Slaughterville or Bust:

Just to prove I'm working my tail off for you, O My Reader, I've found someone from Oklahoma to discuss the PETA-push to get the town to change its name. Actually, CDA's Tom Wobker found me. He was born in Oklahoma. And he was amused that the PETA-philes are oh!-fended by Slaughterville's name. Here's Tom:

``Re. the PETA letter about Slaughterville -- I was born in Oklahoma, have relatives there, and until the last few years visited often, especially after my parents retired to my Mom's hometown of Bartlesville. Assuming PETA is serious (which may be difficult), how did they overlook the lovely little hamlet of Hogshooter, Oklahoma, which is located just a few miles east of Bartlesville on the banks of Hogshooter Creek? How can they permit such an atrocity of a name to continue? It's on signs and maps and the Internet and everything. I'm aghast!!!''

Anyone else out there know of a PETA-defiling town name?

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