), Jonah Goldberg (Bush Haters convention), Wall Street Journal (What was Sandy Berger trying to hide?), and Joel Mowbray (Arafat's poisonous reign).

*Former Presbyterian Joseph Farrah sez his former denomination is being killed by political correctness here.

*For those who missed it yesterday, you can find Ann Coulter's Boston column that was banned by USA Today again here.

*Bat Ye'or discusses how Europe became the "Christian" arm of the Pan Arabic world here.

*Dick Morris sez Slick Willie's speech to open the Demo convention was a masterpiece here.

Quick Fix 6 Coming in an Hour


*For some time, I've been having a problem with the jumps on the blog. Sometimes, they're there. Sometimes, they're not, except for some reason on the "Quick Fix 6" and "Best of the Northwest" roundups. Must have something to do with cutting and pasting text. So, I have to ask those of you who send in comments to keep them short. Or to indulge me as I blog just part of them. The blogosphere is given to brevity. So we'll give it a spin.

*Believe it or not, the two gubernatorial wannabes in Montana are fighting over a coupla vehicles the Demo wannabe bought last year from Dave Smith motors in the Silver Valley. Repub Bob Brown is bashing Demo Brian Schweitzer about going out of state to buy upper-end merchandise. This story was in our paper Saturday. But I missed it. In case you did, too, you can find it here.

*"Just sitting here thinking....(now there is a dangerous thing) and wouldn't it be nice if they took the money for the conventions and used it for fixing up the road instead? Bet between the two conventions they could almost paved all of the ones who need it. After all they have known for months who is going to run" -- Cis The Retired. (DFO: What? Do something that helps constituents rather than spending money telling you what a swell guy the wannabes are. Cis, your idea is un-American.)

*L.C. Johnson of Moscow sends along a link to Chrenkoff's "good news from Afghanistan" here.

*Ralph Hallock passes along a link to that story by a passenger about the weird antics of some Middle Eastern men aboard a Northwest airlines flight between Detroit and Los Angeles last month. I've blogged this once. But it's worth a repeat here.


Peanut Gallery (Bayview Herb)

I have picked up flickers of protest about the new weekend magazine called "7."

At first, I didn't see the errors of my ways...I just simply read it and went on.......Then, a bolt out of the blue...It was morally attacked by an offended person, who quite possible had too much time on their hands... (I've had that problem, too.) Well, I started to avidly read this sinful publication from cover to cover...Then I became offended too...There she was, in almost all her glory, a nude Ping-Pong player...

I have played many games that my opponent has cheated at, but this takes the cake...How could I ever keep from being skunked in that game...One criticism though. You don't write a fish story without a great picture of a beautiful fish. How can you write about nudity without pictures, for crying out loud? Well, in parting, I have this to say about the champion pinger. Yea, may she always be known as swinger......

Herb Huseland

DFO: Welcome back, Herb. No Holds Barred has missed you. Judging from your comment above, you haven't lost any speed on your fastball.

Peanut Gallery (Mike)

Hey, D.F., went by the local theatre, (Sandpoint) and saw some protesters outside, holding signs against michael moores newest docu-lies. I gave them the thumbs up. But what bothers me is I dont listen to rush when i could for free, why the hell would I pay $7.00 plus to watch his BS. I guess the sheep need to be sheared. one of your faithfull readers,


p.s. i should add I've been registered independent for 20+ years neither right nor left.

DFO: Indeed, there's sucker born every minute. And Moore has found a whole bunch of them to fleece.

Peanut Gallery (Juicy Lucy)

Regarding listening to Ronstadt, Baez, Streisand or even the Dixie Chicks, why would anyone stop listening to their beautiful voices (except Baez, whose voice does not appeal to me)? I believe when God gives the gift of talent it should be listened to and enjoyed. Do you disagree? What does a person's politics have to do with it? Either listen or don't, but why blend politics with enjoyment of music? Do you only enjoy listening to the music/seeing the movies of people you agree with? Do you really care what Streisand says? The singing voice is a gift from God and if you like it, why would you consider not listening? You're probably a nice guy, but you seem so ...afraid.

Juicy Lucy

DFO: I am afraid ... for our country. When stars such as Alec Baldwin, Barbra Streisand, Whoopi Goldberg, Linda Ronstadt, etc., can use their public forum to undercut the president during a time of war, we're thisclose to becoming a second-rate nation. There was a time when Hollywood stars risked their neck to entertain soldiers in harm's way. Now, these pampered clowns are doing everything they can to destroy troop morale and encourage America's enemies. They'd shape up in a hurry if Americans refused to see their films or buy their music. At this point, I refuse to watch or listen to anything involving Baldwin, Streisand or Goldberg. But I'm wavering with Ronstadt. Can't beat "Desperado."

Peanut Gallery (The Edge)

We went and saw Michael Moore’s movie this weekend, and I must give it a thumb’s down. It was slow, self-serving, ponderous and boring. I am not sure why there has been so much critical acclaim for this film. I have enjoyed his last two movies. But this was a dud. I didn’t laugh once, or let loose with even a chuckle. I don’t have a problem with Moore attacking Bush, but at least make it interesting for me.

DFO: According to new reports, Moore's film is beginning to have a devastating effect on the morale of our fighting men and women in Iraq. In another time, when we were a nobler people, Moore's actions in creating his film would be considered treason. But we are a people caught between patriotism and P.C. opportunism. I fear for our future that a major party would embrace such a cur.

Ron's Recommendation

Ron Rankin recommended this bit of Jay Leno's monologue from last week: "Lance Armstrong – 1st place – Tour de France…four minute lead…the director of the Tour de France says he has seen people in the crowd spitting at Lance Armstrong...the sad part is - that’s the best treatment an American has received in France in probably 20 years. Fortunately, Lance Armstrong was able to scare them off by speaking German."

Headlines @ 12:12 p.m.

*Fahrenheit 9/11 tops $US100 million (www.stuff.co.nz): You can fool some of the people (read: liberals) all of the time. (Director Michael Moore is the fat, homely, bearded man with his mouth opened at the right, not to be confused with the suave gentleman with a touch of gray at the temples at the far right corner of this blog.)

*USA Today spikes Ann Coulter column at convention (Drudge Report): You want the truth? You can't handle the truth. (You can find the spiked Coulter column here.)

*Yahoo/Planned Parenthood offer 'I Had An Abortion' T-shirt (Drudge Report): The T-shirts would be perfect if they included small print on the back that said: "In other words, I've killed once, and I'll kill again if I have to."

*Democrats Defend Heinz Kerry's 'Shove It': John Kerry, Hillary Clinton Defend Teresa Heinz Kerry's Telling a Reporter to 'Shove It' (ABCNews.com): Aren't these some of the same clowns who went cuh-razy when veep Dick Cheney dropped an F-bomb on a well-deserving senator?

*Saddam writes poetry, gardens in prison: Former Iraqi leader appears 'dejected' (MSNBC): And soon he'll take up dancing, too -- at the end of a rope.

More from Iraq the Model

As I've told you before, when I want accurate info re: the average Iraqis perspective, I turn to Iraq the Model, a blog written by several Arab Muslims of increasing importance here (and featured on my blogroll). Today, Omar links to a story that talks about the resilience of average Iraqis in the face of increasing violence against them here, and links to an NBC story out of St. Louis, Mo., re: the American interpreter of Iraqi descent who helped catch So-Damn Insane here.

AP Discovers Trail of CdAs

Brace yourself for a flood of Puget Sound natives yearning to be free of gridlock. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, via Nick Geranios of the Spokane AP, has discovered the Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes in our back yard. Every time I read about the trail, I make a mental note to break out my bike again. (Earth to NHB: You don't burn calories with mental notes and good intentions.) Click here.

Best of the Northwest (7/26/04)

Akiane Kramarik, a Post Falls home-schooler (no matter what the subsequent article sez), has been on "Oprah" and CNN already. Now, she's featured in an article in Today's Christian. "It wasn't just art that was happening. Simultaneous with art was a spiritual awakening," says Akiane's mother, Forelli Kramarik. "It all began to happen when she started to share her dreams and visions."Prior to that time, Forelli had been raised as an unbeliever, in an atheistic family from Lithuania." You've read about her in The Spokesman-Review. Now, you can read about her in Today's Christian here.

1. Milt Priggee here and David Horsey here launch the Best of the Northwest roundup with their 'toons.

2. As The Mamas and The Papas once sang, it's Monday, Monday, and that means my Huckleberries appear in the S-R here. I also wrote a coupla editorials this weekend about the deputy sheriff's pay situation here and the annual Sanders Beach war here.

3. Boise Cascade will sell its paper, forest products and timberland assets for $3.7 billion, according to The Idaho Statesman. Following the sale, the company will change its name to OfficeMax and distribute office products as its primary business here.

4. In a freelance piece for The Inlander, former colleague Howie Stalwick features the breakout season by Pittsburgh Pirate Jason Bay, a former North Idaho College and Gonzaga baseballer here.

5. That Great Bear Adventure in the Bad Rock Canyon, above Kalispell, Mont., got interesting Wednesday when a grizzly broke out a window in a woman's Hyundai, according to The Daily Inter Lake here.

6. Shirl Braxton of Missoula and 30 of her closest friends celebrated her 75th birthday Sunday by bike riding 75 miles. Braxton has been celebrating her birthday since she was 40 by riding a mile per each year of age here.

7. The Idaho Statesman turns 140 today here.

8. Washingtonians are benefitting from that recent court ruling that the state can't suspend their licenses for minor traffic violations here.

*In his "Whatever Happened to ..." column, Ric Clarke spotlights Parker Woodall, the former bronc buster turned banker, here.

*The Idaho Statesman correctly opines that the public has a right to see all of the Idaho Legislatures work, from start to finish, here.

*Columnist Dan Popkey of The Idaho Statesman goes ga-ga over Teresa Heinz-Kerry here.

*In planning to thwart terrorism, A "C" fails, sez Robert L. Jamieson Jr. of the P-I here.

Monday Quick Fix 6 (7/26/04)

We've made it through a hot, hot weekend up here in the Inland Northwest. I haven't checked. But it had to be in the high 90s and mebbe even 100. I hear Lake Coeur d'Alene's perfect now for swimming, after being pretty cold through June. I have to go for a dip before the summer's over. I live 2 miles from the lake. But haven't so much as dipped a toe in it this year, yet. Amazing. But enough about my cluelessness. Let's get going with your fixes:

1. Cartoonists Paul Nowak and Wayne Stayskal provide this morning's Political 'Toon Fix here and here.

2. Don't look now but Sandra Bullock ("Speed," "The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood" and "Miss Congeniality") turns the Big 4-0 today. For your My Way Fix, you can find the rest of Today's Birthdays here, This Day in History here, and This Day in Music here.

3. For you Top of the News Fix, No Holds Barred offers: Multi-million-heir-ess Teresa Heinz-Kerry tells reporter to 'shove it' here, Iowa first lady slammed blacks, Easterners and Southerners as bad speakers here, Boston baseball fans boo Flipflop's first pitch here, Third 'Star Wars' prequel to be called "Revenge of the Sith" here, and Bush leads Kerry in electoral votes here.

4. NHB missed this one in last week's bloggin'. The Heritage Foundation gave the 9/11 commissioner report 1 1/2 thumbs up, which means that it turned out more bipartisan than expected. A quickie Heritage Foundation analysis can be found in your 9/11 Commission Ain't Bad Report Fix.

5. NHB hopes you aren't the last one on your block to see the bipartisan Internet spoof of Dubya and Flipflop. Big John Rook was the first to send it in to me. It features the two party leaders bashing each other to Woody Guthrie's toon, "This Land Is Your Land." Here's your Political Fun Fix.

6. For your Opinion Fix, NHB has: Shannen W. Coffin (celebrity chutzpah), Dick Morris (Kerry's quandry), Jeff Jacoby (Bush haters), Ralph Nader (12 topics D's will duck), and John Leo (Sandy Berger).


Got some odds & ends to clean up before I head home for weekend R-'n-R:

*My wife and Amy Dearest say the "Little Shop of Horrors" is the best production of the Coeur d'Alene Summer Theatre's season so far. Both of 'em loved opening night last night. I'll check it out next week.

*Hope you guys enjoyed the addition of photos to the blog. More to come.

*Rand Wichman writes in to tell Vicki Currie that those deer in that photo I linked to from The Daily Inter Lake (Kalispell, Mont.) yesterday indeed are mulies. Writes Rand: "There are no black tailed deer in Montana. The confusion is understandable because they are closely related."

*Quickie note from Steve Badraun re: Sandi Bloem's promise that the city would "work its heart out" to provide more access to Sanders Beach: "I am just wondering what progress has been made in the 'work their hearts out' promise. And I will keep asking so they cannot push it off the corner of their desks. (DFO: As long as I'm here, that promise will not be forgotten.)


Googling North Idaho ...

...a wrapup of on-line stories about our neck of the woods, courtesy of Google.

*For you art fans, the self-guided Second Annual Open Artists Studio Tour is now in its fifth week in the Panhandle, according to RuralNorthwest.com here.

*You can find out about the Idaho Fish and Game's first, all-female, bear-trapping crew from KXLY-TV here.

*TravelVideo.TV has featured the Hidden Creek Ranch and the Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes in a recent on-line article here.

*Ellen Larsen of RuralNorthwest.com wrote about the fifth annual osprey boat cruise on Lake Coeur d'Alene (July 10) here.

New Mural for Memorial Wall

For those keeping score at home, ex-Kootenai County commish Ron Rankin is raising money ($3,000) for another mural for his spectacular courthouse veterans memorial -- one that honors America's sacrifices in the Middle East. Etched in black granite to go with a dozen other scenes of American wars will be the familiar AP photo that you see to the right of Marines praying around a fallen comrade earlier this year at Fallujah, Iraq. Impressive, hunh? If you haven't seen Mr. Rankin's opus, yet, take time to do so.

Headlines @ 12:25 p.m.

*Berger blocked 4 plans to get bin Laden: 9-11 commission report shows handwritten responses on documents (WorldNetDaily): No wonder this Donkey -- an erstwhile top campaign adviser for Flipflop -- was stuffing his pockets with National Archives materials. Book 'em, Dan-O.

*Ronstadt gets audience walkout encore (Contra Costa Times): Pretty soon, fadin' Linda will have to dedicate "Desperado" to herself rather than America Hater Michael Moore as she tries to line up work.

*Jack Anderson Ending His Syndicated Column Due to Parkinson's Disease (Editor & Publisher): I remember Drew Pearson before him. Which means I'm not a spring chicken either.

*An armed group in Iraq has kidnapped an Egyptian diplomat in Baghdad, the Egyptian embassy in the capital says (BBC News): Let me guess. They're going to cut off his head and stick it in a refrigerator unless the Egyptians repent of trying to help the illegitimate government of Iraq and the American infidels. Been there. Done that. These guys need new material.

*Foreign travel can increase risk of sex infections, says study (Guardian Unlimited): Not if you behave yourself.

Best of the Northwest (7/23/04)

As you can see, I've been experimenting with photos for the blog. Photog Jesse Tinsley has been patiently trying to teach this old dog new tricks. And I'm slowly learning them. Once I do, you and I are going to have even more fun with this blog. Onward.

1. Cartoonist Milt Priggee has definite ideas on what to do with sexual predators -- and it doesn't involve a hammer, nails and a tree stump -- here.

2. Ken Saucier, the head of the Seattle Police Officers Guild who died in an accident near Post Falls this week, is featured in a column by Robert L. Jamieson Jr. of the P-I here.

3. If you're not into rock climbing, you've probably never heard of Wood River Valley's Dave Bingham. Now, Bingham has published the latest in his "City of Rocks Guidebook" series, featuring Castle Rocks. The Idaho Mountain Express tells you all about it here.

4. Sam Taylor, a UI student interning this summer with the St. Maries Gazette and a No Holds Barred commenter, reports on osprey that have been transplanted from Idaho to rebuild the population in South Dakota here.

5. In the "some people never learn" category, one of two teens who burned a cross in the lawn of an African-American pastor from Arlington now is accused of burning down a Marysville home. The Seattle Times tells you about the firebug here.

6. In Columbia Falls, Mont., the townsfolk are using downtown murals to tell the history of the town and their state. And folks are eating the public art display up. Sounds like something North Idaho towns could do relatively cheaply, too. The Missoulian tells the Columbia Falls story here.

7. Former Vandal Angela Whyte will represent Canada in the 100-meter hurdles at the 2004 Summer Olympics here.

8. Wolf reintroduction can be summed up in one word: Dumb. Having said that, No Holds Barred applauds the feds for wiping out nine wolves in southern Idaho who had killed as many as 100 wolves here.

*The Seattle Times fears things could get worse in the EPA's Northwest region because director John Iani has stepped down here.

*The Idaho Statesman sez Idaho should rewrite its parental notification law for abortion rather than appeal a recent ruling by the liberal 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals here.

*Hungry Horse News columnist G. George Ostrom writes about seeing his first white robin here.

*U.S. Sen. Larry Craig, R-Idaho, explains why he opposes charging a recreation fee to use unimproved public areas here.

TGIF Quick Fix 6 (7/23/04)

Say it ain't so. I woke up this morning to hear Rich Montief or one of his buddies at KMBI-FM say we're headed toward 100 on Sunday!? I hope I was still dreamin'. That's California temperature. And the Golden Staters can have it. As for me ... a cool 70 to 75 is just right. Looks like I'll be seeing you on the lake this weekend. Meanwhile, here's your TGIFixes:

1. For your daily 'Toon Fix, let's start with some inspiration from Guy Gilchrist and his angels here, and then switch gears to give Paul Nowak and Kevin Tuma here and here.

2. Leno had a pretty good one-liner the other night: "Do you realize we’re less than four months from election day and less than six months from the final recount?" And now onto your My Way Fix: This Day in History here, This Day in Music here, and Today's Birthdays here.

3. For your Top of the News Fix, we're bombing nasty old Fallujah again here, Dubya's running even with Flipflop again despite constant bashing from the liberal media here, U.S. House defends traditional marriage from Lib-Left judges here, Lefties are monitoring church sermons for political references here, and Vietnam vets plan conference to counter Kerry here.

4. The whack jobs in Oregon who temporarily forced recognition of same-sex marriage may have done Dubya a big favor. Oregonians (outside Portland) are angry with the gall exhibited by liberal, elected leaders. And that could mean that Dubya has a shot at those 7 electoral votes that usually go into the Demos' electoral piggy bank. Here's your Election 2004 Fix.

5. In his first life, Bill McCartney coached the Colorado Buffaloes to national prominence. In his second life, he helped found Promise Keepers, a Christian organization that encouraged men to fulfill their marriage vows and be good fathers. Now, he's founded an organization that seeks to bridge the gap between Evangelicals and Messianic Jews. Here's your Where Are They Now Fix.

6. For your Opinion Fix, No Holds Barred offers a Ladies Day: Mona Charen (Demos fight dirty), Michelle Malkin (Immigration laws), Yolanda Young (ghetto mentality), Meghan Basham ("The Bourne Supremacy"), and vintage Florence King (last Demo convention).

*Big John Rook sends along an interesting AP article about Toronto ballplayer Carlos Delgado's refusal to stand when "God Bless America" is played in ballparks here.

*Jonathan Cohen of Brookline, Mass., e-mails a Boston Globe column by Cathy Moore probing the anti-Americanism of Planet Hollyweird hero Michael Moore here.

*Big John also sends along a link that calls for action against MoveOn.org's attempt to muzzle Fox News here.

*Blogger Mohammed from Iraq the Model tells of the paranoia among the bad guys in the heart of Sunni country since the new government's been cracking down here.


Colleague Erica Curless produced a number of asides from the Hayden Chamber of Commerce meeting today to discuss the Blunder Over the Prairie air show financial fiasco:

*After talking it over with his wife, Freeman Duncan decided to donate his 60 hours of work, totaling $6,000 to the Hayden chamber. The chamber retained him to figure out its financial woes. Anyway, after going over the numbers Thursday and taking several shots at the media for being hard on the chamber, Duncan announced his donation. He said the only payment he wanted was a Thunder Over the Prairie golf shirt and ball cap. And of course, that's what they had waiting for him at the podium -- a matching navy blue shirt and hat. He plans to wear the outfit during tomorrow's chamber golf scramble, which he intends to win. Duncan: "I'm telling everyone it's my $6,000 golf shirt."

*Duncan was especially hard on the media (aka CDA Press) for picking on Randy Giddings, the air show manager and former Hayden Chamber President who resigned after this all blew up. "Quit critizing that gentelman," Duncan scolded the "men with notebooks who by ink by the barrel. (I didn't know I was a man, and I also don't recall the Spokesman criticizing Giddings.)

