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Controversial Steve Eugster didn't make any friends at Catholic Gonzaga University with the announcement of his candidacy for Superior Court judge. In fact, he may have lost a friend by questioning the religious diversity of Jesuit U. Ex-Spokane County Demo Chairman Tom Keefe shared this letter to Steve with No Holds Barred:


Your campaign site makes the bold assertion that "The court lacks important diversity -- there are too many Gonzaga law school graduates on the bench, one religion predominates."

In the text of your prepared announcement you go on to assert and ask, "One religion predominates. One wonders where the protestants, Mormon, agnostics are?"

Although I did not attend Gonzaga Law School, two of my brothers and many of my friends and professional colleagues did. Some are Catholics, many are not. I find your comments regarding the school, its graduates and my faith deeply offensive. The "Gonzaga conspiracy" you feel is out to get you is, in my mind, a figment of your own fertile imagination.

I want to let you know right now that should you carry forward with your plan to inject anti-Catholic sentiments into the political discourse of this town during your bid for the bench, you can expect me, as a former friend, to vigorously oppose you at every opportunity, and to urge others to do so as well.

I urge you to reconsider the reckless, bigoted message you have already unleashed on this town.

Tom Keefe

NHB: You can find a full text of Steve Eugster's announcement here. (Be sure to click on "Announcement of Candidacy.")

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