Weekend Six Pack

This Quick Six Fix will have to get you through the weekend until I blog again:

1. What did he say? And when did he say it? I'm being melodramatic. You can find out what young John Kerry said in his 1971 testimony about the Vietnam War to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee here.

2. Mel Gibson will talk about ``The Passion of the Christ'' with Focus on the Family founder James Dobson on KMBI-FM (107.9) at 8 p.m. Monday. You can find out more about that interview here.

3. Ah, you'd better not send little Shawn or Sally to Tufts University either. You can find out about the Vulvapalooza and other college sex nonsense here.

4. Need a Cal Thomas fix? He really cooks in this column.

5. Despite our huge budget deficits, Michael Goldfarb makes a good argument for passing a $318 billion highway reauthorization bill here.

6. Tired of listening to the Left's lies about Dubya? Here's some ammo to disarm your Dimplecratic neighbor.

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