*The chamber directors apologized for not knowing more about the air show planning and letting the financial bust happen. They also apologized for not releasing info sooner, but said they didn't even know what was going on. Yet at times they seemed conflicted, also scolding the media for being tough on them.

*Before people started asking Duncan questions about the finances, chamber member Chris Guggemos reminded everyone that the media was present and be careful what you say. (Hmm. That doesn't seem totally staight forward and honest to me.)

--DFO (for star reporter Erica Curless)

Peanut Gallery (Cis Gors)

Did they really think it was going to run in the black the first year? I would think shows are like a business. You have to run at least 3 years before you show a profit. Look at Sandpoint Festival... it ran red for a couple of years (some of it due to too high priced artists) but now they are doing better. Mr. H should have known as a business person that it would red the first year at least. Did his construction company run in the black the first year (that is how he started isn't it). Hope the people don't listen to the chicken littles... and not try again. It was a good idea...just needs refining.

Cis Gors

DFO: Indeed, the air show sounds like a good idea. But organizers made a mistake by stiffing the Coeur d'Alene Press for about $15,000. And as Darth Vader once said to Luke or someone else: "The Emperor is not as forgiving as I am."

Peanut Gallery (Vicki Currie)

Looking at the picture of the two deer are you sure they are mule deer? I'm thinking black tailed deer, as mule deer are gray and have bigger ears.

Vicki Currie

DFO: I think so. Anyone?

Peanut Gallery (Downwinder)

When Wastewater Super Terry Werner and Mayor Clay Larkin took their dog and pony show to the Post Falls Chamber this week there were a lot of questions posed by the business people attending. Most were of the mind that the application is safe for the aquifer but the final studies won't be complete until after the public votes on the topic. The irony of this issue is that the land in question, proposed to be purchased for millions by the city, is owned by Wade and Wanda (Satchwell) McLean, longsuffering grass farmers who've incurred huge debt to lawyers both to fight the grassburning foes and their own insurance company who's balking at insuring them. So we can literally pave paradise and put up a parking lot (subdivisions) or keep it unpaved and possibly put the aquifer at risk for posterity. Something's stinky in Post Falls and it's not just the sewer plant on a warm summer night.


DFO: Smoke gets in your eyes for two weeks out of the year. Or poop gets in your drinking water. Sounds like a no-brainer to me. But it looks like the public has decided to boot the farmers and pick door No. 2.

Headlines @ 12:01 p.m.

*9/11 Commission Issues Final Report; Bush Lauds Its 'Constructive Recommendations' (Voting 101): Ten bucks for 575 pages of 9/11 findings at your local book store? Unless there's something about Monica Lewinsky and cigars in there, I don't think it's going to sell well. (BTW, you can find a cool 'toon about the reax from Repubs & Dems by Weyant of The Hill here.)

*30-Year mortgage rates below 6 percent: Level hits 3-month low, but economists expect higher rates soon (MSNBC News): Why does all the good economic news come with a "but"?

*Armstrong wins third straight Tour stage: Late sprint to line beats Kloeden, increases overall lead in race (NBC Sports): Cue up America's National Anthem for our good, faithful friends in the former Nazi province of France.

*Survey: Calif. Gov. Schwarzenegger Less Popular Now (Netscape Network): Californians must have finally gotten around to seeing "Terminator 3: The Sequel That Shouldn't Have Been Made."

*Prospective Aladdin buyer would invite Ronstadt back (Las Vegas Sun): Aladdin's wasn't going to get my money anyway.

'After Riding the Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes'

The builders all I stand and cheer,
a fine bike trail they gave us here;
I give them too a standing O
(a little sore to sit,you know).

The Bard of Sherman Avenue

Best of the Northwest (7/22/04)

For me, spring oaf-ishally arrives when an out-of-towner drives the wrong way on Third or Fourth streets. And the oaf-ishal arrival of summer? When the first uptight Sanders Beach owner tosses the first neighborhood family off his/her beach. The battle for the beach has been particularly intense this year as aggressive owners are throwing their weight around more than ever. And where are Her Sandiness and the City Council who promised to work their hearts out to resolve this annual problem? Dunno. But it may be time to bring the state into this fiasco to see who really owns that beach.

1. Eric Devericks and Milt Priggee provide their skewed views on the world here and here.

2. Ken Saucier, the first African-American to lead the Seattle Peace Officers Association, is remembered in an article by the Seattle Times. He was killed near Stateline, Idaho, yesterday while returning home with a friend from the National Rifle and Pistol Championships in Ohio here.

3. With profits soaring, Starbucks believes it can shake down cuss-tomers for even more as it plans its first price hike for lattes in four years here.

4. You can find a beautiful photo of two mule deer near the Hungry Horse Reservoir by Jennifer DeMonte of The Daily Inter Lake (Kalispell, Mont.) here.

5. After 511 days and acquittal on three terrorism-related charges, Sami al-Hussayen, a former UI computer whiz, is headed back to Saudi Arabia with an escort courtesy of Homeland Security here.

6. Even if backers gather enough signatures, new Boy-C Mayor Dave Bieter and the City Council won't hold an election to restore a 10 Commandments monument to Julia Davis Park. You can read all about Demo Bieter's arrogance here.

7. Diana Kerry, Flipflop's younger sister, stopped in Missoula Wednesday to press the flesh and blast Montana's new requirement that voters bring a photo ID to the polls here.

8. Dwight Bishop, 49, of Butte, Mont., an experienced mountain climber, fell 1,000 feet to his death while trying to climb 10 peaks in the Grand Teton range without a rope here.

*Writing for the Oregonian, Matt Love sees the beauty of working people cutting loose on ATVs here.

*The left-of-center Idaho Statesman is wringing its hands because Idaho U.S. Reps. Mike Simpson and Butch Otter are among the 48 sponsors of a bill that would prevent the over-reaching federal judiciary from imposing gay marriage on the states here.

*Waylon Safranski of The Daily Evergreen applauds former WSU QB Ryan Leaf for finally making No. 1 on an important less -- Sports Illustrated's biggest flops of the last 25 years -- here.

*Art Thiel of the P-I and Les Carpenter of the Times provide divergent views of the suddenly younger Mariners here and here.

Thursday Quick Fix 6 (7/22/04)

Another sunny day is headed our way in viewtiful Coeur d'Alene, where property's still reasonably priced (if you consider $130,000 to $150,000 reasonable) and the gap between the rich and the poor grows by the minute. As long as there's beds to be made and meals to be cooked, however, the two sides will always have each other. Here's your fixes:

1. For your Political 'Toon Fix to launch the morning, Paul Nowak targets Ah-nold's "girlie men here, and Daryl Cagle & Friends take on all comers here.

2. On This Day in Music in 1977, Tony Orlando parted company from Dawn after a concert -- and the rest of us hardly noticed. For your My Way Fix, you can find the rest of Today in Music here, This Day in History here, and Today's Birthdays here.

3. For your Top of the News Fix, No Holds Barred offers: U.S. Marines kick tail in Ramadi (despite what you'll read in the mainstream media) here, Another knucklehead singer joins Bush bashers here, Terrorists are scouting out our airports here, Clear Channel sues Howard Stern for indecency here, Archives staff was suspicious of Berger here.

4. Something really weird was going on during a Northwest Airlines flight from Detroit to Los Angeles June 29. Fourteen Middle Eastern men were aboard, and they were acting weird. Checking out who to hijack a plane? Dunno? But you can read all about it in today's Why We Should Be Profiling Air Flights Fix.

5. Matt Labash of The Weekly Standard sez Hugh Hefner's Little Black Book is an autobiographical teaser that shows what a wasted life the nation's leading hedonist has led. Here's your Sins of the Flesh Fix.

6. For your Opinion Fix, No Holds Barred has: Traditional Values Coalition (judicial tyranny), Ann Coulter (never trust a liberal over 3), Kate O'Beirne (indespensible Dick Cheney), Hugh Hewitt (Sandy Berger & The Gap), and Jennifer Graham (Costco = feminist hell?).


*If I picked out a No Holds Barred permalink to check out weekdaily, I'd choose "Best of the Web" by James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal. I found a BOTW item today about a little nugget that the Library of Congess missed -- probably on purpose -- in putting together its "Today in History" page Sunday: On July 18, 1969, Mary Jo Kopechne took a fatal ride with T. Chappaquiddick Kennedy, the worst of the Kennedy brothers who continues to bedevil citizens of Flyover Country, thanks to the poor judgment of the people of Massachusetts.

*"Sounds like they're going to earn their title of 'Major Sponsor!'" -- Duffer re: No Holds Barred comment about Blunder Over the Prairie red ink, "The Whoopie-Cushioners stiffed Brand X (Duane Hagadone's Coeur d'Alene Press) $14,730.04. Brand X is the second biggest creditor in the chamber's red-ink list that totals $128,195.97."

*"Thanks a lot for your kind words and for linking to our site. I went to your column and read your great article about the news from Iraq in which you kindly linked to our blog. Thanks again and keep in touch. Best regards" -- Ali (Iraq the Model blogger).

*"Really enjoyed your line about people not things are what matter. Wouldnt CDA be a better place if Hagadone thought that way. Maybe he would have been generous enough to support a community center and a library and we would already have people enjoying those. He is the reason I could never call myself a Republican even though I share alot of the views that the R's have.He flaunts being a R and his greed and selfishness just sicken me" -- Eagle Eye.

*"I am wondering about an update on that long awaited 'work our hearts out' pledge to give access to Sanders Beach. Any news?" -- Steve Badraun (DFO: Has hell freezed over?)


Peanut Gallery (J. Lucy)

Since you asked, I think you should NOT listen to her music anymore and
should burn her records. As a Christian, you should ask yourself what would
Jesus do and remember that Christ was intolerant of everyone who was
different or though differently than he did. He also made fun of people. He would have made fun of the Filipinos also for saving one of their own with beheading by pulling out of the war. OFF WITH THEIR HEADS! LINDA RONSTADT TOO! THE LADY LIB LEFTY LOON!

Love, Lucy

P.S. So when are your kids going to Iraq?

DFO: You're trying to be sarcastic here, right? You're almost good enough to pull it off. But you should leave sarcasm to us professionals ... Dunno what Jesus would have done re: terrorists bullying Filipinos. Probably nothing. He was pretty apolitical. Then, He never wrote a blog ... As far as my kids go, I'd expect them to go to Iraq if they'd enlisted in the military and promised to defend this country. They didn't. We no longer have a draft. Every service(wo)man volunteered to join the military with the understanding that s/he could be called on to fight. I applaud the courage and good work of those who have served so well. And damn all those who have undercut their service by claiming to support them while undermining the war effort for political gain.

Peanut Gallery (The Edge)

I can see why the Press has been blasting away at the Hayden Chamber of Commerce for the Blunder over the Prairie, actually, about 14,000 reasons. I am surprised Big D. is willing to except 31 cents on the dollar, but something is better than nothing, I guess. I wonder if Mr. Robert Stevens is still with HagaCorp? Or maybe he had a private sit down with Big D. himself where he was scolded and forced to clean the executive washroom toilet with his own toothbrush.

The Edge

DFO: The Edge is referring to the "Then & Now" webwaffle (samizdata: "an article posted on a blog") re. Mr. Robert Stevens here. His own tooth brush? Ee-yew.

Peanut Gallery (Jeeves)

Got another new-timer who must remain anonymous in our City on the Take:

Let's see -- there's plenty you've written lately that deserves comment, but I especially liked your idea of bobbleheads of hagadonia -- the paulos one should be sitting in his stupid canoe. It could be expanded to bobbleheads of past cda mayors (steve judy with a pizza box, sandi bloem with a piece of jewelry, edinger with maybe a mop, ray stone... (how do you illustrate a phantom pothole?)


DFO: How about a bobblehead of Her Sandiness with a handful of Sanders Beach sand slipping through her fingers?

Headlines @ 12:31 p.m.

*Guerrillas Seize Six Foreign Hostages in Iraq (Reuters): What? You thought the Islamofascists were going to play nice after Manila left Iraq with its tail between its legs?

*Saudis find slain US hostage's head in a refrigerator (Channelnewsasia): Now, there's a souvenir that'd be hard to explain.

*Michael Moore Defends Ronstadt's Actions (KVBC-3 Las Vegas): Looney Toon birds of a feather stick together.

*Jenna Bush 'salutes' media: Sticks tongue out at group of journalists as limo passes (AP): Hey, it beats grabbing her crotch a la Whoopi Cushion Goldberg.

*U.N. to Israel: Tear down 'the wall': Jerusalem: 'Thank God our fate is not decided in this hall' (WorldNetDaily): You do the math: Two suicide bombings, killing 19, this year -- with the wall; 20 suicide bombings, killing 141, at this time last year without the wall. As always, the UN Security Council is as clueless as it is anti-Semitic.

Peanut Gallery (Sam Taylor)

With my 800th blog item, I welcome UI junior Sam Taylor to the Peanut Gallery:

Thought I'd weigh in on UI Mike Anderson's claim that the university is going to smash some heads in this season. Being a junior myself this year I have to say this to my classmate Mike: HA! Look at the schedule of the Vandals and you already see one problem here, where are the home games? Out of their 12 game season, four games are considered "at home", however two of those are at Martin Stadium across the border in Coug Country. What a great away schedule. When our university is in a budget crisis, the football team will be partying it up in Hawaii for some type of alumni game. The University of Idaho is an odd place to be. Athletes who suck get rewarded while academics get their programs cut.

Sam Taylor

DFO: I'm afraid Sam's right about UI's football prospects next year. Once again, we'll probably be calling them the VandaLLLLLLLLLLs.

Best of the Northwest (7/21/04)

I finally figured out why the Coeur d'Alene Press has been bashing the poor saps from the Hayden Chamber of Commerce for that Thunder Over the Prairie fiasco. The Whoopie-Cushioners stiff Brand X $14,730.04 here. Brand X is the second biggest creditor in the chamber's red-ink list that totals $128,195.97. It's all on today's front page of the Press, which coincidentally was a sponsor of the air show and put the arm on the commissioners to provide the permit to let the show go on. With that culpability, you'd think HHospitality's house organ would forgive the debt.

1. David Horsey of the P-I launches our Northwest roundup with a chuckle about Ralph Nader's role in the prez election here.

2. Marc Stewart of the Spokane Journal of Business reports that Hayden bizman John Geddes and two partners are building Holiday Inn Express, next to Triple Play in Hayden, that'll be ready by spring 2005 here.

3. Officer Ken Saucier, 40, the controversial head of the Seattle Police Officers Guild, was killed in a traffic crash in North Idaho. He and another man were returning from the National Rifle and Pistol Championships in Camp Perry, Ohio. Click here.

4. The Repubs' get-out-the-vote message to Evangelical Christians reached pastors in Eugene, Ore., here.

5. The Missoulian continues to cover First Lady Laura Bush's sojourn at Glacier National Park here.

6. If you see an injured black bear by the side of the road, like motorist Duane Lavely did, you're not suppose to stop and help it out. Lavely did, however, and the bear survived as a result. You can decide for yourself if you would have done the same thing here.

7. Dinosaur hunters have found a treasure trove of bones during a five-day dig on an eastern Montana ranch here.

8. J. Gordon Edwards, 85, of San Jose, dubbed by some as "the patron saint of Glacier Park," died while doing what he loved best here.

*Columnist Dan Popkey of The Idaho Statesman opines that Ada County Repubs are trying to make hay over the Ten Commandments controversy here.

*Danny Westneat of the Times applauds the ruling that allowed scientists to study Kennewick Man's bones here.

*Robert L. Jamieson Jr. uses illustrations from Spokane and Whitman County as he makes a point that geographic places that include the word Negro and worse should be changed here.

*Joel Connelly points out how a Repub California congressman has thwarted U.S. Rep. George Nethercutt's attempt to create a wilderness area in eastern Snohomish County here.

Test Your News Skills

While you're waiting for your Best of the Northwest roundup, you should see how well you follow the news by test-driving the daily Newsmania Trivial Game here. Don't worry. It has three levels: beginner, reporter and editor. (I've always earned a press pass but for some reason I have the most trouble with the beginner level.)

Hump Day Quick Fix 6 (7/21/04)

Dunno what to do with Linda Ronstadt. After all, I loved her music before she came out of her ultraliberal, Christophobic closet this week and said: "This is an election year, and I think we're in desperate trouble and it's time for people to speak up and not pipe down. It's a real conflict for me when I go to a concert and find out somebody in the audience is a Republican or fundamental Christian. It can cloud my enjoyment. I'd rather not know." I have a vinyl collection of her songs. Should I, as a Christian believer, continue to listen to her and pretend she's not a Lady Lib Lefty Loon? (see: Barbra Streisand, Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, etc.) Or should I Deep Six her? Anyone?

1. For your Political 'Toon Fix, Paul Nowak looks at Martha Stewart's predicament here, and Wayne Stayskal sharpens his pen on the Left's attack on Fox News here.

2. Robin Williams, who got his start playing alien Mork on the "Mork & Mindy" show (10 extra points if you remember his partner was Pam Dawber), turns 53 to kick off Today's Birthdays here. For the rest of your My Way Fix, you can find This Day in History here and This Day in Music here.

3. For your Top of the News Fix, No Holds Barred offers: Islamofacists threaten to kill 6 new hostages here, Demos block Idaho judicial nominee here, clueless Demo still want U.N. intervention into our next election here, Saudis say they found American's head here, and Armstrong extends lead in critical time trial here.

4. Since the mainstream media is studiously trying to underplay the Sandy Berger theft story, No Holds Barred offers a full roundup of the dastardly deeds that Demos do when no one's looking. Ferexample, WorldNetDaily reports that Berger was a key figure in the Chinagate scandal here, Repub senators are demanding that J. Flipflop Kerry explain what he knew about Berger and when he knew it here, and Justice Department sez no dice to deal here. The Washington Times explains what it all means to conclude your Whitewash Gate Fix.

5. If you can't make heads or tails of such terms as "battleground state" and "swing state," veteran poll watcher Karlyn Bowman explains what all those polls mean as the election nears. Here's your Poll Fix.

6. For your Opinion Fix, No Holds Barred offers: Catherine Seipp (indispensible Snopes.com), Dick Morris (Kennedy v. Clinton), Joseph C. Wilson IV (I've been smeared), Newt Gingrich (Bush and the NAACP), and Michelle Malkin (security moms).


A reader who must remain anonymous sez his wife, a Lefty, didn't like Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11":

"She is in the strange, lonely position of being a fairly liberal D and not liking "fahrenheit 911" After seeing it in downtown spokane, she realized she wasted her $$ and considered walking out -- she already knew a lot of the info, she already had a firm opinion on bush and the war in iraq, and she didn't need pictures of dead babies and crying parents to shift that position the slightest, and would rather use our tight entertainment $$ to see something entertaining rather than a faux documentary. Plus, she said Moore was ham-handed the whole time, almost berating the audience, who pretty much should be in his camp already by paying to see the film. Her friends disagree, using the same arguments for those on the other side of the fence who advocate "the passion" -- "seeing it on the big screen brings it all home," or "you're not fully informed/good American/good Christian unless you see it."

A Reader

DFO: I've read a few complaints on line from Lefties who thought Moore was so over-the-top that he defeated his purpose. Basically, he's preaching to the choir. Anyone who'd believe his Lefty nonsense wholesale wouldn't vote for Bush any way. If I want to see fiction, I prefer Disney. Or Spidey.

Jonathan's East Coast Report

Dug up an amusing little book the other night called "How to Eat Like a Republican". It's part humor, part recipes -- or is it both? The author, one Suzanne Grayson, is a transplanted Missourian in NYC and loves to feed her deep-blue-state neighbors some of these delicacies -- "sticky chicky" (chicken pieces braised in half ketchup, half Coke); "egg-and-saltine salad", "Missouri Curry" (with applesauce), and even "Portuguese Seafood Stew" -- which bears absolutely no resemblance to the real thing, which I know how to make. This lady insists that, as the Gipper's administration noted, "ketchup is the GOP's semi-official vegetable". No doubt she's given up Heinz this year for something called "W Ketchup"? Personally, I still prefer Heinz, but I'm a registered Independent. I'll also admit to enjoying at least a few heartland/Southern dishes, but I'll be darned if I know what they are.

Jonathan Cohen

DFO: Portuguese Seafood Stew?! Dang, it almost makes me wish that my grandparents hadn't jumped a boat from the Azores.

Everybody's Talkin' 'Bout Us

*An L.A. Times story focuses on the Sun Valley home where write Ernest Hemingway killed himself here.

*John Brooks, 42, circulation manager for USA Today, was one of the Ironman USA Coeur d'Alene participants who flocked to Lake City earlier this summer to try to qualify for the Hawaii grand finale. He didn't qualify. But he wrote about his experience here.

*Andy Martin of Bend, Ore., a strong fourth-place finisher in the Coeur d'Alene Ironman, is moving on to Lake Placid here.

