Tuesday A.M. Quick Fix Six

One day down and four to go until the weekend. Here's some picks to get you going on Tuesday morning:

1. Find out here why the issue of gay marriage has Dimplecrats running scared.

2. Catherine Seipp of FrontPageMag doesn't want to see the "lazy idiot'' MTVers extending their influence by voting in the next election. And here's why.

3. Find out why Islamic extremism has put Feminists between a rock and a hard place here.

4. While all of us Boomers seem to be obsessed with the Vietnam War again, Dubya is winning the war that matters -- you know, the one over in the Middle East. Here's what's happening that doesn't seem to matter to the national media.

5. Mel Gibson's sending a powerful message to Hollyweird with "The Passion of the Christ.'' And Brent Bozell explains why here.

6. The Dimplecrats pretend that Ralph Nader doesn't matter this year ... that he won't be a factor as he was in 2000. But here's why Nader's decision to run for prez as an Independent has them shaking in their boots.

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