Hot Potatoes Gets Hot Potato:

Sometimes in my print column, Hot Potatoes, I don't have the room to fully explain what I mean. And that can bite me in the tail. On Wednesday, I ticked off some Vietnam vets with this:

"We're 30 years removed from Vietnam, and thanks to political operatives from both prez camps, boomers are still 'splaining what they did back then. Sheesh. Hot Potatoes doesn't think that old Asian war will go away until the '60s g-g-generation has gone to graveyards every one.'' Good riddance.''

The vets took it as a slam on their service. It was anything but. If there was something noble that came out of the '60s, it was the courage shown by the American soldier to do his duty in an awful situation.

In the short Hot Potato, I was denouncing the generation that accelerated the rot in our country's culture, my generation -- the most pampered, obnoxious, arrogant bunch of half-stoned, free-loving flower children this country has ever known. And I was part of it. I'm not bragging. It's just fact. And my g-g-generation fueled much of the social ills that are threatening to destroy us today. Drugs. Divorce. Violence. Crime. Suicide. You name it. We have an awful legacy. That's why I feel this country will be much better off when we leave the stage, if we still have a country.

And if that explanation isn't good enough ... mea culpa.

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