*Kyle Melton has discovered there's life after North Idaho College abandoned baseball by playing in Montana here.

Peanut Gallery (The Edge)

Did the Hayden Air Show really fail? I don’t think so:

1. The air show brought people together and talking with a common goal.

1A. Randy Giddings got his name out there. There is no such thing as bad publicity.

2. The air show got people to donate thousands to the Boy Scouts of America. That’s a great thing.

3. The air show got people to forgive their debts. Generosity is a virtue.

4. About 40,000 people attended the event according to the Coeur d’Alene Press. That's a lot, and they’re never wrong.

5. It generated lots of stories for the Press. Hey, they’re not writing about the Aryans, so that’s a feather in their cap.

6. People now are interested in the Hayden Chamber of Commerce. They never get much attention.

7. People are voting for new officials in the chamber. Democracy is what made this country great.

8. Thunder over the Prairie had cool airplanes that kids of all ages loved. Isn’t that what it’s all about? The kids.

The Edge

DFO: Two more, and I'd have sent your pseudonym to Letterman for a Top 10 Reasons Why Folks Should Smile When They Say Blunder on the Prairie.

Peanut Gallery (John Rook)

I loved Harry Belefonte's calypso serenades of the late 50's, I love Barbara Streisand & Paul McCartney as singers. I even like Linda Ronstadt.....as an entertainer. But, they have no right to lure a fan into their tent and attempt to "educate them" with their bias limited views of the world and religion. If I want political views, I won't go to educators in schools or entertainers...When I want sermons on religion....I'll go to Billy Graham .

This latest from Looney Linda: "My career has befuddled other people, and it's befuddled me," admitted Ronstadt, 58, who finds her fans are polarized by her nightly on-stage salute to "Fahrenheit 9/11" filmmaker Michael Moore. "I've been dedicating a song to him – I think he's a great patriot – and it splits the audience down the middle, and they duke it out," she said.

"This is an election year, and I think we're in desperate trouble and it's time for people to speak up and not pipe down. It's a real conflict for me when I go to a concert and find out somebody in the audience is a Republican or fundamental Christian. It can cloud my enjoyment. I'd rather not know."

And I'd rather not know her bias views either.

John Rook

DFO: You know how to spell relief from these warblin' Lefties? B-O-Y-C-O-T-T.

Then & Now (CdA Press)

Then (from May 6 Spokesman-Review): "Robert Stevens of the Coeur d'Alene Press, a sponsor of the event, said that the county didn't need to worry because professionals are running the air show and that Hagadone Corp. wouldn't back a project that could fail."

Now (headline from CdA Press editorial): "Air show debacle is only getting worse: From the charred remains of what's left of the Hayden air show disaster, a phoenix is rising."

DFO: Hmm. You don't hear much about the role of the Press or the HagaCorp, which "wouldn't back a project that would fail," in this fiasco.

Headlines @ 12:54 p.m.

*Clinton aide took home classified 9-11 papers: FBI investigates Kerry adviser Berger for theft of secret terror documents (WorldNetDaily): Watch this one get swept under the rug with a minimum of inside-page coverage a la Joe Wilson and the Niger uranium whitewash. (The New York Times buried the story on Page 16 today. F'shame.)

*Christian book passes Clinton on yet another list: 'American Prophecies' knocks 'My Life,' hits No. 1 at Barnes & Noble (WorldNetDaily): Apparently, prophetical razzmattazz about the nation's future trumps Slick Willie's revisionist past at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

*Edwards 'rarely present': Demo has worst attendance record on judiciary panel (Deseret News): Fourth most liberal U.S. senator. A trial lawyer. And the biggest no-show on the judiciary panel. Yeah, he balances the Demo ticket.

*Some in GOP say Bush too liberal: Conservatives complain about lack of pro-life speakers at convention (London Telegraph): Still the lesser of two evils by a long shot.

*Poll: Protestant majority in U.S. eroding: Dropped from 63 percent to 52 percent in a decade (AP): There goes the neighborhood.

Best of the Northwest (7/20/04)

Twenty-seven years ago, when my wife and I moved from California's San Joaquin Valley to Kalispell, Mont., I laughed when the natives talked about going to the mountains when the temperatures approached 90. I thought they were wimps. Now, my tongue hangs out when the temperature passes 80. I can't remember when I became a wimp. But one of these years I need to install an air conditioner in the house. Until then, here's your roundup:

1. Milt Priggee begins our Best of the Northwest roundup today with a little reminder from Smokey the Bear here.

2. Washington's Miss America wannabe can kick your Miss America wannabe's butt with one hand tied behind her back. Don't believe me? Check out this S-R piece about Miss Washington Allison Porter and put your dukes up here.

3. Idaho junior Mike Anderson understands why the Vandals were picked to finish at the bottom in their last year in the Sun Belt League -- what with three bad seasons in a row, a loss of a lot of seniors and a new coaching staff. But he told The Idaho Statesman that the Vandals will surprise people here.

4. Fran Mainella, the National Park Service chief, sez there's political support for one of the largest projects in NPS history -- rebuilding Going-to-the-Sun Highway in Glacier National Park. The Missoulian tells you about it here.

5. Bretina, a World Cup champion dressage horse from Hailey, Idaho, is the subject of a CBS documentary that's going to air Saturday and Sunday, titled "Bretina: From Idaho to Athens." The Idaho Mountain Express tells you all about it here.

6. Extra! Extra! Editor Frum Helen Back has published the latest edition of the Hauser Times here.

7. First Lady Laura Bush and four childhood friends have kept such a low profile during their visit to Glacier Park that park worker bees don't even know they're around here.

8. A WSU lab was prepared to test 100 mad-cow samples per day but has received only 288 so far as the programs continues to lag here.

*Tami Silicio, the woman who got fired for snapping the infamous photos of U.S. coffins being secured in a plane's cargo bay in Kuwait, now is resigned to waiting on tables for a living here.

*DH Edgar Martinez has finally reached the end of the road, sez Les Carpenter of the Seattle Times here.

*For those who've ever confronted a rattlesnake, sans cage, columnist G. George Ostrom of the Hungry Horse News in Columbia Falls, Mont., reminisces about the scary varmints here.

*That bipartisan Internet jab at Dubya/Flipflop that I blogged yesterday has created such a sensation that it was featured in a Seattle Times story here.

Tuesday Quick Fix Six (7/20/04)

Last night, I glued my third college sticker to my work car as a reminder of why I still drive an '86 Tercel, which I bought from Parker Toyota 15 years ago. Two kids + two private schools + one salary = a prehistoric car. Yet, I wouldn't trade those three stickers -- Linfield College and University of Colorado for Junior and now University of Portland for Sis -- for your Hummer. Watching those kids grow and prosper as people is worth all the trivial garbage I've forfeited. In this life, people -- not things -- are all that matter. Your fixes:

1. For your Political 'Toon Fix today, you can find Chuck Asay taking aim at the Lib Lefties who said Dubya lied about So-Damn Insane's ties to Africa here, and Paul Nowak doodling about Whoopi's Slimfast pink slip here.

2. On This Day in History in 1944, an assassination attempt against Adolf Hitler failed, and some good guys got strung up as a result. For your My Way Fix, you can find the rest of This Day in History here, This Day in Music here, and Today's Birthdays here.

2. For your Top of the News Fix, No Holds Barred offers: Islamic thugs release Filipino hostage here, Clinton adviser probed for removing 9/11 documents here, Armstrong gets yellow jersey here, Chinese commies arrest 100 Christian pastors here, and Conservative blacks want ap-hollow-gy from Condi-dissing cartoonist Rall here.

4. The American Conservative Union has issued its annual list of the "Best & Brightest" in Congress for senators and representatives who hold the line on spending, and (drum roll, puh-LEEZ) three of the four members of the Idaho delegation are on it -- all but Butch Otter. Here's your Anti-Tax Fix.

5. Not too long ago, increasingly senile commentator Andy Rooney opined that American soldiers in Iraq were more "victims" than "heroes" in a condescending "did you ever notice" segment for "60 Minutes." Now, those soldiers are responding. Here's your Reality Check Fix.

6. For your Opinion Fix, No Holds Barred has: Alan Simpson (9th Circuit Court nominee from Idaho), Jerry Falwell (marriage debate far from over), Dennis Prager (apostate Presbyterians), Star Parker (hip-hop depravity), and Jack Kelly (lying Joseph Wilson).

*Pro-life Demos, which isn't an oxymoron to the party's superminority, plans to rally for life at the Democratic convention here.

*Irwin Stelzer of The Weekly Standard sez Greenspan got it right with the last small interest rate hike here.

*Allyson Felix, the world's fastest teen-ager, is running for God's glory here.

*Writing for Christianity Today, Collin Hansen sez people need to "get real" about Dan Brown's bogus "The Da Vinci Code" here.

Running Late

It's Tuesday, and that means I'm an hour behind, as usual. Look for your morning fixes about 10:15. Sorry for the weekly inconvenience -- DFO


Blogs written by Iraqis trying to digest war, rumor and the so-called insurgency rapidly are becoming my favorites sources for news when I'm trying to figure out what's happening on the ground in Iraq. I don't trust the mainstream media to deliver war or winning-the-peace news. I don't think my profession has gotten a war right from Vietnam onward. The media, and good old Uncle Walter, for example, transformed the Tet offensive from a tremendous military victory into a defeat in the minds of the American public. And we've been suffering the media's distortions ever since. But back to my main point. If you want to go into a mind of an Iraqi, try "Iraq the Model" on this Web site here. That site links to others throughout the Arab world, including Mahmood, who opines on So-Damn Insane's pending trial here, a new guy named Big Pharoah from Egypt, who just began blogging and has a funny cartoon as his second item here.

Jonathan's East Coast Report

* First came Whoopi Goldberg (whom I don't think is funny). Then Linda Ronstadt (many of whose records I like). While I'm as big a First-Amendment guy as anybody, I don't quite buy the McCarthyite talk that some use these days. On the other hand,

I got a big kick out of hearing Bugs Bunny sing "Viva Las Vegas" in the recent "Looney Tunes" movie. As you probably know by now, I'm really a big kid when it comes to much of the music, movies and other pop culture I deign to let into my abode, and some of that involves a bad weakness for vintage cartoons and screwball comedy. That's why I loved a recent letter in the Seattle Times: "Since I don't like either Dubya or Kerry, and I can't throw it away on a third party, I'd rather write in either Bugs Bunny or Daffy Duck in November to show how ridiculous the whole political mess is these days." Not a bad idea, and here's one vote for Daffy because, more than most of us humans, he isn't afraid to tell us how he feels -- and, as in that old Timex ad from our youth, he always takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'. Know what Daffy would say to those of us with Moore's Disease (thank you, Hugh Hewitt)? "You're dethpicable!" My sentiments exactly. Until tomorrow...

Jonathan Cohen
Brookline, MA


*I think you should post Jesse Tinsley's picture of you firing Rocky Watson's Tommy Gun. I'd like to see at what (or at whom) you were shooting. If it happened 12 or 13 years ago, the odds are good that you were defending yourself against an all-out attack from Coeur d'Alene City Hall -- John Austin

DFO: As always, I was fighting the evil hordes of Hagadonia.

*So is it true, the pen is mightier than the sword, er Tommy Gun? -- The Edge

DFO: Let's put it this way, the pen is mightier, as long as you're not engaged in a duel, or within shooting range.

*Charlie Powell, PRster for the WSU vet school, sends along a link in which animal liberation nuts talk, with a shrug, about the inevitable day when someone will get seriously hurt or killed because of their activity (check third graf) here.

DFO: Animal Libbers bring to mind the Weathermen whackos of the '60s and '70s who set off bombs and then hid until they were all but forgotten. In a time of war, their actions shouldn't be tolerated. They are domestic terrorists.

*On his Web site, Big John Rook applauds Clear Channel's decision to cut the radio commercial marathon here.

DFO: First, Clear Channel sent potty mouth Howard Stern to the showers and now it's tackling the endless commercials on some stations. Hip, hip, hooray.

*Don Morgan sends along a link that talks about the overwhelming bias against Dubya and desperation in the broadcast media here.

DFO: And, to think, there are actually people who believe the mainstream media are conservative.

Peanut Gallery (Paul Karr)

re: Sheriff Rocky's machine gun

I just saw Rocky Watson being interviewed on Q-6's, "Six Questions" segment of the news. I was wondering if you could ask Rocky the question that Dan Kleckner forgot to ask: "When did it become legal for a person, even if he is a sheriff, to privately own (and shoot) a fully functional machine gun?" I was under the impression that has been illegal since at least the 1950's.

Paul Karr

DFO: I'm completely compromised on this issue because I've fired Rocky's Tommy Gun. In fact, photog Jesse Tinsley snapped a shot of me doing so, with Rocky standing just behind me. I have the picture in my office. Musta been 12 or 13 years ago. Dang! I looked young and muscular.

Time for A Laugh

Big John Rook forwards a spoof of Woody Guthrie's "This Land" that'll bring a smile to your face here. (It may take awhile to load, but it's worth the wait.)

Google Me Headelines @ 12:45

*Schwarzenegger Calls Budget Opponents 'Girlie Men' (NYTimes): Dem lawmakers are so angry that The Governator referred to them as "girlie men" that they're threatening to hit him with their purses next time they see him.

*Last of Philippine troops leave Iraq in bid to safe hostage's life (Channel NewsAsia): Speaking of girlie men ...

*Sharon Not Welcome In France Until He Explains Appeal To Jews: Elysee (Turkish Press.com): And more girlie men ...

*NASCAR's Earnhardt Discharged from Calif. Hospital (Reuters): Trying to fill the big shoes Daddy left behind is going to get Junior killed.

*Linda Ronstadt canned by Aladdin Hotel after on-stage anti-Bush, anti-Vegas tirade (Drudge Report): Like Barbra Streisand, Linda Ronstadt has a 10-cent political brain to go with a multimillion-dollar voice.

Peanut Gallery (The Edge)

I noticed that Big D was quoted in the Review on Sunday about the brain-dead Aryans and their lame parade. But for some reason, the Press didn’t even acknowledge that it took place.

Was it really necessary to have nearly 150 cops for less than 40 marchers and a handful of protesters? It seems like a major overkill to shutdown downtown for
six hours to prepare for a battle that was never going to happen, especially when human rights groups urged people to stay away from the parade. I wonder if the cops received overtime pay for working on a Saturday?

Local TV stations seemed disappointed there wasn’t a fuss. KXLY 4, carefully edited its footage not to show the scope of the event and the lack of protesters.

The Edge

DFO: Duane Hagadone's decision -- and, indeed, it was his -- not to cover the Aryan Nations parade is another reason why the Coeur d'Alene Press can't be taken seriously as a news organ. The Press has been obsessing over the financial losses of that silly Hayden air show, yet it can't bother to cover a neo-Nazi parade, which has national social significance, a block away from its front door. For posterity, Brand X should have published a photo or short story inside to say the event happened. Years from now, a researcher will look in vain for the news the Press missed. F'shame.

Best of the Northwest (7/19/04)

At Saturday Market in downtown Portland, I was walking by a young couple reading a poster when I heard the funky chick say: "I hate that man." Which drew my attention to the poster. Sure enough, they were looking at a post full of Dubya's misquotes. Not that patrician J. Flipflop Kerry ever said anything incorrectly (that you could understand). Later, on touristy 23rd Street, my wife and I were accosted by a wild-eyed young femme lib who pushed a petition in our face and asked: "Do you want to help get Bush out of the White House." My wife, like several other couples behind us, surprised her by saying: "No, we like Bush." Or, "We're going to vote for Bush." Portland was fun. But it was nice to get back to Flyover Country last night.

1. Eric Devericks of the Times doodles about the GOP veep "search" and David Horsey of the P-I looks at summer fashion faux pas here and here.

2. It's Monday, and that means Huckleberries -- the column not the state of Idaho's official fruit. My roundup today began with a look at the heroism of a Marine who saved his buddies in Korea 54 years ago -- at the age of 14! Click here.

3. Der Nitwits marched down Sherman Avenue while I was out of town Saturday. I would have loved to have seen the latest freak show, starring Richard Butler, the Old Crock himself, who wanted to send the message that the Aryan Nations isn't dead in Idaho. Wonder where his 39 other buddies who marched with him were from. You can find colleague Bill Morlin's report of the event here. And you can find the Missoulian's report on the racist gathering over the weekend near St. Regis, Mont., here.

4. Former Idaho Gov. Robert E. Smylie, who was credited with bringing Idaho government into the modern age, died in Boy-C Saturday here, and columnist Dan Popkey of The Idaho Statesman opines on what Smylie meant to the state here.

5. Buddhists are building a shrine to their faith in a hay field in the hills north of Arlee, south of Flathead Lake, here.

6. Everyone's hush-hush on plans by First Lady Laura Bush to hike in Glacier National Park this weekend here.

7. Boy-C went gaga over actor Matt Damon, who was in town Saturday to preview his latest film, "The Bourne Supremacy," here.

8. At a San Francisco industry trade show this month, Boss Hogg Steve Appleton of Micron Technology showed films of plane crashes and joked about his crash earlier this summer. But the unexpected death of a CEO is no laughing matter. Click here.

*U.S. Rep. Jennifer Dunn, R-Wash., sez women, especially, share in Iraq's new-found freedom here.

*Steve Kelly of the Times sez man mountain Bucky Jacobsen is already a hit in Seattle here.

*The Missoulian opines on allegations that Montana Congressman Denny Rehberg got rip-roaring drunk during an official visit to the Republic of Kazakhstan, fell off a horse and mocked the traditional costumes worn by his hosts here.

*Joel Connelly of the P-I sez Teresa Heinz-Kerry speaks softly but her words pack and punch here.

Monday Quick Fix 6 (7/19/04)

We checked out the new digs for daughter Amy Dearest for the next four years -- the University of Portland in northwest Portland. Very nice. Almost bought her Catholicism for Dummies, so she'd be ready for the private school experience. But I figure she'll pick it up fast enough. Besides, I probably can fill her in on a lot of Catholic stuff because I grew up Catholic under the old Latin system. Great cultural experience. We'll have an empty nest when she flies in six weeks. So I'll probably be a basket case for a few weeks afterward. But we'll make it through together:

1. For our Political 'Toon Fix, we have to turn to Daryl Cagle & Co. for their take on Martha Stewart's prison sentence here, and Chuck Asay's views of the cowardly Filipinos here.

2. On This Day in Music, 1954 Elvis Presley's first single, "That's All Right Mama," was released by Sun Records. On the rest is history. For your My Way Fix, you can find the rest of This Day in Music here, This Day in History here, and Today's Birthdays here.

3. For your Top of the News Fix, No Holds Barred has: England targetting Evangelicals with hate crime push here, Schwarzenegger calls Dems "girlie men" here, Feds recommend drivers not use cell phones here, Clueless Kofi Annan turns blind eye to Sudan atrocities here, and CSI actors fired for raise demands here.

4. They may look good on screen, but Planet Hollyweird hunks like Will Smith and Denzel Washington are nothing but chunks, according to the federales' body mass index standard. And where does that leave you and me? Gulp. Here's your Fat When You Thought You Were Fit Fix.

5. Apparently, you can write, say or film anything about the president of the United States, including fantasize about killing him, if his middle initial begins with Dubya, but you're muzzled if you dare say anything negative about homosexuality. Ask a Wisconsin pastor. Here's your First Amendment -- Not Fix.

6. For your Opinion Fix, No Holds Barred offers: William Safire (Sixteen truthful words), Ralph Peters (African success story), Bill O'Reilly (Eh, tu, Canada), Condoleezza Rice (U.S., world safer), and Joan Swirsky (coming attack on America).

*Australian blogger Arthur Cherenkoff continues to provide good news from Iraq here.

*Garry Kasparov, the world's top-ranked chess player, looks at the arrest of Bobby Fischer in Japan here.

*While Kofi Annan fiddles, Southern Baptists are reaching out to the suffering and dying in Sudan here.

*Dave Kopel of Rocky Mountain News wonders why the media won't tell the rest of the Joe Wilson lie/spy story here.


Editorials for this weekend are done. Monday's Huckleberries are done, including a pretty good Huckleberry about that Miss Hot Rod Run contest at Post Falls last weekend. I'm bloggin' late tonight because I'm taking tomorrow off to tend to personal business. Gonna miss you guys. But I'm gonna enjoy a three-day breather, too. Catch you back here Monday morning.

Peanut Gallery (The Edge)

I learned in church that marriage is the union of man, woman and God. I am not sure we need a constitutional amendment to clarify this point.

I don’t have a major problem with civil unions for those who don’t believe in God, or want to have an alternative, albeit destructive lifestyle. I am not their judge. But to quote a fine movie “Vanilla Sky” “What is the answer to 99 out of a 100 questions? Money” Gays and lesbians would love to have tax breaks, health benefits and other perks of marriage, including children.

