An Eyeful:

So, there was former Kootenai County commissioner Ron Rankin flipping through the channels at 8:15 Thursday night when he stumbled upon KSPS Channel 7 (Spokane) ... and was treated to a couple making love, naked as jaybirds. Actress Samantha Robson provided a front and side view of her nekkid torso for the PBS "Murder in Mind" series show rerun: "Swan Song."

I don't need to go into more detail.

Well, Rankin, the old Marine was shocked -- shocked! -- that such fare was available in prime time to all area viewers, cable or no, children or no. And he called the local PBS station first thing Friday morning. And got nowhere. According to Ron, he was told that the program started with the warning that some of the material might be offensive. Which didn't do Ron any good because he turned on the channel 15 minutes into the show. Quoth Ron: "You can't monitor that kind of thing." He was ticked that our tax dollars help pay for such programming. Said he: "Yeah, I can turn it off, but I'm still paying for it." (A hoity-toity KSPS exec dismissed this valid complaint by sniffing that Ron was out only about 80 cents per month for public TV.)

In terms of nudity, Ron said, the Janet Jackson peep show didn't hold a candle to this full frontal assault. Where's the FCC when you need it?

(DFO: This note will serve as background for my lead item in Sunday's Hot Potatoes column on the Editorial Page of The Spokesman Review.)

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