Thursday Quick Fix Six (2/26/04):

No Holds Barred is a week old today. Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday to us, Ha-a-a-p-p-p-y-eee (Editor's Note: Shaddup, and get on with it). Here's six to put in your coffee:

1. If you struggle to balance your commitment to human rights with your opposition to gay marriage, you can find some food for thought from David Horowitz and Tammy Bruce here and here.

2. Sure, John Kerry's post-Vietnam War statements and involvement with Hanoi Jane Fonda and other anti-war activists should concern you. But Kerry's involvement with the MIA/POW issue after he was elected should concern you more. The Village Voice, of all media, claims Kerry betrayed those left behind. Click here.

3. Three cheers for Clear Channel radio for getting vile Howard Stern off the air in its overdue move to clean up the airwaves. Read all about it here. (And here's a statement about Clear Channel's new policy re: on-air decency. May its kind increase.)

4. Planet Hollyweird muckety-mucks are hosed about Mel Gibson's film, "The Passion of the Christ." They believe it may harm his film career. I can almost hear Brother Mel's response now: So what? Click here for Hollyweird reax.

5. We believers are losing the battle over gay marriage because we deserve to lose it. We don't have our own house in order. Richard D. Ackerman of WorldNetDaily provides a well-needed gut check here.

6. What did John Kerry say about drilling in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge? And when did he say it? For some reason, the eco-Twinkies aren't saying anything about the controversial statements that Kerry made to "Hardball's" Chris Mathews about the controversial Alaska refuge. Find out about the interview here.

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