The argument that sanctity of marriage will be shaken is not very strong considering more than 50 percent of marriages fail. To me this is the real problem with our society.

The Edge

DFO: Very well put. I can accept civil unions. But not gay marriage. Except in rare cases, it's a contradiction in terms, if you view marriage as a protected haven for producing and nurturing children. As far as that 50 percent figure goes. I heard somewhere that the number is now down to 43 percent. Mebbe there's still hope for us traditionalists.

Peanut Gallery (Steve Badraun)

Perhaps this marriage argument could change with a few changes in the definitions ... "marriage" is a spiritual bond "union" is a civil bond ... Assign all the civil rights and privileges that existed under the word marriage to "union" Assign all the spiritual rights to the word "marriage" ... That only leaves out what to do with raising children that could be given to both. Would that make everybody happy?

Steve Badraun

DFO: It'd make me happier.

Peanut Gallery (The Edge)

It does take a village. According to the Drudge Report -- Hillary has been asked to speak, albeit briefly at the Democrudlican convention to introduce Bubba. I can't wait for the summer of dysfunctional love to begin. We need Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones, and Ken Starr to complete the circle.

The Edge

DFO: Monica's too old for Slick Willie now.

Peanut Gallery (Hank Johnston)

I gotta disagree with you on the gay marriage amendment. While I believe that marriage should be reserved for only one man and one woman, amending the constutition is not the way to do it. The amendment would have strongly limited states rights and we shouldn't amend the constutition for every little social problem that comes up. Remember prohibition? That didn't work out very well... This problem needs to be settled in the courts and I think we can wait until after the election so President Bush can appoint some conservative justices to fix this problem. So go easy on ole George (Nethercutt), he is going to have a hard enough time winning without negative press...Other than that, the blog looks great!


DFO: Gay marriage ... a "little social problem"? Traditional marriage and families are cornerstones of a free society. They represent the smallest unit of government. Screw around with the foundation and everything flies apart. As far as the courts go ... you can't be serious. Dubya struggles mightily to get his conservative judge nominees through the Senate screening process. And, even if he could, our epidemic of Lib-Left judges will create plenty of social mischief in the decades ahead before they retire. The courts are to blame for much of the social mess we're in now. ... And Nethercutt? The guy's too much of an opportunistic chameleon for me to care if he beats Osama Mama or not.

Google Me Headlines @ 2:37 p.m.

*Clear Channel Drops the Bomb on Anti-War Billboard (Elites TV): Freedom of the media is owning the media.

*Kerry Appeals for African-American votes (Voice of America): Let me guess, did he call himself the second black president?

*Filipino Hostage Tells Family Not to Worry (CBS5.com): Wonder if he's seen those reports that say Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi is trying to talk Manila into changing its mind about leaving?

*Bryant stays with Lakers: The LA Lakers have received a huge boost with the news that Kobe Bryant has decided to stay (BBC Sport): Laker fans shouldn't get too excited. Kobe could be wearing prison stripes next year.

*Reports: Troops Massing in Ossetia (The Moscow Times): Izzat somewhere near Moscow, Idaho? Orofino? Or somewhere down in Owyhee country?


*Thanks for mentioning me and my art. It's a ministry that I believe is doing good things thru the grace of God, and I'm proud to serve. God bless you, and God bless America -- Guy Gilchrist

DFO: Guy has a superb cartoon Web site with all kinds of features, poetry and inspirational stuff that's good for the whole family, particularly your children. Check it out here.

*Hey there, I just wanted to say thanks for your daily link to who was born on this day, this day in history, etc. I found out earlier this week that I share a birthday with a couple of my own mentors and heroes--Hans Solo (Harrison Ford) of STAR WARS and the great Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart) of STAR TREK. You just can't hope for better birthday mates than that! -- Dan English

DFO: NHB aims to please. Sometimes.

*Some great historical quotes regarding political parties. A number express my
feelings very well here -- Tom Taggart.

DFO: Thanks, I appreciate all the eyes and ears out there that provide bloggable items.

*Whoopie and the SlimFast....what comes around.....goes around -- Cis the Retired

DFO: Mebbe Whoopi Cushion will start thinking with her head rather than her nether regions.

*I read the whole article by "Big John Rook". I kept expecting him to mention something about MUSIC!!!!!!!! -- Vern (supern1987@aol.com).

DFO: Actually, Big John just passed along the article.

Best of the Northwest

We might not have baseball at North Idaho College any more, thanks to a budget crunch and shortsightedness on behalf of the college's board of trustees. But we have former NIC baseballers who are making their way in the world, like Jason Bay of the Pittsburgh Pirates, a rookie-of-the-year candidate. And here's another one: Pat Bailey of the George Fox University Bruins has been named NCAA Division III West Region Coach of the Year and NCAA Division III National Coach of the Year by the American Baseball Coaches Association. Pat played two years here and two at UI before going into coaching. You can read all about it here.

1. Cartoonist Milt Priggee doesn't think Iraqi sovereignty is going to go that smoothly here.

2. Before she died from burns, Antigone "Mona" Allen told the horrific story about how her controlling boyfriend snorted cocaine, doused the car with gas and then set it on fire in his successful bid to kill both of them and their three kids here.

3. Premera Blue Cross has been denied permission to convert to a for-profit status here.

4. Patty "Osama Mama" Murray blew off the thousands of e-mails, phone calls, petitions and letters she received supporting the Defense of Marriage Amendment as she and Maria Can't-Well voted to block it yesterday in the U.S. Senate. So much for representative government. But you can't turn to old George Nethercutt for solace. He went soft-headed on the matter, too, issuing a statement that he opposed the amendment. Click here.

5. Olerud out, Bucky Jacobsen in? The Mariners overhaul continues warp speed as Seattle celebrates its fifth anniversary at Safeco Field here. Meanwhile, the SoDo Mojo magic that was suppose to affect the area around Safeco hasn't happened here.

6. At 71 years, 7 months, Mario Locatelli of Hamilton, Mont., the "Old Goat" of the Bitterroots, became the oldest man to climb Alaska's Mount McKinley. When he reached the peak of the 20,320-foot summit July 5, he achieved a lifelong goal of climbing the highest peak in all 50 states. Click here.

7. The Boise Forest is cracking down on off-roaders, too, here.

8. Ebbie Kunesh is one of the new riders on the range, protecting cows from predatory wolves. But ranchers are skeptical that the riders can protect their herds by baby-sitting them. It's a lonely job. But someone has to do it here.

*The Daily Evergreen wonders if there's time the First Amendment should't apply here.

*Columnist Tim Woodward found out a little more about himself when the Boise Dead Relative Collectors came calling here.

*Anyone who's ever lived in Northwest Montana knows who G. George Ostrom is. I almost bought his Kalispell Weekly News from him once before he sold it out from under me. The old publisher now writes a weekly column for the Hungry Horse News, started by Pulitzer Prize winner Mel Ruder, whom I also knew back when. George rambles a bit. But he's fun to read here.

*Collin Levey of the Seattle Times claims it takes a tree-hugger to raze a forest here.

Thursday Quick Fix Six (7/15/04)

Woke up this morning to a swell story by colleague Alison Boggs about the facelift of the venerable Patsy Clark mansion in Spokane. By the time I got to know it, Patsy Clark's was one of the classiest places in the Inland Northwest to go for a Sunday brunch. Many fun family memories come from there. Well, a lawyers' group bought the mansion after it shut as an eatery and poured $1 million into its upgrade here. Eymann, Allison, Fennessy, Hunter and Jones, P.S. deserve this for their reverence for architectural beauty and Inland Northwest history: Saaalute.

1. For your Political 'Toon Fix, how about a little inspiration from Guy Gilchrist here, and a roundup of the latest from Daryl Cagle & Co. here.

2. Linda Ronstadt turns 58 today! Goodness, how time flies. I remember when she was warbling with the Stone Ponies back in the early '70s. Or was that Janis Joplin? (Editor's Note: You dope. Janis was with Big Brother and the Holding Company.) For your My Way Fix, you can find aging Linda and Today's Birthdays here, This Day in History here, and This Day in Music here.

3. For your Top of the News Fix, No Holds Barred offers: Slim-Fast Cans Whoopi for Foul-Mouth Bush Bash here, Film Violence, Sex, Profanity Up here, No Child Left Behind Makes Progress here, Thanks to Abortion China's Running Out of Women here, and Gitmo Intel Derails Olympics Attack here.

4. Christian apologist Chuck Colson sez he's not discouraged by the 48-50 vote yesterday that barred the Defense of Marriage Amendment from making it to the U.S. Senate floor here. Meanwhile, you can send your senator a "thank you" (Craig & Crapo) or a "shame on you" (Murray & Cantwell) for the way they voted here. To see how all the senators voted, here's your Actual Vote Fix.

5. Apparently, the mainstream media is fascinated when Repub veep Dick Cheney drops an F-bomb, but they have studiously avoided that vulgar celeb Bush bash and the racial epithets hurled by a black rep at Ralph Nader for not dropping out of the prez election. Here's your Sauce for the Gander Fix.

6. For your Opinion Fix, No Holds Barred has: Ann Coulter (nut case Joseph C. Wilson IV), George Will (The Governator), Mark W. Davis (lethal Bush bashing), John Leo (blogging the media), and Peter Brooks (Philippines say yes to terror).


Time to clean out the Cyber file, starting with an e-mail from NIC's Kent Propst, who responds to that "Headlines" crack about Chirac's backbone:

*I saw your comments about the French President perhaps needing a dose of calcium in his spinal column. You might get a chuckle out of an Independence Day story spotted in an entertainment mag in Bozeman MT. recently. The writer recalled his upbringing in a fireworks-prohibited state back east, and expressed awe at the firepower he found in a Montana fireworks stand. He said "If you hauled that fireworks stand into downtown Paris, the French would surrender in minutes" -- Kent

*Cis The Retired sends along a link that contains impressive pictures about the flight of Space Ship One here.

*If you're a regular blogger, like me, you can read a good piece on why bloggers burn out here.

*Cousin Milt Priggee sends along kudos for the solid traffic attracted by this fledgling blog site: "CONGRATS! YEAh, the rest of the print world is finally becoming digitalized..... started with the newsroom almost 30 years ago now. (No more clackilty clack clacking of typewriters or copy boys) Keep Blogging. My hit record for a day is 2.2 million (yep, almost crashed my host's server) I am honored being a part of yer NW Roundup."

*Big John Rook passes along an interesting story that shows how pop music about the war has changed to correspond to the country's changing mood here.


Iraqi Bloggers Score Again

Terrific insight as to what's happening on the ground from the perspective of Iraqi bloggers here. Be sure to check out the Iraq The Model link on my blogroll to the right.

Peanut Gallery (Tom Taggart)

I certainly understand the thought that I would have a more negative opinion of the commissioners that threw me out. (Although since everything resulting from my departure has been positive for me, maybe I should be thanking them.)

Having spent ten years in the courthouse I tend to focus more on internal effectivness, rather than specific political agendas. Areas such as managerial skills, leadership, effect on staff morale, etc. are huge when heading a 600+ employee, $50 mil organization. I could offer specific reasons for my opinion on each person, but didn't think you would want to blog all of that. (DFO: Hmm. Mebbe bit by bit?)

At the time I left the County I would have ranked Gus higher, but his on the job performance since then dropped him to the bottom. The only place I might conceed my personal feelings could've effected the list would be Rankin. In retrospect I might move him above Mike Anderson.

I'm not sure what my private sector experiences have to do with this issue, but if it makes "Share the Truth" feel better, so be it.

Tom Taggart

PS Steve Judy HAS to be at the bottom of the mayor list.

DFO: Tom's Top 10: 1. Dick Compton, 2. Bob Haakenson, 3. Dick Panabaker (First 2 years), 4. Kent Helmer, 5. Bob MacDonald, 6. Rick Currie, 7. Dick Panabaker (Last 8 years), 8. Mike Anderson, 9. Ron Rankin and 10. Gus Johnson. Did Gus lose points for wearing shorts to the office?

Peanut Gallery (The Edge)

Here's a zinger I came across while reading a column written by Foxnews spinmaster Bill O'Reilly about saying bad things about people in power: "If you're going to invite Jesus on the campaign bus and ask him to stump for you, you'd better listen carefully to what he has to say first. He did not say 'blessed is the preemptive strike.'" Who said it? Actress Meryl Streep. Ouch.

The Edge

DFO: For they shall inherit the White House?

Google Me Headlines @ 12:29 p.m.

*Gay Marriage Amendment Defeated in US Senate (Voice of America): We've almost reached the bottom of the slippery slope.

* Chirac Looks to Reinvigorate Presidency (Guardian Unlimited): He can start by getting a backbone transplant.

*"Jeopardy!" Mints a Millionaire (E! On Line News): Who is Ken Jennings?

*Marine Hassoun Set to Return to U.S. from Germany (Reuters): Anyone know whose side he's on?

*Shaq has officially been traded to the Heat (ESPN): Dunno what interests me less: NBA basketball or NASCAR racing.

'Aryan Parade'

To be a Nazi must be boring
with no Hitler and no Goering,
so lacking any Fuhrer German
the Master Race just wanders Sherman.

The Bard of Sherman Avenue

Peanut Gallery (Big John)

...responding to The Edge's comment from yesterday that politicians who invoke Jesus, like Dubya, fall far short.

Jesus also said the days we are currently experiencing would be coming before his return. Even tho we who call North Idaho home are shielded from most of the worlds misery, the daily TV news brings it into our view. Even so, most will go about their daily lives here not wanting to be reminded of Jesus or his words. AND, didn't he say that would be the case, too?

John Rook

Peanut Gallery (John Austin)

re. NHB mayor rankings over last 20 years: 1. Jim Fromm, 2. Al Hassell, 3. Sandi Bloem, 4. Ray Stone I, 5. Steve Judy and 6. Stone II.

As Finance Director to three Coeur d'Alene mayors (and the hopeless Chemistry student of a fourth, Jim Fromm), I have enjoyed your discussion of their rankings.

From my view, I believe Al Hassell deserves at least a share of the top spot. As you mentioned, Mayor Fromm's first 100 days were remarkable during a time when his Gang of Four changed for the better the landscape of Coeur d'Alene's lakefront. Mayor Hassell's first 100 days were equally notable, in that Al was a virtual Gang of One in his efforts to pass the $9 million bond issue that 83% of voters agreed should rebuild Ramsey Road, Government Way and East Sherman Avenue. By the end of Al's term, those road projects had come in under budget by $1.5 million, savings which allowed his successor to rebuild Northwest Boulevard. In addition, Al made sure Ramsey Road was completed in only eight months, just in time for the opening of Lake City High School (can anyone imagine the spectacle of 2,000 students and staff using the OLD Ramsey Road?).

It was also under Mayor Hassell's watch that Coeur d'Alene's first Urban Renewal District was formed, which John Stone told me was his inspiration to acquire the land for his development of Riverstone.

Finally, Al did all of this WITHOUT raising property taxes. I think that is quite an achievement in its own right.

John Austin

DFO: And the voters heeded the siren call of downtown interests and bounced both Fromm and Hassell after one term. F'shame.

Best of the Northwest (7/14/04)

Sez my daughter: "You used a dirty word in your Huckleberries column. You should have said, dang." Amy Dearest was talking about my use of "damn" in describing a homeowner's disgust with the local paparazzi. AD's criticism brought tears to my eyes. After 18 years ... and only weeks away from going off to college ... she finally acknowledged that she read one column of mine. I play to a tough audience at home.

1. Cartoonist Milt Priggee seems to believe Uncle Sam is doing a good job dodging domestic issues here.

2. Extra! Extra! In a shocking crime near Tacoma, the AP reports, that a nut-case boyfriend doused his on-and-off significant other and three small children with gas in a car and then crashed, killing everyone but the mother, who isn't expected to make it. Click here.

3. Human rights activists, including my old buddy Tony Stewart, plan to ignore that Aryan Nations parade planned for downtown Coeur d'Alene Saturday. We think this is a non-event this time," said Stewart, a leader of the Kootenai County Task Force on Human Relations, to the AP. "This is kind of like the dying swan in a sense." Click here.

4. Flying 88 miles doesn't seem much in the 21st century age of jet travel, but it is when you're doing it in a hangglider. In fact, paraglider Honza Rejmanek broke his own record when he launched from Bald Mountain and landed near Idaho Falls. The Idaho Mountain Express tells ya all about it here.

5. The Montana Transportation Department has come up with a terrific idea for families grieving for the loss of a loved one on Treasure State highways -- a Web site that allows families to write testimonials and establish memorials for the accident victims. Idaho should do likewise, particularly on Highway 95. Click here.

6. Before the marriage amendment went down in flames in the U.S. Senate this morning, U.S. Rep. George Nethercutt of Spokane sidestepped controversy on the West Side by saying he opposed the amendment. So much for leadership. Seems old George will do anything for a vote now that he's running against Patti Murray, including adopting her liberal stands. F'shame. Click here.

7. "A new report says Washington state is a hotbed for what many say is a modern form of slavery: human trafficking, the recruitment, transportation and sale of people for labor," writes Times reporter Florangela Davila here.

8. Spokane Valley has had it up to here with panhandlers and is now looking into a way to curb the free-loaders here.

*Dan Popkey of The Idaho Statesman sez Idaho authorities acted properly by not alarming Boiseans when they quietly investigated a possible terrorist attack at the Boise Towne Square Mall here.

*P-I columnist Robert L. Jamieson questions the arrest of photog student Ian Spiers in the name of homeland security here.

*P-I columnist Joel Connelly believes Dubya's playing to the choir with his push for a constitutional marriage amendment (and he's probably right) here.

Hump Day Quick Fix 6 (7/14/04)

Social conservatives flock to the Republican Party as a place of political refuge. Yet, when it comes to delivering on a social issue, like a common-sense definition of marriage, liberal Republicans can be counted on to muddy the water. Today, the liberal R's -- who like to call themselves moderates -- will join Democrats in scuttling a constitutional amendment protecting traditional marriage here. Which should lead you to wonder what's the difference between the two parties. The D's are leading us over a cliff to moral chaos at 75 mph; the R's are going over the cliff at 45 mph. Either way, we're gonna crash. A pox on both houses. Here's your fixes:

1. Cartoonists Paul Nowak and Jim Huber portrays my favorite fat homely Lib pincushion and the youthful John Edwards here and here.

2. On This Day in History, in 1881, Sheriff Pat Garrett gunned down William H. Bonney Jr., aka Billy the Kid, who was actually Billy the Young Adult at the time because he was 21 here. For the rest of your My Way Fixes, you can find This Day in Music here and Today's Birthdays here.

3. For your Top of the News Fixes, No Holds Barred offers: James Dobson sez senators cowed by gay lobbyists here, Suicide attack today kills 11 here, Dubya rips Whoopi Cushion Lib Bash, Kerry here, Iraqi statue memorializes fallen Americans here, and Bulgaria wobbly after hostage beheaded (or was he?) here.

4. For those who need a reality check, No Holds Barred offers a number of views re: traditional marriage, compliments of the Townhall.com site: Edwin Meese III defends the marriage amendment here, Alan Sears argues the will of the people should be heard here and the Wall Street Journal sez just about everyone is skirting a genuine debate over same-sez marriage here.

5. Don't look now, but the hay day of trial lawyer excesses may be drawing to a close, according to the Claremont Institute. In the last 12 months, more than half the states have passed tort reform measures. Here's your Day of Reckoning Fix.

6. For you Opinion Fix, No Holds Barred provides a Ladies Day: Michelle Malkin with guns ablazin' (mollycoddling milksops of Manilla), Myrna Blyth (Marsha Stewart), Kathleen Parker (Sex, lies and yellow cake), Suzanne Fields (pretty boy candidates) and Claudia Rosett (when will the UN come clean?).


No Holds Barred mixed politics and religion today -- a lethal combination in some places. Not here. Most topics are fair game. On the religion end, I should tell you where I'm coming from. I was born, baptized and confirmed Roman Catholic -- and then, as a 16-year-old, gave up going to church for Lent. Seriously. I'd had enough of religion. The next six years were a blur of wine (or stronger stuff), women and, believe it or not, student radicalism. As a 22-year-old reporter in northern California, I had an close encounter with Jesus Christ on a mountain road while covering a bus accident that killed five young Evangelicals. Since then, I've attended a Baptist church or two, but prefer no-frills nondenominational churches with a Calvinistic bent. I don't like ritual. Denominationalism. Or church politics. I'm an elder in a small church (Hayden Bible) of 100-plus souls that eschews all three. I try mightily not to mess up the good thing that we have going.


