Tuesday Lunch Special (2/24/04):

Here's a some hot-mustard articles to go with your sandwich and milk today:

1. Hollyweird's always trying to give us Far Left guidance in our ongoing culture war. But it should practice what it preaches when it comes to minorities. Find out why Tinseltown moguls are such hypocrites here.

2. Pastor Jerry Falwell explains why believers should approach national bestseller "The Da Vinci Code" with fear and trembling. Click here.

3. In the opening to her special report for the Independent Women's Forum, Carrie L. Lukas writes: "The feminist agenda is inconsistent for women. In short, it is an agenda that replaces dependence on men with dependence on government." Read all about "How the Feminist Big Government Agenda Betrays Women'' here (Methinks you'll need to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

4. The Left Coast report by James Hirsen is a must read for anyone who's interested in a conservative take on all the stars, starlets and other denizens who hang out in Planet Hollyweird. Click here.

5. Find out why William J. Federer believes gay marriage will lead us over a slippery slope that has no bottom. Click here.

6. "The Passion of the Christ'' has triggered a revival of sorts that has caught the cultural elite off guard. Christians are coming out of the wood work. National Review Editor Rich Lowry analyzes what this means here.

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