Wednesday Quick Fix Six (2/25/04):

Good morning, sunshine, it's time to get at 'em again with a Quick Fix Six:

1. You know going in that the New York Times is going to get "The Passion of the Christ" wrong. And the Gray Old Lady didn't disappoint. You can read the Times clueless take on Mel Gibson's "Passion" here. (You may have to register your name and password, but it's free.)

2. No one can fillet the Far Left like Washington Times Editor Wes Pruden. He writes three times a week and is worth bookmarking. Here's his take on Planet Hollyweird's approach to Gibson's "Passion." It's a day old. But not stale. You can thank me later for introducing you to Pruden.

3. WorldNetDaily is amused -- as you should be -- that finicky movie reviewers are deploring the violence in "The Passion of the Christ" when they don't bat at eye at horrific violence in other films. The Bible has a word for such people: ye old hypocrites. Click here to see their hypocrisy.

4. Of course, there's more to life than just "The Passion." Columnist Dick Morris, who used to be Slick Willie's superb strategist, contends that Dubya's in trouble because he's been too darn effective. Click here for more.

5. Columnist Jonah Goldberg sees a major difference between the wall Israel's building to keep suicide bombers out and the Berlin Wall. Find out why here.

6. Like the supermajority of us, columnist Armstrong Williams sees no right to gay marriage in the Constitution. Find out why here.

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