Peanut Gallery (Share The Truth)

Wasn't Tom Taggart's job as Kootenai County Administrator ended by Commissioners Gus Johnson and Ron Rankin who decided the taxpayer could be better served by elimintating the job? Tom's estimation of Johnson and Rankin as county commissioners isn't without his inability to dismiss the prejudice he may have for their sending him back to the private sector, where his experience prior to becoming a county employee was less than successful.

Share The Truth

DFO: No Holds Barred welcomes a new voice to our on-line discussion.

Peanut Gallery (The Edge)

If Jesus came back tomorrow, I wonder what he would say about the world? I can't imagine he would be too pleased with the wars, greed, hate, or indifference that rages across our borders and the rest of the world. It's amazing how little of his knowledge and wisdom we have applied to our lives since his death. He preached peace, love, grace, and forgiveness. Many Christians talk a good game, including our President, but fall very short of what is expected of us by the Lord. Politicans aren't the answer but Jesus' message is.

The Edge

DFO: Well put.

Google Me Headlines @ 1:45

*Bin Laden Confidant Surrenders, Most Prominent Militant to Turn Himself in Under Saudi Amnesty (AP): Bomp, bomp, bomp ... and another one bites the dust.

*U.S. Criticizes Ally Philippines Over Leaving Iraq (Bloomberg.com): A coward dies a thousand deaths. Ask France, Germany and Spain.

*Mountains ahead! Time for Armstrong, others to shine as Tour gets serious (AP): USA! USA! USA!

*Frenchwoman Says She Lied About Anti-Semitic Attack (New York Times): Oops.

*Democrats' convention lineup emphasizes 'America's values' (USA Today): What? Partial-birth abortion? Gay marriage? Extreme environmentalism? Tax hikes? Universal health care?

Peanut Gallery (Ed Javorka)

re: a follow-up conversation about Christianity with an old friend.

Ed: I am not a Bible expert, and frankly do not read the book much anymore. I have seen and heard so many extreme, terrible views and positions defended on the basis of Scripture that I can't bear the thought that God, or Jesus, or Allah spoke those ideas or precepts to the "ancient ones". I want to believe that God/Jesus is a just and loving God. Much of the Old Testament is filled with death and vengence and just plain nasty doings that I find repugnant coming from a loving God.

DFO: Agreed. Much evil has been done in the name of a religion, including the barbarity of Islamic extremists throughout the world. On the other hand, God is all-just as well as all-loving. His justice demanded that He send His Son as a sub to pay the penalty for our sins. His love compelled Him to do so. This, for a creature that flipped Him off in the garden and has turned his back on Him ever since. God had good cause to destroy all mankind at the flood and start over. Although the world's suffering and wars are blamed on God, the root cause can be found in man's dark heart. In God's love, He's always found a remnant upon which to shed his grace.

Ed: I just do not buy the idea that Christians need the prophecy of the O.T. to identify or define Jesus. He did that himself on a daily basis once he entered his period of ministry, and of course, he referred to the O.T. to help the Jews believe. A literal interpretation of what you espouse would mean that if the O.T. documents had been lost somehow, that Jesus would not have been made man, nor accepted as our Saviour by anyone. That is just too far fetched for me. He sold Himself...did not need the O.T. to define his godliness nor mission.

DFO: The Old Testament was needed to set the stage for a coming Savior. Without it, Christ would have been only a good guy who performed miracles and spoke with authority about spiritual things. There would have been no context for Him. From Genesis 3 onward, the OT speaks of a Messiah who would suffer and die (Isaiah 53), be crucified (Psalm 22), be the embodiment of the Passover lamb (Exodus 12), etc. Christ's life and death are the fulfillment of dozens of OT prophecies. Christianity is not a faith based on a leap in the dark. But one based on facts and proof text.

BTW, I'm not a Bible expert either.

Peanut Gallery (Steve Badraun)

I see a bit differently, Dave (re: best/worst CDA mayors, third item).

My choice is Al Hassell for the top spot. No question about it from my experience. Despite the fact that he has the charisma and personality of a badly carved wooden Indian, He and Ken Thompson were a dynamic team that got a lot done over a broad spectrum of city services and needs. Jim Fromm is number two for making bold and brave decisions that grew the city and preserved what we wanted in a lifestyle. Sandi Bloem is number three and she could go up or down depending on where she finally decides where her loyalties will be, the people of this city or the Hayden Lake Country Club. Ray Stone is number four. He loves the city so much and worked tirelessly to give us the best he had. Somewhere after that is Ron Edinger, and Don Johnston. The worst, the most destructive leader of this city probably for all time was Steve Judy. He represented all that is bad in elected leadership. A great many good people who served our city well fell under the axe of this person. The bodies are everywhere.


DFO: Good analysis. I gave Fromm the edge over Al because he and the Gang of Four did so much during their first 100 days in office, and he withstood powerful pressure from Hagadonia to bring the hydroplane races back to Lake Coeur d'Alene. A good case could be made for Al, too. I arrived in 1984, after Edinger and Johnston had served out there terms. So, I didn't include them in my rankings.

Peanut Gallery (Howard Martinson)

A couple of quick thoughts late on Monday evening: RE: Best/Worst Mayors.....you have Judy ranked higher than Stone II.......you might want to re-think that one. RE: The Commissioners Rankings........if memory serves, I believe Bob Haakenson is / was a Democrat also. Blog on!

Howard Martinson

DFO: Correctomundo re: Haakenson. He was/is a Democrat. One of two in the last 15 years or so. The other was Mike Anderson. ... As far as the rankings go, it wouldn't take much for me to drop The Boy Mayor to last place. However, he did entertain me more than Stone II. In his second term, Uncle Ray was more ornery than witty.

Peanut Gallery (Paul Ferguson)

Good job on the mayor rating (third item), but I disagree on the Stone ll rating. Judy earned the bottom position easily. Over $270 k in severance pay to dismissed department heads and administrators. Huge cost increase for the new Fire Station on 15th Street. (The same expense that Post Falls had for 2 stations.) However, the additional cost for purchasing Cherry Hill was a good move and great asset for CDA. Stone ll ( Mayor for Life) initiated the dollar homeless donation on utility bills. A little rough around the edges , but ok.

Paul Ferguson

DFO: I also gave the Boy Mayor credit for triggering redevelopment of Northwest Boulevard. Stone II didn't do much other than get in trouble for veering around potholes on 15th Street. The Boy Mayor would have been much worse if Al Hassell hadn't left the city in such good shape for him.

Best of the Northwest (7/13/04)

1. Cartoonist Milt Priggee launches our Best of the Northwest roundup with his take on the potty mouths of our fearless leaders here.

2. Don't look now, but white supremacists are flocking to St. Regis, Mont., area for what the Church of New Israel calls "a new beginning" (read: hatefest). Seems these guys can't tell when they're not wanted. Click here.

3. For those keeping score at home, No Holds Barred offers this from RunnersWeb.com: "COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho-Ironman athletes raised more than $480,000 for non-profit groups through the Janus Charity Challenge at the 2004 Ironman USA Coeur d’Alene triathlon" here.

4. 8. After a 55,600-mile tour of 172 ballparks, Jim and Andrea Siscel of Lynnwood, Wash., have something to say about what they think are the worst ones: venerable Fenway Park in Boston and and Wrigley Field in Chicago. Click here.

5. Regional Forester Gail Kimbell told the Missoulian Monday that national forests in Montana and northern Idaho have accomplished 94 percent of their healthy forests projects for fiscal year 2004. And their 75,500-acre target is nearly double that of the previous year. Click here.

6. Washington tribes are cleaning out their piggy banks to fight Tim Eyman's Initiative 892, which would allow non-Indian casinos and threaten a prime source of Indian country revenue here.

7. Agriculture Secretary Ann Venneman visited Boy-C yesterday to unveil Dubya's new roadless forest policy, and Rocky Barker of The Idaho Statesman was on hand to tell ya all about it here. Meanwhile, the Statesman's edit board was skeptical about the proposal here.

8. Wedding bells rang out catastrophe in Washington for a coupla families, including a young bride whose mother died in a trailer fire hours before her wedding here. Also, a honeymooning couple died when their car tumbled over a cliff in Central Washington here.

*You can find the edit I wrote this morning on the battle between off-roaders and nature lovers here.

*Fran Rutter, a former National Park Service employee, tells Idaho Statesman readers she's concerned with the deterioration of our national parks here.

*For Mariners fans, Larry Stone talks with ex-M's Junior, The Big Unit, A-Rod and Carlos Guillen about what's ailing their former club this year here.

*P-I columnist Bill Virgin points out, correctly, that the gambling craze is not a good bet for states here.

Tuesday Quick Fix 6 (7/13/04)

I've been reading so much Emily Dickinson of late that I'm looking at things differently. The sunshine outside my second-floor window on Northwest Boulevard. The stiff breeze blowing through the birch trees covering the giant Paul Bunyan cutout next door. The clouds dotted a pale blue sky. In fact, I found this bit of inspiration from Guy Gilchrist to sum up my thoughts here. I've almost lost that bloggin' feeling. (Earth to DFO -- think about fat Michael Moore, vulgar Whoopi Cushion Goldberg and T. Chappaquiddick Kennedy.) Thanks, I needed that:

1. For your Political 'Toon Fixes, you can find Chuck Asay and the gang from Daryl Cagle's corner doodling about the Portland archdiocese situation and the Olympics here and here.

2. Leno: "Here’s something shocking – according to the latest issue of "Newsweek” magazine, the Bush administration officials are reviewing a proposal that would allow for the postponement of the presidential election in the event of a catastrophe. You know like Kerry winning." And your three My Way Fixes are: This Day in History here, This Day in Music here, and Today's Birthdays here.

3. For your Top of the News Fix, you can find a fan striking Beatles gold here, Bush rebounds on terrorism here, both sides: no to election delay here, Greeks to gas 15,000 dogs prior to Olympics here, and "married" gay couple seeking divorce here.

4. I'm stingy with the links I provide on my blog site. I consider the ones there to be the best for conservative/religion/blog news. You need to check them out, starting with Iraq The Model. The blogger tells of a fascinating debate about the current Iraqi situation between a family member of his father's generation and himself. Here's your Iraqi War Fix.

5. For your Religion Fix, the Christianity Today web site has three dyne-oh!-mite features today: "Where Have All the Single Christian Men Gone?" here, "The New Sexual Temptation" here, and "Why Aren't Christians Dating?" here.

6. For your Opinion Fixes, you can find Pete DuPont (GOP taxmongers), Brendan Miniter (Kerry media cheerleaders), Dick Morris (build the wall), Mary Mitchell (Dubya's NCAAP snub), and David Limbaugh (Lies about lies).

*Writing for FrontPageMag, Barry Rubin provides 12 reasons why we should feel good about the Middle East despite the current mess here.

*In the no-good-deed-goes-unpunished category, James K. Glassman points out that the world's AIDS activists continue to blast America even though we are the leading funder of AIDS research here.

*The vicious attack on a woman and her baby on a French train by thugs who thought they were Jewish underscores a growing problem of anti-Semitism in Vichy France that so-called bastion of civility of and cowardice here.

*Even rock legend Peter Townsend of The Who thinks big, fat, stupid white man Michael Moore is an idiot here.


*Can't believe I've had no response on Tom Taggart's list of best/worst commissioners. Could mean everyone's on vacation, and I'm bloggin' into a black hole. Or everyone's sucking in his/her collective breath -- afraid to respond. With the number of hits I'm getting, I'd say it's probably the latter. In this viewtiful town, where everyone's afraid of his/her shadow, it's dangerous to speak out. People are paid to have long memories here.

*Gotta coupla fun words for you from the blogosphere (and Samizdata.net): "blogathy" = when you just don't give a darn about posting; "blogopotamus" = a very long blog article; "blogorrhea = an unusually high volume output of articles on a blog; "blogstipation" = writer's block for bloggers; and DNQ/DNP = Do Not Quote/Do Not Print (use these abbreviations to let me know that you don't want your correspondence posted on my blog).

*Before Tom Taggart wrote in this morning, I was tempted to post who I considered the best/worst mayors in my 20 years in Coeur d'Alene. Jim Fromm and the Gang of Four were running this town when I arrived. And doing a good job. And in Fromm's wake came Ray Stone I & II, Al Hassell, Steve Judy and Sandi Bloem. Should I? Shouldn't I? Oh, what the heck. In descending order, 1. Fromm, 2. Hassell, 3. Bloem (loses big-time points for outrageous council vote on Hagadone's Sanders Beach where she could have made a difference), 4. Stone I, 5. Steve Judy, and 6. Stone II. Cat still got your tongue?



*Sharon says wall will stay: Defying court, Israeli leader orders more barriers built (S-R): If the world court of public opinion is condemning our only friend in the Middle East, Israel must be on the right track. Mebbe Kofi Annan, the Vichy French and suddenly Gutless Germany would think differently if their relatives were getting blown to bits by suicide bombers.

*Manila to Withdraw from Iraq 'As Soon as Possible' (Reuters): Score another one for the Bad Guys.

*Courtney Love Hospitalized For Gynecological Medical Condition (Chartattack): Any chance to check her noodle, too? Like most, ahem, entertainers, this gal has problems that go way beyond the plumbing.

*With Shaq in the wings, coach gets multi-year deal (ESPN): Yawn. Is there anything more boring that NBA basketball? OK, OK, soccer. But that was a gimme. Anything else?

*France outraged by racist assault on young mum: Six youths robbed woman with infant on train and assaulted her, thinking she was Jewish. No one came to her rescue (The Straits Times): Nice to see the Vichy French get outraged about something other than moldy cheese and U.S. dominance.

Peanut Gallery (Steve Badraun)

Oh Boy, more silly little comments from silly little Bob Paulos in his silly little column. Bob believes that Government should not be in the business of providing parks and open space as development continues in Kootenai County. He thinks that

developers just wake up one day and want to give their land away for a pocket park or playfield in their new subdivisions. If the people of Kootenai County through their elected officials and their land use laws did not require developers to be more responsible in providing these areas, we would have a total sea of roofs and no parks in sight. Don't be stupid Bob. Developers and private interests did not give the open space. They were required to have it by government. Only the group of elected governmental officials and their planning commissions can be credited for parks and open spaces in Kootenai County. It has not and never will be because of the visions of the majority of developers. Bob's little buddy Duane and his Sanders Beach land grab is the worst example of this greed.

Steve Badraun

P.S., Back in New Jersey again after a week of the beautiful dry warm air of Idaho. My Jersey Girl friend always decribes the drive from Boise to Twin Falls as "dirt dirt dirt rocks rocks rocks". Nothing like it in the world for an Idaho Native Son like me. Best thing about the East Coast is biking along the Cape Cod Canal. Worst thing about the East Coast is finding the right toll booth slot in 8 lanes of traffic at 70 miles per hour!

DFO: Paulos can still warble for his supper.

Moose on the Loose Map

Cis, The Retired of Kootenai tracked down an Excel Foundation Moose on the Loose map for those of you who are interested in taking in the sights of viewtiful Coeur d'Alene and our 26-minus-1 ceramic moose here.

Peanut Gallery (Tom Taggart)

As those of you who follow local politics know, Tom Taggart served as the county's first and only administrator during the '90s. In that position, Tom worked with every commissioner of the last 14 years -- except Rick Currie -- and even a Democrat (Mike Anderson). And he formed an opinion about them, which he shared with No Holds Barred. Ready or not, here's Tom's list of the best (No. 1) to worst (No. 10) commissioners from 1991 to 2004:

1. Dick Compton
2. Bob Haakenson
3. Dick Panabaker (First 2 years)
4. Kent Helmer
5. Bob MacDonald
6. Rick Currie
7. Dick Panabaker (Last 8 years)
8. Mike Anderson
9. Ron Rankin
10. Gus Johnson

DFO: As Tom sez, let the discussion begin.

Best of the Northwest (7/12/04)

Gracious! I just checked out the blog traffic from last week ... and you folks made my day. On Friday, No Holds Barred had 1,743 page views. For the week, the blog had 9,396 hits, for an average of 1,342 per day. For the month so far, the site is averaging 1,198 hits per day. Those are the kind of numbers that put a bounce in my step when I get here in the morning. Thanks for the reinforcement. Here's your Best of the Northwest roundup:

1. Cartoonists Eric Devericks and Milt Priggee here and here.

2. Rickncb@mindspring.com asked this question recently: "I'm wondering what a Huckleberry is? I know Toby Keith has a song about it, and i read the dictionary about the fruit, but what is the persona?" I can try to explain what a huckleberry is. But why don't I just show you by presenting my Monday morning column of the same name here.

3. Akiane Kramarik is a 10-year-old home-schooler from nearby Post Falls who has already been profiled by Oprah Winfrey and CNN for her amazing gift of art. "I've never seen a child paint with the level of detail she can paint with." - Jim Quinn, owner of the Timber Stand Art Gallery in Sandpoint. You can read about this child genius here.

4. Need a heart-warming story about a man being reunited with his best friend, a black Lab named Chevy? Chereen Langrill of the Idaho Statesman provides has just the ticket here.

5. Columnist Joel Connelly of the P-I sez Spokane's Don Barbieri is a rare Demo bird in that he's from the biz world and he's flying high as he attempts to regain the seat Tom Foley lost to George Nethercutt 10 years ago here.

6. At West Glacier, on the rim of Glacier National Park, scientists are conducting the largest wildlife study ever here. Meanwhile, The Daily Inter Lake of Kalispell, Mont., reports a bear-bites-man story here.

7. The Idaho Statesman continues to look at the life of Idaho National Guardsmen as the train in Fort Bliss, Texas, for their deployment to Iraq here.

8. A northwest Montana scientist helped plan and design the Cassini mission to Saturn. The Daily Inter Lake tells you all about it here.

*If you love the old VW bus, like I do, you'll enjoy columnist Tim Woodward's take on Bus Pilots Association's 10th Anniversary Family Reunion here.

*Columnist Larry Stone of the Times holds out hope for suffering Mariner fans in the form of 18-year-old Felix Hernandez and his 98 mph fastball here.

*The Seattle Times spouts off about new rules for off-roaders in the forest here.

*The Lib-Left Oregonian gets on U.S. Sen. Gordon Smith, R-Ore., for siding with "reactionaries" to vote in favor of a constitutional marriage amendment here.

Monday Quick Fix 6 (7/12/04)

Another B-E-A-you-tiful day is dawning in the City by the Lake, with temperatures expected to be in the high 80s to low 90s most of the week. Skirted the heat yesterday after church by dropping by the cinema to see "Spidey II." Nice segue, hunh -- from a dandy sermon by my padre, Steve Massey of Hayden Bible Church, to the webbed one and Dr. Octopus. It worked. And you can take it from me ... Spidey II is all it's cracked up to be. Dyne-oh!-mite. Now, how about your first fixes of the week?

1. Cartoonist Paul Nowak and Kevin Tuma provide the openers this week with views of the Supreme Court and the Demos', ahem, balanced ticket here and here.

2. Jay Leno offers some chuckles with his views on the search for Has-Bin Laden: "The big story in Washington is that the Bush administration is desperate to find Osama bin Laden before the election. They are said to be using all means possible to find him. In fact today they typed his name into Google – which is a start." For your My Way fixes, you can find This Day in History here, This Day in Music here, and Today's Birthdays here.

3. For you Top of the News Fix, you can find: Iraqi war is causing shortage of officers here, Mortgage rates expected to climb here, Aussie Jaws bites man in half here, Planet Hollyweirdfest Bush hate here and here, and Shaq's all but gone to the Heat here.

4. Multicultural mongers may wring their hands about lack of a diversity deficit throughout the country. But that simply is not the case. We have diversity coming out of our ears -- and a common language that bonds us together. Here's your Diversity Reality Check Fix.

5. Is it possible that a key ayatollah in the Middle East isn't a whack job who thirsts for American blood and power? Mebbe. Author Stephen Schwartz makes a good argument that Sayyid Ali al-Husseini Sistani may be our best bet for pulling off an Iraqi miracle. Here's your Keep Your Fingers Crossed Fix.

6. For your Opinion Fix, No Holds Barred offers: Andrew C. McCarthy (July surprise), George W. Bush (marriage amendment text), Orson Scott Card (radical reporters), Debra Saunders (Ken Lay), and Mark Steyn (John Edwards).

*Ben Johnson of FrontPageMag reveals the radicalism of Planet Hollyweird stars here.

*Samuel Silver of Toward Tradition sez comparing Old Testament prohibitions against homosexuality and shrimp are as bad or worse than comparing apples and oranges here.

*U.S. Sen. Sam Brownback explains why we need to protect traditional marriage here.

*Jeff Jacoby of the Boston Globe takes a new look at Dubya's controversial 16 words -- "The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa" -- here.


