*For those keeping score at home, ex-Kootenai County civil deputy Dennis Molenaar is standing in high cotton today after being named national director of risk control for public sector services by St. Paul (Minn.) Travelers. Not bad for a guy who began his career in 1973 as a cop in Grand Forks, N.D. Dennis called this p.m. to say hi to his friends at the courthouse and pfbbbbt to his enemies.

*Speaking of bragging, Junior called over the weekend to say he finished in the 94th percentile on his big U-Colorado med school test, which allows him to move on from his first two years of med-schooling to his final two -- except he's in an MD/PhD program, which means he'll work the next three years in the lab to pay for his schooling. The down side? He's going to be in med school another five years. The up side? He'll be a medical doctor and a PhDoctor with no med-school debt when he graduates. I sure hope he remembers to put the Old Man in a decent old-folks home when he's rich and famous.

*Big John Rook passes along the unofficial bumpersnicker for the Bush/Cheney '04 campaign: "Flush the Johns '04."

*For you long-suffering No Holds Barred readers from the Dem side, County Clerk Dan English, the Last of the Courthouse D's, offers a liberal blog here.

*I've been saving this terrific site from L.C. Johnson of Moscow for partisans of both stripes. It's the Multi-National Corps/Iraq Web site. In other words, the news comes straight from the horse's mouth about deaths, reconstruction projects, etc. You cynics might want to read the story of former Iraqi Army Lt. Col. Ahmed Lutfi Ahmed Raheem here. When you're finished, click "home" and peruse the remainder of this remarkable site here.

*Finally, No Holds Barred received this question and observation from Howard Bourne: "Why is the Kootenai Metropolitan Planning Organization (KMPO) headquartered in Spokane? The website says that they 'contracted with the Spokane Regional Transportation Council for day-to-day operational and administrative needs.' It seems to me that Kootenai would do well to NOT pattern their future transportation solution around the Spokane area model." Dunno how to answer this one. Can anyone out there help?


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