A Blast from the Past:

From Seaside Park, N.J., comes this note from ex-Coeur d'Alene planner Steve Badraun, whose fatal sin, once upon a time, was to take on the town's muckety-mucks. After an unsuccessful 2001 run for mayor in which he criticized the town Jumbos, Steve was voted off the planning commission by ex-mayor Steve Judy's City Council during a not-very-special meeting on New Year's Eve. It was an incredible abuse of political power. Now, Steve's back with thoughts on how to plan for growth at the eastern gateway to be-yoo-tiful Coeur d'Alene:

Hello Dave;

The recent annexation application and the proposed planned unit development by the Hagadone Corporation will serve as a rapidly moving catalyst for commercial and residential expansion in all of those areas (along Interstate 90 and the Centennial Trail byway). Unless we act now with a well thought out plan for the coexistence of green spaces, public areas , parking lots and buildings and signage, we will soon have a mishmash of development that lacks the statement that we may want in those areas.

The byway has truly emerged as a place of peace, tranquility and reflection away from the day-to-day grind. Much like the hikes and walks on Tubbs hill, bikers along the byway find those miles along the lake a cherished part of their day or week in North Idaho.

With some serious planning, we can accomplish the same goals for development and recreation. The clock is ticking. Soon a comprehensive master outline that ensures the integrity of these areas will be a path we neglected to follow. The people of Coeur d' Alene will have lost a great treasure and an exciting gateway.

Steve Badraun
Seaside Park, N.J.

DFO: Coeur d'Alene, you've been warned

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