*Don't look now, but CPD Blue has announced street closures from 8 a.m. until about 12:30 p.m. Saturday, July 17, for another Aryan Nations parade. Didn't see this one coming. I thought goosestepper Richard Butler'd embarrassed himself enough last fall when he and two other neo-Nutties suffered a poor showing at the Hayden municipal elections. Just when you thought it was safe to go near Sherman Avenue in the middle of July.

*No Holds Barred hears from a reliable source who heard it from another reliable source that the mysterious Californian who owns "The Big House" next to Jerry Jaeger's mansion on Sanders Beach is (drum roll, puh-LEEZ) -- Ex-WSU QB Ryan Leaf. If NHB is right, you heard it here first.

*OK, troops. If you enjoy keeping up with the news and showing off your knowledge, this daily quiz from the Newseum Web site, called Newsmania, is for you here.

*In case you wanted to know what happens to a Coeur d'Alene Press reporter after his tour of duty in the Hagadonia Mines is over, you should check out the link at the end of this item. Brent Andrews writes from Franklin, Tenn: "I made the front page of www.skatetn.com today after a sick day of skating Monday in the General Jackson. It was so hot I nearly vomited and I'm covered with scabs and bruises this morning. But I made the front page of skatetn.com! This is the big time! Step aside Bruce Jenner!" Click here.

*The Edge offers this marketing idea: I’ve got a great marketing idea, Hagaland Happy Meals. Sure they cost a lot, and there’s (adjective deleted) food, but you get a collectible Hagadone bobblehead. Duane, Jim Thompson, Jerry Jaeger, John Barlow, Brad Hagadone, and yes even Bob Paulos.

*Big-time thanx to you blurkers (blog readers who leave no trace that they've checked in) for continuing to make this blog a success. For the seven days ending Wednesday, the blog averaged over 1,100 page views per day. And that's with a holiday weekend thrown in. Amazing. Enjoy yourselves this weekend. And I'll see you back here around 9 a.m. Monday.


Peanut Gallery (Bill McCrory)

Question: When is a piece of paper for bureaucrats signing off not just a piece of paper?

Answer: It is just a piece of paper for bureaucrats signing off when the Kootenai County Prosecutor’s stating otherwise would embarrass the Coeur d’Alene Police Department by confirming two dozen institutional derelictions of duty spanning two decades. It is not just a piece of paper for bureaucrats signing off when it enables that same prosecutor to jump on a bandwagon and announce, “That piece of paper represents checks and balances to assure that water quality is protected and that our wetlands are protected and our wildlife is protected.”

I wonder why the checks and balances prescribed by Idaho Code 19-5109 and Idaho Administrative Code IDAPA 11.11.01 to protect the public safety and assure that uncertified police officers are not on the street are less important to Prosecutor Bill Douglas than the checks and balances on water quality. Maybe Douglas is taking flip-flop lessons from John Kerry.

Bill McCrory
Coeur d’Alene

DFO: Dunno if I folo all this. But Prosecutor Bill Douglas probably does.

Internet Plagiarism

DFO: A lot of you folks don't realize you're plagiarizing other's work when you pick up on-line items whole and recirculate them. The Daily Kos provided this blogged item yesterday. I picked it up whole because Kos said he's fine with that below. You'll notice I also gave him credit and included his Lib-Left link here. Be careful out there:

There has been a marked increase in the number of people who post entire articles from elsewhere in their diaries or comments. That is stealing, unless you have prior permission to do so. Personally, I think copyright laws are stupid, and I don't care if anyone reprints entire posts of mine. (Read my copyright notice at the bottom of the page.) But laws are laws. And I'd rather not receive angry emails from copyright holders or lawyers (especially when the offending diarists don't even have the common courtesy of including a link to the source material). So do the Fair Use thing and keep it perfectly legal -- quote the choice bits from the article, and then provide a link to the source material -- The Daily Kos

Jonathan's East Coast Report:

Interesting set of links on your blog. For me, it's a revelation to see what those who we'd call "dangerous religious radicals" up here really think. While I still don't agree with everything there, such views and thoughts are extremely rare north of the Potomac, and not threatening to me in the least (unless there's anything that demeans My Tribe or its homeland). You'd like a Web page called Jewish World Review, which links political, religious, and social commentary from the traditional Jewish perspective. Some of my favorites- Jeff Jacoby, Charles Krauthammer, Zev Chafets (NY Daily News)- are regularly featured. You're invited to add it to the links here.

Jonathan Cohen
Brookline, Mass.

DFO: Jonathan's link is a good one. Great cartoons, too.

Peanut Gallery (Tom Taggart)

Her (Molly Ivins) column hit on one of my pet peaves. We have so much in common across very different political and personal beliefs and yet at times we don't recognize it. You go to a t-ball game or a band concert or school play or a 4th of July parade and the people sharing the experience are people with very different viewpoints, but have a great deal in common and help make for a strong and healthy community. At those moments the differences don't matter and people can, and do, enjoy people that hold beliefs the exact opposite of theirs.


DFO: Very well put. I've experienced the same phenomenon in the newsroom, where I disagree with many of my S-R colleagues politically. Yet, we all pull together to root for the Zags. Or Cougars. And often share the same local concerns.

Best of the Northwest (7/9/04)

Colleague Cynthia Taggart is on a roll with her Close to Home column. She goes behind the scenes of Ironman USA Coeur d'Alene today to investigate a coupla bike wrecks that separated the good sports from an anal retentive bad one. No Holds Barred salutes those who did the right thing. And offers this to the clown who didn't: pbfffft (razzberry). You can find Cyndy's column here. And your Best of the Northwest roundup below:

1. How about a Pacific Northwest political 'toon triple-header to end the week? You can find Eric Devericks here, Milt Priggee here, and David Horsey here.

2. Dunno why this on-line version of an S-R final edition story doesn't have paragraphs, but you can read all about Spokane landing another two rounds of the NCAA men's basketball tournament, for 2007, here.

3. Micron CEO Steve Appleton is lucky to be alive today after he and a passenger survived the crash of a high-performance stunt plane Thursday near Boy-C. The Idaho Statesman tells ya all about it here.

4. The Sixth Street Melodrama troupe of Wallace isn't the only Idaho group of characters taking it off for calendars to raise money. The Idaho Mountain Express of Ketchum, Idaho, reports on "Sun Valley Exposed" here.

5. When Johnny came marching home to Bainbridge Island, wounds from Iraq and all, the so-called tolerant Lib-Lefties booed him -- at a Fourth of July Parade, no less. Robert L. Jamieson Jr. of the Seattle Times tells of the deplorable reception received by military vet Jason Gilson, 23, here.

6. If you want to meet another Northwest military hero, The Olympian offers U.S. Army Spc. Darrell Street, who was awarded an Army Achievement Medal and is up for a Bronze Star, after saving a gunner from bleeding to death here.

7. On Thursday, Idaho U.S. Sens. Larry Craig and Mike Crapo signed on as co-sponsors of a constitutional amendment that would ban same-sex marriage here.

8. Pole vaulter Stacy Dragila will lead a group of Idaho athletes to the U.S. Olympic track and field trials, which begin in Sacramento, Calif., today, here.

*Although it's talking about the Boy-C river, The Idaho Statesman provides sage advice for floaters on all popular waterways here.

*Columnist Danny Westneat sez there's a bit of a problem with the b-e-a-you-tiful totem pole exhibited at Seattle's Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture -- like murder. Click here.

*Jim Moore, the Go 2 Guy, sez Mariner fans are beginning to tune out their lackluster team this year, and that's getting radio station KOMO nervous here.

*The Olympian warns readers not to mix alcohol with water sports here.

TGIF Quick Fix 6 (7/9/04)

"Duffer" wrote to say the jumps on e-mails from Rand Wichman and John Austin yesterday weren't there. They were on my end. But ... not on yours. I've reposted those two letters, so the endings should be back where they're suppose to be. I appreciate, big time, when you guys catch a mistake or glitch and immediately write in to tell me about it. I try to correct those things ASAP. It's just another way that this new medium beats the dead-tree industry. Onward ... It's TGIF, the sun's shining in a cloudless sky, and your fixes are in:

1. For you TGIF political 'toon fix, how about chuckles from Wayne Stayskal here, Chuck Asay here, and Daryl Cagle and his gang here.

2. Here's Leno on the John Edwards veep pick: "I want to see the vice presidential debate. I want to see the between John Edwards and Dick Cheney. It’s going to look like Dennis the Menace debating Mr. Wilson." For your My Way Fixes, you can find This Day in History here, This Day in Music here, and Today's Birthdays here.

3. For your Top of the News Fix, No Holds Barred offers: Kerry sweats our Whoopi's nasty remarks at $7.5 million fund-raiser here, Dubya needs military votes again here, Air marshals need to go undercover here, Bad guys are trying to retake Baghdad here, Islamists threaten to behead So-Damn's lawyers here.

4. U.S. intelligence agencies overstated the threat of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction and ignored contrary evidence in the run-up to the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq, according to Reuters here. And you can read what was said at that Senate Intelligence Committee press conference today by clicking on your See For Yourself Fix.

5. CEO Sally Pipes of the Pacific Research Institute for Public Policy challenges the P.C. notion, circulated by the National Organization of Wimmen, that Wal-Mart discriminates against femmes. Here's your Other Side of the Story Fix.

6. For your Opinion Fix, No Holds Barred has Wes Pruden (Demos' hug ticket), Edwin Meese III (Patriot Act's bum rap), Bob Barr (rethinking red-light cameras), Brent Bozell (reality-TV sleaze), and Jonathan Power (world more peaceful under Dubya).

*I get goosebumps when I see the ha-huge number of teens involved in youth groups at major Kootenai County churches, like Real Life in Post Falls. But there's a dark underbelly to the young Christian movement in the country. Many young Evangelicals have a squishy doctrine that includes an unhealthy dose of moral relativism. The Wall Street Journal offers a Reality Check Fix.

*Writing for FrontPageMag, Lawrence Auster explains how multiculturalism took over America here.

*Bloggers in South Dakota could spell trouble for U.S. Sen. Tom Daschle's re-election bid, according to radio talkmeister Hugh Hewitt, here.

*On social hot-button issues, like abortion and gay rights, J. Flipflop and J. Edwards hold identical positions, according to the Religion Journal, here.


*I view Lib-Left columnist Molly Ivins with as much distain as Lib-Lefties view the likes of Cal Thomas. Never read her stuff. But Tom Taggart (who also isn't an Ivins' fan) sez she's 99 percent on target with her Fourth of July piece. And Tom sends along this link to prove it here.

*I missed a point County Clerk Dan English was trying to make yesterday when he provided that link to the liberal The Daily Kos here. Click on the blog site and then go to the "electoral calculator" in the upper righthand corner, under menu. Some John Edwards supporter has come up with a map that automatically calculates electoral votes as states are won by the prez wannabes. One click turns the state blue for Kerry, two clicks, red for Dubya. Enjoy. And thanx Dan.

*Big John Rook sends along an interesting tax commercial that favors Dubya here and his interesting take on shockjock Howard Stern's airwaves problems here.

*Follow-up message from Howard Bourne: I do know about it (Why the Kootenai Metropolitan Planning Organization (KMPO) is headquartered in Spokane). I was recruited to serve on a focus group for them and attended our first meeting in June. I have read their preliminary report on mass transit needs in this area and have done some further research on the organization. When I called their 800 number, I made a woman in Spokane very nervous with some of the questions that I was asking. It’s another instance where the feds mandate that Kootenai County have a planning organization and the powers that be turn around and spend the funds in Spokane. Similar to buying US flags in China.

*Take time to read Michelle Malkin's blog (on blogroll, lower right) re: liberal cartoonist Ted Rall's latest outrage, at the expense of Condi Rice here. Can you imagine what a liberal horse apple like Rall would say if a Righty doodled the same inanity against a black Lefty. There would be hell to pay.


Why Ask Why?

Question (from blog reader): How do you explain the Press' whitewash of the animosity between the Wheeler Twins?

Answer: A snoozepaper that purposely publishes over 1,000 faces of residents per month and considers chamber news releases important isn't going to rock the boat. Especially when one of the brothers, Dennis, is friends with the Big Boss. As a Brand X editor, you survive by being able to recognize the brand on the boss's large herd of sacred cows. Editor Mike Patrick deserves credit for making it this far.

New Links

No Holds Barred received a bit of a face lift this afternoon, thanks to blogmeister Ken Sands, the S-R on-line chief. Check out the new links under my photo to the right. For those who enjoy three-dot journalism and my Huckleberries column, check out "My Mentor," Herb Caen. I grew up in the Sacramento Valley reading Herb, tried to emulate him, and won a national award with his name on it. Although he's been dead for a few years now, his columns still sing. You can read them by clicking on his name and following the links. Also, the links below "Quick Fix Six" and "Best of the Northwest" are the ones I use to prepare those two morning features. At the bottom, are the best conservative bloggers out there. My favorites are the Wall Street Journal's daily Best of the Web and Michelle Malkin's new blog. You'll get some useful inside info by following the blogroll. Thanks for your continual readership -- DFO

P.S. You can find my latest work by clicking on the "editorials and columns" comment under my photo to the right.

Peanut Gallery (Almesa14@aol.com)

Now we know where Bob (ex-county GOP leader Nonini) has been keeping himself. He had to go all the way to China for "American" flags to hand out in the 4th of July parade! Dumb move but you should in fairness mention the names of the other GOP candidates who handed out Chinese made flags in the parade like Marge Chadderdon.


DFO: Musta taken a slow boat to get there and back because I haven't seen him for awhile. But his wife, Cathyanne, sez she's keeping him around the house as their fifth anniversary nears.

Peanut Gallery (John Austin)

I have a little input into Howard Bourne's question (last item) as to why the Kootenai Metropolitan Planning Organization (KMPO) is headquartered in Spokane. Whereas the Spokane Regional Transportation Council (SRTC) is the administrator for the KMPO, Mr. Bourne can rest assured that local elected officials make the decisions that affect Kootenai County residents.

SRTC was chosen to work with the KMPO because of their experience with urban transportation planning. However,the KMPO is represented by the cities of Coeur d'Alene, Post Falls, Rathdrum and Hayden, plus the county's four highway districts and the Idaho Transportation Department. In addition, Commissioner Gus Johnson represents Kootenai County on the Board.

Each of these entities are actively involved in transportation planning and use the KMPO as a way of communicating each other's needs. This is important, since, for example, Government Way doesn't just run through Coeur d'Alene, but Dalton Gardens and Hayden as well. Coordinating plans for road projects, and our fledgling public transportation system, has and will continue to lessen the burden on taxpayers.

I would encourage Mr. Bourne and others to attend the KMPO's monthly meetings, which are held on the first Tuesday of each month at 1:30 P.M. in the ITD building on Prairie Avenue in Coeur d'Alene, where he can witness how well the KMPO is operated.

John Austin

Peanut Gallery (Cis Gors)

The average age of a soldier thing has been going around in the e-mail circles for quite some time. At least since we first started in Iraq. I have always answer it this way.....The average soldier is not 19 but 37. And the soldier is not just male. The soldier is 1/3 % women. Also these are not just mothers and fathers who have given up(as in not drafted) their families and jobs to go to Iraq, but also grand fathers and grandmothers. And no matter how you feel about the war, you darn well better support them. There is also another e-mail that comes with the subject line of "How did you sleep last night?" And it shows our personal over there sleeping on the ground, across the hood of the trucks, and etc.

Cis the Retired

Peanut Gallery (The Edge)

Did you happen to read Sholeh Patrick’s column the other day, singing the praises of Hagadone’s new restaurant Bonsai Bistro? The column read like an advertisement. Every thing sounds so yummy, I can’t wait to try this weekend. Sholeh says that she is unbiased because she’s an independent contractor and not beholden to the powers of Big D. Yeah right, that’s like saying my big toe is independent of my brain. It can’t wiggle without my permission. Also, I wonder if it’s really hard being unbiased when your married to the editor?

The Edge

DFO: If I've told you once, I've told you a million times. In the City on the Take, there's no such thing as a conflict of interest if you're working for The Man.

Best of the Northwest (7/8/04)

I'm celebrating the news that Idaho has one of the lowest abortion rates in the nation here. I know a lot of you are tired of hearing about abortion. But hear me out. You know deep down that it's morally wrong, a taking of a life that in this country has the potential to some day reach for the stars. I've wondered for years why liberals and human rights activists, who'll defend the rights of minority factions to have it their way, rarely lift a finger to protect the most fundamental right in this country: the right to life. Polls (without media spin) show the pro-lifers are winning this awful war for the American heart. I'm proud to live in a state where the right to an abortion is recognized as a moral wrong. End of rant. Here's your Best of the Northwest roundup:

1. Cartoonists Milt Priggee and Jack Ohman of the Oregonian are today's Northwest doodlers here and here.

2. According to my West Side buddy, Rich Roesler, Native Americans have hit the jackpot with their casinos, increasing gambling revenue nationwide 12 percent despite a tough economy last year. Casinos in Idaho and Washington beat that average. You can read all about it here.

3. About 50 bums packed up and left the median in front of the Spokane Club today after Mayor Jim West gave them the boot here.

4. The Washington Supreme Court has ruled that a woman has a right to complain about her ex-hubby, even if he finds it annoying, here.

5. If the Mariners are going to get bopped, and they have many times this year, I prefer that they're beaten by one of ours. Josh Phelps of Lakeland High belted two homers, including a grand slam, and knocked in seven RBI Wednesday in leading Toronto over Seattle 12-4. The best report on Phelps' big night was provided by the Canadian Press here.

6. Cross-country travel by off-highway vehicles would be banned from the national forests under regulations proposed Wednesday by the U.S. Forest Service, according to Sherry Devlin of the Missoulian, here.

7. There was good news and bad news on the Idaho job front. The good news? Idaho ranked 10th overall for job gains in the 12-month period ending in March. The bad news? The Gem State lost high-paying manufacturing jobs. Click here.

8. The annual Livingston Roundup fireworks show probably has seen its last sparkler as a result of injuries and burns suffered this year by the pyrotechnic in charge here.

*The Oregonian opines on the decision by the Catholic Archdiocese of Portland to file bankruptcy rather than face the consequences of the church's sex scandal here.

*With appropriate gallows humor, columnist Tim Woodward of The Idaho Statesman writes about undergoing that 10-second prostate test that could save your life here.

*Joni Balter of The Seattle Times suggests that Repubs could lose two more U.S. House seats in Washington this fall, including the one now belonging to Spokane's George Nethercutt, here.

*Eric Montague of the Center for Environmental Policy applauds the U.S. Forest Service's decision to overhaul the way it manages our forests here.

Must See

You've gotta see/read this item from David Horowitz's FrontPageMag blog re: the average American fighting in Iraq (who happens to be 19 years old). It's the kind of thing that'll put a lump in your throat and you'll be circulating. Click here.

Thursday Quick Fix 6 (7/8/04)

We have clouds in Coeur d'Alene. We have breeze. And it looks like cooler temperatures outside my second-floor window on Northwest Boulevard. The skaters are a little late in arriving at the Skate Park across the way. And I'm a little late in providing your Quick Six Fix, too. Not that I didn't get here on time. I'm just running slow. But here's a happy thought to get all of us going from My Way: "Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has many--not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some" -- Charles Dickens.

1. For your Political 'Toon Fixes, you can find Paul Nowak and Guy Gilchrist doodling J. Flipflop Kerry in a sombrero and providing a little inspiration here and here.

2. On this day in history in 2000, J.K. Rowling's "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" was released in the U.S. It was the fourth Harry Potter book. You can find the rest of My Way's "This Day in History" here. And the rest of your A.M. Eye Opener Fixes here (This Day in Music) and here (Today's Birthdays).

3. For your Top of the News Fix, you should try: Kerry fails to get poll lift from Edwards pick here, Ex-Enron CEO Lay surrenders here, U.S. swimmer Phelps sets world record here, Lance Armstrong and his U.S. Postal Service squad lead Tour de Back Stabbers here, and Vermeer paintings goes for $40M here.

4. You wonder how cuh-razy anti-war protesters can get? At a Minnesota Twins baseball game over the Fourth of July weekend, a group of Saddamites picketed the ballpark because (drum roll, puh-LEEZ) the Twins were giving away GI Joe action figures to the kids. The club was attempting to honor our fighting military men and women. Here's your Clueless in Minnesota Fix.

5. Who could be better than our old friend Kenneth Starr to point out what Slick Willie Control-Alt-Deleted from his autobiography, My Life? No Holds Barred cannot hold back from offering your Reality Check Fix.

6. For your Opinion Fix, No Holds Barred is offering: U.S. Sen. Orrin G. Hatch (gay marriage), Ann Coulter (Kerry adopts puppy), Humberto Fontova (Castro's tugboat massacre), Joel Kotkin (defending L.A.'s cross), and Kate O'Beirne (Rockefeller Republicans).

