Another Day Older and Deeper in Debt:

In Idaho, the property tax sends people up the walls. In Washington, it's the sales tax. Here's retired Spokane Doc Ed Parker's take on Washington/STA's attempts to balance the budget on the back of what is now an 8.1 percent sales tax in most of Spokane County:

``We share some conservative/liberal viewpoints and disagree on others. My
conservative side is acting up as Governor Locke wants to raise the sales tax
1% (a 12% increase) and the Spokane Transit Authority wants to raise the tax
another 0.3%. This is a 16% increase in the sales tax. Whew! None of my
retirement income has seen such a rise. Incidentally, the tax pushers never
mention how much tax revenues have increased because of our increasing
population buying things that cost more each year.

``No matter how justified my desires to spend money on my wife, children,
grandchildren and charities I still have to live within a budget. Washington
State citizens live in one of the most highly taxed states in the country, but
the government is never satisfied with what we give it in taxes. I believe if
we allowed the State and Feds to spend whatever money they needed for all
worthy projects, there would be NOTHING left for us as individuals.''

(DFO: Well said -- although I do see a need to keep the Spokane Transit Authority's buses rollin' rollin'. Alotta poor folks need the buses.)

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