Early Returns (on new column):

Here's what they're saying about "No Holds Barred" so far:

--Gee Dave, I thought "Huckleberries" and "Hot Potatoes" were no holds barred!!! Looking forward to the new column. George Abelhanz

(DFO: By the way, this page has a link to my print columns. Just go to the "About DFO'' box on the righthand side and click either on my name in the type or the "editorial and two columns'' wording.)

--I read column and thoroughly enjoyed it. It is much easier to read than the paper. These eyes do have a problem with smaller print sometimes. Keep up the good work. Kit Rinehart

(DFO: Meanwhile, my eyes are bugging out from reading all the online stuff.)

--Very well done. It gives you more space than the print column to expand your commentary. Now, the acid test will be whether or not our Coeur d'Alene City Council confers a badge of honor by criticizing it openly in a council meeting rather than it one of its regularly scheduled executive sessions.
Bill McCrory

(DFO: I miss outspoken Boy Mayor Steve Judy, too -- not.)

--Great! Now I have yet another provocative Web site to distract me from my work! Congratulations on the "No Holds Barred" blog. I look forward to visiting often. Gordon Crow

(DFO: The good former Idaho state senator checks in from Minnesota)

--I enjoyed reading your blog today. This is quite a project you have embarked upon. Are you accepting bets as to how long you will be able to continue this blog? Edward H. Parker, Jr., MD

(DFO: Gulp. Ed, do you know something I don't know?)

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