*Why am I not surprised that the French and other enemies of this country are flocking to Michael Moore's fantasy film, "Fahrenheit 9/11" here.

*The plane carrying Kentucky Gov. Ernie Fletcher to Reagan's D.C. funeral was almost shot down when it wandered into no-fly space here.

*Commentator Cal Thomas is the subject of a Christianity Today profile here.

*On its Web log, Christianity Today views Flipflop's flipflop on abortion from a variety of angles here.


*For those keeping score at home, ex-Kootenai County civil deputy Dennis Molenaar is standing in high cotton today after being named national director of risk control for public sector services by St. Paul (Minn.) Travelers. Not bad for a guy who began his career in 1973 as a cop in Grand Forks, N.D. Dennis called this p.m. to say hi to his friends at the courthouse and pfbbbbt to his enemies.

*Speaking of bragging, Junior called over the weekend to say he finished in the 94th percentile on his big U-Colorado med school test, which allows him to move on from his first two years of med-schooling to his final two -- except he's in an MD/PhD program, which means he'll work the next three years in the lab to pay for his schooling. The down side? He's going to be in med school another five years. The up side? He'll be a medical doctor and a PhDoctor with no med-school debt when he graduates. I sure hope he remembers to put the Old Man in a decent old-folks home when he's rich and famous.

*Big John Rook passes along the unofficial bumpersnicker for the Bush/Cheney '04 campaign: "Flush the Johns '04."

*For you long-suffering No Holds Barred readers from the Dem side, County Clerk Dan English, the Last of the Courthouse D's, offers a liberal blog here.

*I've been saving this terrific site from L.C. Johnson of Moscow for partisans of both stripes. It's the Multi-National Corps/Iraq Web site. In other words, the news comes straight from the horse's mouth about deaths, reconstruction projects, etc. You cynics might want to read the story of former Iraqi Army Lt. Col. Ahmed Lutfi Ahmed Raheem here. When you're finished, click "home" and peruse the remainder of this remarkable site here.

*Finally, No Holds Barred received this question and observation from Howard Bourne: "Why is the Kootenai Metropolitan Planning Organization (KMPO) headquartered in Spokane? The website says that they 'contracted with the Spokane Regional Transportation Council for day-to-day operational and administrative needs.' It seems to me that Kootenai would do well to NOT pattern their future transportation solution around the Spokane area model." Dunno how to answer this one. Can anyone out there help?


Peanut Gallery (Ed Javorka)

Just discovered your site, Dave. Interesting to see the ultraconserv sites listed as "useful links" in upper corner. I knew you years ago as an outwardly appearing, objective reporter who helped out frequently on various local environmental issues. Dave, you've gone bad!! Is, God forbid, this switcheroo part of becoming born-again?

You may be the right guy to try to answer this question I have concerning the "religious right"... Why do ultraconservative, religious sects hold guns, war, death sentences in such high repute? Where in the Bible (other than the old Testament) does Jesus give us guidance that violence and weapons and killing others are "his way"? I know that religious nuts can find justification for ANY position they espouse in the Old Testament, but I personally believe that portion of the Bible is not God-inspired. That part was written by a bunch of old men.

Ed Javorka

DFO: Nah, I've been a social conservative for almost all of my adult life. I see no disconnect between local environmental issues and social conservatism (unless an activist wants me to join him in worshipping the creation rather than the Creator). As far as the Old Testament goes ... the Apostle Paul sez it was as God-breathed as the New Testament. Jesus endorsed the Old Testament, with its God-ordere war for the Holy Land and prescribed execution for certain wrongdoing, as eternal when he said heaven and earth would pass away before one jot or tittle of Scripture would. As far as picking and choosing what you want to believe in Scripture ... if you deny one portion of the Bible, you might as well deny all of it because all of it becomes suspect at that point. I choose to embrace it all.

Peanut Gallery (Anon)

A couple of us bloggers are having trouble accessing the piece on the Wheeler Twins at the London Times website (that is, without offering up our first born to register and read the article.) Is there another link that might work? Thanks, and we sure appreciate your blog.


DFO: I pulled the item re: the Wheeler twins off Google News, which provides a way around firewalls are pay-per-view sites, but only for a few days. Unfortunately, I was blocked by the London Financial Times firewall when I tried again this morning. Sorry, it was a great story. I blog my last item "30" at around 6 p.m. You might want to check back one last time around 6:15 to make sure you didn't miss anything that's perishable.

Peanut Gallery (Councilman Goodlander)

Last night at City Council two of our young Lifeguards came to propose two ordinances to the council. Derek Taylor (of Ironman fame, the youngest finisher this year) and Emily Christenson (former Junior Miss Candidate) stood before the council and made clear and concise requests that would make health and safety at the beach better. They are an example of the best of the best of the young people in our community. We have Student Representatives with voting positions on most Commissions (Park and Rec, etc) at the city, and its important that we recognize the value and the quality of many of our young people. To many times, we talk about the bad, and I just want to brag about the good.


DFO: Well said.

Wheeler v. Wheeler v. Bond?

Coeur d'Alene Mines attempt to merge with Wheaton River Minerals Ltd. has made the front page of the Coeur d'Alene Press here. But the behind-the-scenes battle between the estranged Twin Brothers Wheeler, Dennis and Pat, hasn't. Last week, No Holds Barred brought you the London Financial Times story about Pat Wheeler's effort to scuttle his brother's attempt to take over the gold producer. Now, we hear, Dennis Wheeler, acting through his attorney, has threatened to sue mining reporter David Bond of the Silver Valley and MineWeb.net if Bond's story about the brothers' feud is published. You can find the rest of the story here.

Peanut Gallery (The Edge)

Well, well, well ... I am not surprised the airshow took a nosedive. First-time events struggle and this one had problems from the start. Didn't the Press report there were more than 30,000 people in attendance? Could they have been wrong? Heavens to Betsy! I was a little shocked by the way the Press ripped the organizers in their idiotorial today. Wasn't Hagadone Corp in charge of marketing the Airshow? Maybe I wrong on this, but if I remember correctly, a young man from the Empire of Hagadonia, ripped the commmissioners in a public meeting a few months ago for not rubber stamping the event. The commissioners wisely wanted to make sure the Airshow had its liability ducks in a row.

The Edge

DFO: Thanks for keeping tabs on Brand X.

Best of the Northwest (7/7/04)

At the Sixth Street Melodrama in Wild, Wild Wallace, Idaho, the femmes and a coupla bearded men took it off for art a la "Calendar Girls" -- and to raise money for the troupe's needs. Colleague Cynthia Taggart tells ya all about the 18-month calendar featuring a cast of discreetly nekkid characters, ranging from a minister's wife to a nude model here. And here's your Northwest roundup:

1. Cartoonists Eric Devericks of the Times and freelancer Milt Priggee provide their views on John Edwards and oil contracts here and here.

2. In downtown Spokane, the battle between City Hall and local transients continues as Mayor Jim West hunts for an ordinance to boot the bums camping in front of the Spokane Club here.

3. In September 1997, Weird Algore claimed globaloney warming was causing the glaciers in Glacier National Park to melt away. Scientists take a look at Al's claims here.

4. Former Zag Cory Violette is playing in a couple of summer leagues, first with Minnesota and then with Atlanta, as he fights for a spot on an NBA roster here.

5. The Archdioscese of Portland, Ore., has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy as a result of mounting costs in the Catholic Church's sex-abuse scandal here.

6. In Kalispell, Mont., Flathead County commissioners gave a thumbs up to proponents of a park that will honor the "cornerstone of law," the Ten Commandments here.

7. Toni Hardesty of Kimberly is replacing Steve Allred as new director of the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality here.

8. U-Dub announced the hiring of former Husky player Heather Tarr to take over its scandal-ridden softball program here. And Steve Kelly of the Times opines on that hiring here.

*Dan Popkey of The Idaho Statesman opines on the pending retirement of state Sen. Sheila Sorensen here.

*Danny Westneat of The Seattle Times talks with populist Tim Eyman about his pro-gambling initiative here.

*After gushing about John Edwards for most of his column, Joel Connelly of the P-I sez, the Demo veep choice has some 'splainin' to do about his stand on trade here.

*Jim Moore, the P-I's Go 2 Guy and a WSU alum, looks at a Cougars' recruiting class that has shrunk by 25 percent after 7 were declared academically ineligible here.

Hump Day Quick Fix 6 (7/7/04)

The Dems and the media are excited about J. Flipflop Kerry's "real choice" -- no offense New York Post -- John Edwards. The S-R called Edwards a ticket-balancing choice in a front-page headline today. I call it liberal and liberaler. Boston Herald screams: "They're left of Ted!" I can't help thinking two words when I see pretty-ball Edwards smiling next to Flipflop: Dan Quayle. Wonder how Edwards spells p-o-t-a-t-o? Here's your fixes:

1. For your Political 'Toon Fix, Daryl Cagle & Co. looks at the Edwards veep announcement and Wayne Stayskal takes aim at Kerry's latest flipflop here and here.

2. In his monologue last night, Jay Leno had a great one-liner about Flipflop's veep selection: "The New York Post reported John Kerry chose Dick Gephardt. But at the last second, John Kerry decided to go with a candidate with eyebrows." For more of your Wake Up Fix, you can find My Way's This Day in History here, This Day in Music here, and Today's Birthdays here.

3. For your Top of the News Fix, No Holds Barred offers: The new Iraqi gummint is preparing to lay the law down here, Lance Armstrong has taken the lead in the Tour de France here, water will provide as much relief for kids as cough syrup here, Spidey II is pulling in the dough here, and Americans like Kerry veep choice here.

4. America has added 1.5 million new jobs in the last year, according to Townhall.com, and these aren't McJobs, as critics claim, here.

5. Don't look now, but Afghan thugs who were released from Gitmo haven't learned their lesson. Or mebbe they have. When confronted with overwhelming U.S. force, surrender, spend several months in the b-e-a-you-tiful Caribbean catching up on Quran readings and then rejoin your buddies fighting the Great Satan. Here's your Catch-And-Release Fix.

6. For your Opinion Fix, No Holds Barred provides: Dick Morris (Edwards' dirty laundry), Michelle Malkin (Demo donors), Cal Thomas (education money pit), Alvin Williams (WWII African-American vets), and Joseph Farah (treason in Congress).

*Head Islamic Thugster Abu Musab Zarqawi found the tables turned yesterday when a group of masked men threatened to kill him unless he left Iraq pronto here.

*While UN poohbah Kofi Annan fiddles, Sudan's Islamic extremists murder here.

*The big box stores are hurting mom-and-pop Christian retailers, too. Click here.

*According to Deal Hudson of Crisis Magazine, Flipflop's comments on abortion hide his extreme position here.


Apparently, Spokane (KQNT 590) talkmistress Laurie Roth let the cat out of the bag recently that Henry Johnston will host her nationally syndicated show Aug. 6. Henry? He's the conservative UI blogger from Sandpoint who made regional headlines when he was in high school by insisting that the school begin the day with the Pledge of Allegiance (complete with "under God") as required by Idaho law. Henry wrote this note to me: "I'll be guest hosting for her on August 6 - the day before my 19th birthday. Helluva birthday present isn't it??? I'm pretty excited, since many college students don't get to host a national show right out of the chute or even care. It is really a 'praise God' because it gets my voice out there and opens many doors for my possible career in talk radio." Henry's a kid who could go far. Ditto, Laurie. Stay tuned.


'Silent Fireworks'

The revelers still slept in bed
when skies above turned flaming red
and dawn came quiet as a sigh
the morning after Four July.

The Bard of Sherman Avenue

Jonathan's East Coast Report

Thought of you and John Blanchette when I checked out reports on the Golden Greeks' unexpected -- to say the least -- victory over your ancestral Portuguese guys in the Euro Cup. Howcum? Because George Vecsey, the sardonic NY Times sports guru -- and dad of lively Laura Vecsey, formerly of the Seattle P-I, now in Baltimore -- wrote that Greece over Portugal, instead of the regular soccer powers, was like "Gonzaga of Spokane over Xavier of Cincinnati for the NCAA title." Gonzaga? Good heavens, that was like Idaho winning

the NCAAs. After all, Greece was 0-for-ever in Euro and World Cup competition prior to this tourney. My take? How about "Holy Hercules, Batman! What the Hellas happened?" Obviously, I'm not Greek, but I must have had a predilection because I was listening to the lovely Nana Mouskouri all weekend -- you know, the tall lady with the big glasses and the angelic mezzo voice who does classical music with English lyrics. Since I play keyboards -- not as good as My David, but good enough -- I had a choice: either "April in Portugal" and "Portuguese Washerwoman" or "Never on Sunday" and "Zorba". The Big Fat Greek medley won out. Now, if that doesn't get them to finish the Olympic preparations, I'll eat my feta cheese.

Jonathan Cohen
Brookline, MA

DFO: Jonathan, of course, refers to the fact that I'm 100% Portuguese, Azores Islands brand. All four grandparents came from the middle islands in the Azore archipelago. Mebbe that's why I'm experiencing anguish today re: Greek's victory over Portugal -- even though I can't stand soccer.

Ironman CDA

Xtri.com provides even more about New Zealand's Lynley Allison and Australia's Chris Legh, the two winners at Ironman USA Coeur d'Alene, here.

Headlines (7/6/04)

*U.S. bombs militants in Fallujah (S-R, free sign-in required): Wonder if the cuh-razy Fallujahans are still celebrating the four U.S. contractors they murdered and hung from their bridge?

*Iraqis torn over fate of Saddam (Desire for revenge tempered by respect for human rights, due process) (S-R): Doesn't seem much to debate. Either torture him and then boil him in oil, slowly, feet first. Or hand him over to the old guards at Abu Ghraib and then hang him.

*In Iowa, Kerry states view that life starts at conception (S-R): Can you say flipflop, baybee?

*Yo-yo dieting can weaken immunity (Effects can last 15 years after weight-loss cycling ends) (S-R): And that's why I avoid dieting at all costs.

*Kerry picks Gephardt: Mo. rep to get Dem veep nod (New York Post via The Smoking Gun): Wonder where they're going to run that correction?

Peanut Gallery (RickNCB)

I'm wondering what a Huckleberries is? I know Toby Keith has a song about it, and I read the the dictionary about the fruit, but what is the persona?


DFO: A huckleberry, of course, is Idaho's state fruit (thanks to some grade school kids up in Bonner County) -- a dark-blue mountain berry to die for. In S-R terms, it's a column I've been writing for 20 years, a collection of juicy tidbits and slices of life ... separated by ellipses ... that runs about 20 inches on Mondays.

Peanut Gallery (Dennis Liming)

RE: CDA and the 4th

As we live close to the downtown corridor, this holiday is a traditional parade/fireworks kind of day. As we observed the parade, I always get choked up seeing some of the vets as my Father and uncles all served in harrowing ways. But my concern is that we dress young kids up in camo and put a toy M-16 in their hands and let them ride on the back of a troop carrier. All patriotism aside, seems a bit hypocritical in a society that expels kindergartners for bringing squirt guns to school. I say celebrate the vets but don’t glorify the violence. What d’ya think?

Dennis Liming

DFO: I didn't view the kids with the toy M-16s in the same light. In fact, they didn't even register with me re: violence. I saw them as soldiers in the making. Which is a good thing. The schools have gone overboard in their zero tolerance for mock weapons. Remember the Spokane youngsters who got the boot for bringing 2-inch GI Joe plastic guns to Bemiss Elementary? There's gotta be a middle ground. Kids with toy guns mimicking soldiers strikes me as just that.

Peanut Gallery (Howard Bourne)

Did anyone beside myself see the irony of Idaho elected officials handing out US flags at the Coeur D’Alene parade on Sunday that were stamped with “Made in China”. And these are the same people that we are asking to help solve the problem of outsourcing of American jobs.

Howard Bourne
Coeur d’Alene

DFO: Howard, it wasn't just you. Everyone around me was yucking it up about those "Made in China" flags. Weird. Can you spell, C-L-U-E-L-E-S-S, baybee?

Best of the Northwest (7/6/04)

Dunno which was better -- the annual Fourth of July parade in Coeur d'Alene. Which was terrific this year. Or sitting next to some Repub women when the Demo entry marched by with signs that included this: "Democrats balanced the budget." The D's ears must have burnt. Nowadays, you can't trust either side to balance the budget unless it's mandated by state law to do so, as it is in Idaho.

1. Cartoonists David Horsey and Eric Devericks of the P-I and Times launch our post-Fourth of July Best of the Northwest here and here.

2. Almost four years ago, Shatana Pole accidentally paralyzed Tara LaCelle-Miller when he accidentally fired a bullet through his apartment wall. Now, the two are becoming close friends. You can find this amazing story by S-R summer intern David Buford here (free sign-in required).

3. You can find my weekly Huckleberries column here, and the full-length column I wrote about Ron Rankin's superb veterans memorial plaza at the county courthouse here (free sign-in required for both).

4. Don't look now, but your 2-year-old's name and pertinent info is available to anyone with a few hundred bucks and a product to sell, according to Jolayne Houtz, Times consumer-affairs reporter, here.

5. Firefighters in Idaho and other western states will have to make do without C-130 air tanker planes as they prepare to face another summer of forest fires here.

6. Reporter Roger Phillips and photog Kim Hughes of The Idaho Statesman keeps us posted on what's happening with the Idaho National Guard units that were sent to Fort Bliss, Texas, here.

7. Penny Sperry of Missoula suffered a double whammy last week: her son was shipped off to war with the Montana National Guard and someone poisoned her dog with anti-freeze here.

8. For you suffering M's fans, columnist Larry Stone of the Times sez Minor Leaguer Bucky Jacobsen should be brought up to the Bigs to inject some sizzle in our boring ballclub here.

*Ric Clarke of the Coeur d'Alene Press provides another of his sterling series of "Whatever Happened To ..." stories here.

*Boy-C State's decision to take the money and rename its basketball arena to honor Taco Bell and its emoting chihuahua is an affront to dignity and demoralizing, sez Martin Orr, Ph.D. is chair of Boise State University Cultural and Ethnic Diversity Board, here.

*Robert L. Jamieson of The Seattle Times seconds Bill Cosby's emotion that young blacks today are dumbing themselves down to their own hurt here.

*Rubbing salt in our wounds, columnist Art Thiel points out that former Seattle Mariners are playing well enough to land spots on all-star rosters here.

Tuesday Quick Fix 6 (7/6/04)

Quite a weekend ... the last one was. Fourth of July parade on Sherman Avenue. Back yard bar-b-q with family and friends. And the annual Fourth of July fireworks show on the waterfront. Nothing quite like the Fourth in Coeur d'Alene. Except I sometimes wonder if we're getting to big for our britches. I can't remember when there was so many people here to enjoy the celebration, butt cheek to butt cheek on the beach, where we go to see the light show. Jam packed everywhere else, too. Bottom line? A good time was had by all. Most gave the fireworks show two thumbs up. Here's your fixes:

1. Daryl Cagle & Co. and Paul Nowak provide their take on So-Damn Insane being handed over to Iraqi authorities and the United Airlines bankruptcy here and here.

2. No Holds Barred wishes the Republican Party a happy 150th birthday. On this day in history in 1854, the GOP popped into existence in Jackson, Mich. For your My Way Fixes, you can find This Day in History here, Today's Birthdays here, and This Day in Music here.

3. For your Top of the News Fix, No Holds Barred has: J. Flipflop Kerry picks John Edwards as his running mate here, supporters of traditional marriage turn in enough signatures to put their cause on the Michigan ballot here, and hope continues to grow that translator Cpl. Wassef Ali Hassoun has been freed here.

4. According to a U.S. Department of Education report, more than 4.5 million students per year are victims of sexual harassment during their school years. And what is the National Education Association doing about it? Zero. Zip. Nada. Here's your Education Reality Check Fix.

5. In recognition of Kerry naming Edwards as his running mate, The Weekly Standard resurrected a Groundhog's Day profile piece on Edwards: "The Man from Seneca." Here's your Demo Veep Running Mate Fix.

6. For your Opinion Fix, we have: Joan Vennochi (Bill Cosby's comments), Andrew C. McCarthy (New York Times), John Hood (John Edwards), Star Parker (black pastors oppose gay marriage), and David Limbaugh (Flipflop and abortion).

*Oops. The New York Post had a Dewey Defeats Truman moment when its front page revealed that Flipflop had picked Dick Gephardt as his running mate here.

*Don't look now, but 40 percent of teen Canucks believe America is evil here.

*You can find out about that cuh-razy group of Dem congressmen who has asked the United Nations to supervise the 2004 U.S. prez election here.

*The town that So-Damn Insane gas celebrated his appearance in court here.


