Why Matt Drudge Link?

Observation from old friend and Noam Chomsky disciple Fred Glienna:

Your link to Matt Drudge is disgraceful. Surely even the legitimate conservative sources, such as the Washington Times and National Review, know too well that his reporting is not journalism by any rational standard.

NHB: Fred makes a decent point here. You have to approach The Drudge Report carefully because ... Matt Drudge's sensationalistic. And occasionally wrong on one of his newskewps (i.e., the recent erroneous skewp that John Kerry had a thing for a former AP writer. On the other hand, Drudge was the one who broke the Monica Lewinsky story.). Drudge pegs his accuracy on such things at around 80 percent. Fred'd say it's probably lower. Either way, Drudge's entertaining. More importantly, Drudge's Web site offers a smorgasbord of media Web sites and columnist links. Plus, he gives you that old "Extra! Extra!" street-corner journalism feeling. One thing you must remember when you approach Drudge's site: Reader beware.

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