Will He, Or Won't He?

Political junkees are wondering whether ex-Idaho rep Don Pischner will run for office again. And they have a reason to wonder because he's collected some 60 names on a District 5 candidacy petition to do so. Plus, he has supporters urging him to go for it. But he's hesitant because he doesn't want to mess up a budding career as a lobbyist. Another loss in a House race might do that. At this point, the chances of Don running are way less than 50-50. And if he runs? It'll be in a three-way primary race against county GOP chair Bob Nonini and ex-rep Ron Vieselmeyer -- not against controversial rep Charles Eberle of Post Falls, who bested him last time. Meanwhile, a little birdie told me that Eberle won't get a primary pass. Stay tuned.

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