That's all for the week, folks. I don't have any sage advice left in me. Or great quips to end the week. I'm pooped. Wrote Huckleberries this afternoon. And finished off a full-length column for the editorial page on patriotic Sunday and the Fourth of July. See ya at the parade. I should be back bright and early Tuesday morning bloggin' your fixes. Well, at least I'll be early -- DFO

Peanut Gallery (Cathyanne Nonini)

Cathyanne responds to the question: Where's Bob?

I have him hostage, hanging with me for a little while to celebrate our 5th anniversary!

Cathyanne Nonini

DFO: Enjoy it while it lasts. You won't have much time to enjoy each other when Bob's legislative campaign begins again this fall.

Peanut Gallery (Mike Kennedy)

After reading how Ernest Hemingway killed himself in Ketchum on this day in history in 1961, Mike Kennedy wrote:

You wouldn't have known this, of course, but I have two things in common with Ernest Hemingway: 1. We both were born in Oak Park, Illinois; and 2. We both ended up in Idaho. And while some think that being a Democrat in the Gem State could drive you to an end similar to the great writer, no such luck in this case. Have a great 4th weekend!


DFO: Stay away from shotguns this weekend.

Reader's Choice

No Holds Barred has received some terrific links from readers today:

*Tom Taggart provides a dyne-oh!-mite link to newsium's roundup of today's front pages from across the U.S., along with the note: "It is fasinating to see newspaper headlines from all over the country." Click here.

*Also, Tom highly recommends this book: "It's Getting Better All the Time: 100 Greatest Trends of the Last 100 Years" by Stephen Moore and Julian L. Simon. Tom: "It is published by CATO and makes a compelling case for how much our lives have improved in the last 100 years. What is interesting is people with different perspectives will see different reasons for the positive improvements. It is a very interesting read. I think your readers woulld enjoy it."

*Doug Burr offers a link to Time mag's "50 Coolest Websites" here.

*Don Morgan passes along a Washington Times link re: a Catholic lawyer filing heresy charges against J. Flipflop Kerry because he's pro-choice and takes Holy Communion here.

*Alton Leftfield has a link from Columbia Journalism Review that claims Ahmad
played the press like a fiddle to get America involved in an Iraqi war here.

*For Washington readers, radiomeister John Rook sends a link reporting that KIRO talk show host Dave Ross plans to leave his job soon to concentrate on his congressional campaign here.

No Holds Barred @ 700

Incredibly, this is the 700th time that I've blogged an item since I began on Feb. 16 with this note here (the date changed because I used the item several times that first week). The blog has averaged more than 6,000 page views for each of the past two weeks, including 1,035 per week day last week, after beginning in the 300 to 400 per-day page-view range. I appreciate those of you who provide links to interesting stories and Web sites. Who write notes for the blog. Who check it thru the week. Your input and comments inspire me to try to do my best -- DFO

Best of the Northwest (7/2/04)

I've found the link to the story in the London Financial Times re: the battle between the Twin Brothers Wheeler, Dennis and Patrick, involving the attempt by Coeur d'Alene Mines to buy gold producer Wheaton River Minerals. Quite nasty, I say, old chap. You can read all about it here.

1. What better way to end the week than with Eric Devericks of the Times and my old friend Milt Priggee here and here.

2. Benton County spent $1M to provide Coroner Floyd Johnson with new digs, reports the Tri-City Herald (Pasco-Kennewick-Richland). But it forgot one thing -- to set aside money for a new vehicle. And Johnson refuses to pick up bodies from grieving families in the 9-year-old pick he was offered. What to do? Click here.

3. It's July, and that means the media moguls are returning to Sun Valley for the 22nd annual Allen & Co. bash. The Idaho Mountain Express of Ketchum quotes Hoover’s online business news as once saying the weeklong conclave "attracts more moguls than a double-black ski run." Read all about it here.

4. The headline on today's S-R story said it all: "IRS slams mall parking garage deal (Agency says bonds taxable, public interest not served)." And you can find the rest of the Spokane parking garage story without end amen here. (free sign-in required)

5. The Idaho Statesman sent a reporter and a photo to Fort Bliss, Texas, to cover the arrival of 315 Idaho National Guardsmen who are en route to an 18-month stay in Iraq. You can find the Statesman report and photos here.

6.The Coeur d'Alene Press provides a complete report on the Fourth of July celebrations planned for Kootenai County here.

7. Anti-tax activist Tim Eyman sez his I-864, which would limit property taxes, doesn't have enough signatures yet to qualify for the Washington ballot in November, but he's confident he can remedy that by today's deadline here.

8. In sports news involving local college teams, The Seattle Times reports that Gonzaga will have a rougher time filling the seats for the second Battle in Seattle this year because the Bulldogs have scheduled UMass here. And that WSU football has lost six recruits to bad grades here. (WSU coaches told The Daily Evergreen why it's so hard to keep borderline academic athletes eligible here.)

*Beautiful Crater Lake, sez the Oregonian, is a perfect example of the government's neglect of its national treasures here.

*Colleague Cynthia Taggart pays fitting tribute to North Idaho's spectacular, new, 72-mile Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes rail-to-trail here. (free sign-in required)

*For you Mariner fans, Art Thiel of the P-I looks at the new kid in the rotation, Aussie Travis Blackley, who subdued the Texas Rangers yesterday, here.

*Jim Moore, the P-I's Go 2 Guy, claims U-Dub (or "Probation Nation") might gain from such NCAA sanctions as TV and bowl bans as it tries to clean up its athletic image here.

TGIF Quick Fix 6 (7/2/04)

On this day in history, in 1961: Ernest Hemingway shot himself to death at his home in Ketchum, ID. Why am I telling you that? We have a coupla new features for you faithful readers of No Holds Barred, from the My Way site: This Day in History, This Day in Music, Today's Birthdays (Richard Petty) and Positive Quote. Check out the My Way site here.

1. Cartoonists Kevin Tuma and Jim Huber provides today's Political 'Toon Fix here and here.

2. Now that So-Damn Insane's facing the music in court, a review of the great Iraq one-liners, past and present, is in order from Daniel Kurtzman's Political Humor site. Here's your Late Night Fix.

3. For your Top of the News Fix, Matt Drudge is reporting that actor Marlon Brando has died; Iraqi thugs release two Turkish prisoners; Spidey 2 earns record $40.5 million; Dubya's targetting religious conservatives; and Howard Stern could be facing a $1M-plus fine.

4. African-American Danielle Parker of Black Americans for Life compares the curse of abortion in this country to the curse of slavery. Here's your Pro-Life Fix.

5. The Employment Policies Institute explains why a proposal by J. Flipflop Kerry and T. Chappaquiddick Kennedy to raise the minimum wage to $7 per hour will hurt the poor. Here's your Reality Check Fix.

6. For you Opinion Fix, No Holds Barred offers: Myrna Blyth (Monica Lewinsky), Charles Krauthammer (F-word), Rich Lowry (battlefield heroes?), Linda Chavez (Supreme Court protects porn), and vintage Florence King (O.J. & the Pope).

*Townhall.com made this announcement today: religionjournal.com provides an overview of the important news and issues affecting Christians. As a subscriber to the free weekly news briefing, you'll be kept abreast of denominational news, the culture wars, evangelism and missions, trends and statistics, religious freedom and persecution, and more.

*Arab authority Lee Smith sez the Quran mentions beheadings as a form of execution and wonders why the media don't report that here.

Nick Schulz of TechCentralStation.com explains how high-tech equipment is detroying tennis here.

*The war blog from FrontPageMag provides some of the best insights into what's really happening in Iraq here.


The London Financial Times has reported on the battle brewing between the Twin Brothers Wheeler (of past and current Coeur d'Alene Mines fame). In an article Thursday, reporter Richard Beales of New York began:

The takeover battle for Canadian gold producer Wheaton River Minerals took a bizarre turn on Wednesday when it emerged that the twin brother of the chief executive of Coeur d'Alene Mines, which wants to buy Wheaton, has warned Wheaton's management against a merger. In correspondence seen by the Financial Times, Patrick Wheeler accused his brother, Coeur chairman and chief executive Dennis Wheeler, of running the company into the ground. The battle for Wheaton comes to a head next Tuesday, when shareholders are scheduled to vote on an agreed merger with fellow Canadian gold miner Iamgold.

I've seen the whole text, but I can't provide a link because it's a subscription-only situation. But stay tuned. This one doesn't appear as though it's going away.


Peanut Gallery (Dick Haugen)

Hi Dave,

I'm enjoy a weeks Va-Cay. It cracks me up to read the letters to the editor in the S-R blasting the Re-Pubs for the $1000 a plate reception fopr Pres Bush but narry a word about the $1,000 a plate bash with Hillary and the Tennis Shoe'd Senator Patty Murray. Also, the Demo-brats are also blaming Pres Bush for the loss of jobs in Wash State. Hey. Boeing left and how may other businesses are flocking to Idaho and elsewhere because of Washington State's outrageous business taxes. Maybe they should look in Gov Locke's mirror. Not the fairest of them all. Back to work on Tues.

Dick Haugen

DFO: Sounds as though Dick's fired up again after a week of well-deserved rest. Looking forward to him being behind the mike again.

Reader's Choice

*Cis Gors, or Sis the Retired, from the small town of Kootenai sends along a link that'll light up your sky as you prepare to celebrate another Fourth of July. It's therapeutic. And fun. If you have trouble with a white rectangle blocking the sky above the Statue of Liberty on this site, like I did, hit the reset button. As they used to say at restaurants, enjoy, here.

*Cartoonist Milt Priggee, who occasionally got into trouble for doodling edgy political 'toons, sends along a link to a European cartoon that'd never pass muster in an American newspaper. But it does show what many of our, ahem, great friends across the sea think about Dubya here.

*Big John Rook, former owner of K103, publishes a Web site that features chapters of his pending autobiography and the latest news in the world of radio. At the top of his site today is a link to a Media Research Center poll that underscores the liberal bias of the media here.

*And more from Big John re. newest criticism by Bill Crosby of African-Americans who don't take advantage of the hard-earned gains made by Civil Rights era blacks here.

'Why the Magician Retired'

He grew forgetful in old age,
which led to mix ups on the stage:
oblivious to well learned habits,
he pulled top hats out of rabbits.

The Bard of Sherman Avenue

To bond or not to bond

Here's the city's spin on that $20,000 survey of 600 Coeur d'Loonians re: holding a bond election to pay for fire equipment/library/city hall expansion. (It's a long piece by Girl Friday Victoria Bruno, so I jumped it):

The City of Coeur d’Alene formed a citizens advisory group early this year to consider and advise the City Council on matters relating to a possible bond issue for fire, a library, and a Community Center.

Two specific areas of review included whether there would be public support for some or all of the projects and whether the projects should be on a combined ballot or considered separately. The Citizens Advisory Committee recommended that polling and focus groups be conducted. Robinson Research, Inc. of Spokane was hired by the city, the Lake City Development Corporation (LCDC), and the Library Foundation to do the work.

Last night, William D. Robinson of Robinson Research, Inc., Spokane, presented his findings for focus groups and a telephone survey he conducted in early June to assess what level of support there would be for a library, and/or a fire bond issue. He was also asked to assess what message points would be most effective in informing the public of a bond issue for these projects.

One of the main findings was that few of the respondents, in either the focus groups or the telephone survey, had heard about a possible fire or library bond issue. Of course, no public information campaign had begun so this was not surprising. What this information does suggest, with respect to planning, however, is that a relatively clean slate exists with regard to perceptions about a library or fire bond.

Another important finding was that if the election “were held tomorrow,” forty-five percent of the respondents reported that they would vote in favor of a fire bond issue, thirty-four percent said they would vote against it, and about 20 percent said they were uncertain. When asked about how they would vote for a library bond issue if the election were held tomorrow, forty-six percent said they would vote in favor of it, another forty-six percent said they would vote against it, and nine percent reported that they were uncertain. There was, however, a strong consensus that a new library is needed.

When asked if seeing both the fire and library bond issues on the same ballot (as separate issues that could be voted on separately) would cause voters to choose between them, responses suggested that having both on the same ballot would not have a significant impact on either. However, when the concept of having a combined library and fire department bond issue was tested (meaning you vote for both or neither), it received a more favorable reception than did either of the proposed bond issues individually. Robinson Research said that combining the two bond issues would not necessarily improve the likelihood of success, however. He strongly cautioned the committee to not combine the issues based on the survey data alone.

When asked about the need for City Hall to be expanded to accommodate community growth and presented with the costs of a combined library/City Hall, sixty-one percent of the respondents said they would prefer a freestanding library to a combined City Hall/Library facility and twenty-three percent preferred a combination library and City Hall.

When respondents were asked to give reasons for why they would support a fire bond issue, the main statements were that “Fire protection is important,” that “They need the things they are asking for,” and that it’s important “To support and to keep the fire department strong.” When asked what reasons they would give for opposing a fire bond issue, the primary reasons were, “We are overtaxed already” and that “They spend too much already.”

When asked the same questions about the library bond issue, respondents said that they would support a library bond issue because a “Library is needed,” that “The old library is too small/inadequate,” that “ Students need a good library,” and that a new library would be “An asset/improvement to the community.”

When asked why they would oppose a library bond issue, respondents said that, “We are overtaxed already,” that they “Disliked the location,” that “It’s not needed,” and that the proposed library is “Too opulent/expensive.”

When the effectiveness of various statements in favor of the library was tested, the most effective statements were, “A good library is much more than a place to check out books,” “A good library complements/supplements the educational system,” and “We outgrew the library 15 years ago and the population has doubled since that time.” Tested statements presumed to be opposed to the library bond issue were, “The original $3 million proposal was reasonable, new $8 million proposal is too much,” “If you want to serve the whole community, locate the library somewhere near the middle of town.”

“With this survey, and in addition to information we have already collected, we’ve gotten good footing from which to take our next step,” said General Obligation Bond Committee member and Councilman Deanna Goodlander. “We’ve got a good solid base from which to make our plans.”

This information will be part of what is analyzed and reviewed by the City Council to determine first, whether to pursue a bond election for one or more of the projects studied and second, the timing of such an election.

The study cost $20,000, with the Library Foundation paying $10,000 and the Lake City Development Corporation and the City of Coeur d’Alene each paying $5,000. The focus groups were conducted on June 3, 2004. The telephone surveys were conducted between June 11 and June 24, 2004. A total of 600 interviews were completed with Coeur d’Alene residents, screened to be registered voters who reported that they voted in all, nearly all, or in most elections. A 600-sample survey has a margin of error of +/- 4 percent. This means that results have a ninety-five percent change of coming within +/- 4 percentage points of results that would have been obtained if all qualifying respondents in Coeur d’Alene had been interviewed.

They're Talking About Us

*On her Web site, here's how Lynley Allison of New Zealand described her experience of approaching the finish line in first place at the recent Ironman USA Coeur d'Alene: "The home straight was an unbelievable sight. A nice gradual descent made it a fast and easy run down towards the packed grandstands. It would have to be the best finishing chute I have been through in 9 Ironman finishes, not only because I was winning my first IM race, but due to the intense noise and excitement! Being able to grab a Kiwi flag and wave it across the finish line in 1st position is something I will treasure always. It is truly an amazing feeling." You can read the rest of her comments here.

*In Florida, WFTV-9 carried the story about that computer repairman who kissed a cuss-tomer and made her cry to the authorities -- and then was found not guilty by a Kootenai County jury here. (BTW, in an accompanying poll, 54 percent of almost 6,000 Floridians who responded said the guy should have been found guilty of a crime.)

*In Thurston County, Wash., the Olympian reports, Chris Spivey, one of Rolly Williams former players at North Idaho College, has taken a job as head basketball coach of Timberline High School here.

Lunch Special (7/1/04)

It's been awhile since I've run a Lunch Special. Got bogged down on 'em some time back. But this Web site's worthy of your attention. And it'll begin popping up on my Quick Fix Six soon. My Way has great stuff, from This Day in History, to Today's Birthdays, to a Positive Quote of the Day. Check it out here. You can thank me later.

Best of the Northwest (7/1/04)

Dunno who wrote the S-R headline: "Budget cuts, rainy spring sow banner crops of weeds." But s/he musta been talkin' about my garden. Dang! I turn my back for a few minutes, and the weeds move in again. They're after my roses now. Is this Adam's fault. If he'd kept his nose clean in the garden -- and hadn't developed a taste for apple -- would we future gardeners have to deal with weeds? After all, God cursed the ground when he booted Adam and his significant other. But I'm rambling ... like a rose. Here's your Northwest mix:

1. Jack Ohman of the Oregonian and free-lancer Milt Priggee provide BOTNW 'toons today here and here.

2. Slick Willie had 'em swooning in the aisles of Costco as he made his book tour sweep thru Puget Sound, according to the P-I, here; meanwhile, Jim Moore, the Go 2 Guy, columnizes on the Big Lug's visit here.

3. Bill Ahern of the Tax Foundation sez Idaho's state-local tax mix is 11th highest in the nation and headed for the top 10 here.

4. Lance Armstrong, five-time winner of the Tour de France, turned to U-Dub for technology he hopes will keep him at the head of his class here.

5. The Silly Season is in full bloom in the U.S. Senate race between Patty "Osama Mama" Murray and George "Weasle King" Nethercutt. The two are exchanging blows for being seen in the company of the same lobbyist group here.

6. Starting in August, WSU students will have something they haven't had in 90 years: a choice of bookstores. Former employees of The Bookie have left to form a competing bookstore, Crimson and Gray. The Daily Evergreen tells ya all about it here.

7. Opponents of gay marriage in Oregon have filed petitions containing 244,000 signatures, which means the issues is all but assured to be on November's ballot, here.

8. Former Japanese-American detainees of WWII returned to the Minidoka Relocation Camp near Twin Falls, Idaho, as a kind of pilgrimage here.

*For you Mariners' fans who don't think their club has much of a tradition, columnist John Levesque of the P-I sez Seattle does have tradition that dates back 27 years, a tradition of not being very good, here.

*The Seattle Times sez Gov. Gary Locke's work to improve the lot of farm laborers is paying dividends here.

*Blaine Newnham of the Times sez Nate Robinson's return means things are looking up for U-Dub basketball here.

*S-R biz-bits columnist Nils Rosdahl provides his weekly roundup of all the business activity occurring in booming Kootenai County here.

Thursday Quick 6 Fix (7/1/04)

The goal of No Holds Barred is to provide a complete on-line roundup for readers with a moderate to conservative bent. And to correct some of the distortions of the mainstream media. If you find some good material in cyberworld that I haven't seen, pleaz forward it to me for consideration (daveo@spokesman.com). Or if you see something that I can do to improve the offerings on the blog, pleaz forward that, too. Now, here's your morning fixes:

1. Since I've already heard firecrackers -- and an occasional cherry bomb -- poppin'/blastin' in the neighborhood, I decided to provide an early Fourth of July theme today from Daryl Cagle & Co. Here's your Political 'Toon Fix.

2. Now that So-Damn Insane has been handed over to the Iraqi people for a show trial and quick execution afterward, Daniel Kurtzman of Political Humor has provided a review of all the great political 'toons and doctored photos of him over the past year. Be first on your block to see them. Here's your So-Damn, We Hardly Knew Ye Fix.

3. For your Top of the News Fix: Abu Monster Zarqawi has told his thugs to capture a female soldier here; Iran's ayatollahs are shaking in their boots re: a possible democratic Iraq here; China's accused of selling executed prisoner's organs here; Southern Baptists are being denounced as America's holy warriors here; and a defiant Hussein disses his charges here.

4. One of the great distortions of the American media is its spin on abortion polling numbers. The media'll tell you that Americans remain clearly in support of abortion. Which is absolute hooey. You have to do a lot of spinning to get to that position. The real facts are provided by polls by quality groups, like Zogby, that show a majority of Americans oppose abortion and many of those who don't want restrictions on the dastardly practice. Here's your Poll Fix.

5. In a Q-and-A session with FrontPageMag, author Elinor Burkett, a lifelong feminist, sez Dubya is liberating women throughout the Arab-Muslim world. And jabs American femmes for being clueless about real threats to women. Here's your Reality Check Fix.

6. For your Opinion Fix, No Holds Barred has Chuck Colson (same-sex marriage), Ann Coulter (Saddam in custody, Moore at large), Jeff Jacoby (William F. Buckley), John Podhoretz (Spiderman II), and Max Boot (No rights for captured GIs).

*For your Sports Fix, Daniel Gross of Slate argues that European soccer is capitalistic and, therefore, more American than baseball here.

*No Holds Barred forgot to provide the weekly Lycos list of top Web searches. Skanky Paris Hilton is back on top of the heap, with the two terrorist beheadings still running in the top 10. The blog provides this as a snapshot into our collective psyche. And the picture isn't pretty. Click here.

*Yahoo News provides all the top photos of the day here.

*Noemie Emery of The Weekly Standard reviews a book about the worst president of our lifetime, Jimmy Carter, here.

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