Back from the Dead?

From the front lines in Bonner County comes word that the Democrats are rising again:


Your recent quip about finding enough Democrats to fill a phone booth prompted my response. I also noted that the article on the Demo caucuses (Sunday S-R) said that Kootenai Co. expected 100 to show up.

We had a pretty tight phone booth here in Sandpoint tonight, as about 260 showed up in the Community Hall (Capacity 150 ... good the fire marshall didn't show, as he is a Republican and would no doubt have cleared the hall.) While we split our delegates among four candidates, we were united in our drive to restore democracy to our wonderful nation, as it is rapidly being taken from us by the current monarchy.

You might also be interested to know that the churchgoing population was pretty high too -- over a dozen from our Methodist congregation and a similar number of Friends.

John Harbuck

NHB: I haven't used that telephone booth line in awhile. You have a good memory. Frankly, I hope you're right about the rebirth of the Idaho Democratic Party. We need a strong minority party to scare the arrogance out of the Republican Party. (Note to readers outside Idaho: An Idaho Democrat is a fairly conservative critter. Some of the best politicians I know or have known are Idaho D's: Rep. Mary Lou Shepherd of Wallace and the late Jim Stoicheff of Sandpoint.) As a result of a weak Idaho Demo Party, North Idaho has some Repub reps who fill space in Boise, at best, and gum up the works, at worst. I won't name names.

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