TGIF Six Pack:

Here's a Quick Six fix to jump start your Friday morning:

1. The Wall Street Journal agrees with Spokane Deanie Neil Beaver that "Mad How'' Dean "changed the face of politics.'' Find out why here.

2. Also, U.S. Sen. Zell Miller tells us -- and Congress -- why our rotten culture has brought America to the eve of destruction here.

3. Unless you want your Little Shawn or Little Amanda to enroll in Sex Week 101, you should be thankful that s/he didn't get that full-ride scholarship to Yale. Here's why.

4. Theaters are signing up in droves to show Mel Gibson's controversial ``The Passion of the Christ,'' despite the best efforts of Christophic Hollyweird to prevent its airing.

5. You can find out why Dubya is driving Evangelicals cuh-razy here.

6. You can find out what Marvin Olasky thinks of Lefty judges legislating a "right'' to gay marriage from the bench here. Then, religious conservatives should bookmark Olasky's excellent blog and the World mag Web site.

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