Monday Morning Quick Fix 6

Monday, Monday ... can't trust that day ... Thought I'd start you out with a little Mamas and Papas to begin the week, which dawns cold and sunny here in the Pacific Northwest. If the Mamas and Papas don't do it for you, how about a morning Quick Fix Six to get you going?

1. Here's a viewer's guide on ``The Passion of the Christ.''

2. Ebert and Roeper gave ``The Passion of the Christ'' two thumbs up. Check here.

3. The Internet brings news that our old friend Osama bin Laden might be close to meeting his maker -- or at least Dubya's GI welcome wagon committee. Check here.

4. If you've never read crusty Libertarian Florence King, who used to write reguarly for the National Review, here she is. You can thank me later.

5. When Teresa Heinz Kerry visits Moscow, Idaho, this afternoon, someone might want to ask her about her contributions to extremely liberal groups. Check here to see how liberal the woman who would be First Lady is.

6. For those wondering how Muslim extremists can get a foothold anywhere in the United States, Joel Mowbray, writing for Front Page Magazine, sez look no further than the Inland Northwest's Palouse -- and the campuses of Washington State and the University of Idaho. Check here for his amazing analysis.

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