TGIF Lunch Special (2/27/04):

Five and a half more hours of breaking big rocks into little rocks ... and then the weekend. Hang in there:

1. A lay committee of prominent Catholics has taken its bishops to the wood shed for looking the other way for a half century and failing to stop widespread sexual abuse by priests, primarily with boys, 11 to 14 years old. Here's the full story.

2. Remember that tirade against Dubya by Far Left knucklehead Michael Moore at last year's Oscars? Well, you can find out here why Oscar poohbahs are stressed that Planet Hollyweird egomaniacs might try to do something similar this year at Sunday night's big event.

3. Believe it or not, conservative flamethrower Rush Limbaugh has come to the defense of raunchmeister Howard Stern, who was suspended from his show in six cities this week for foul radio fare. Limbaugh makes an interesting argument here. But this time ... Rush is wrong.

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