Polls Come and Go But Zogby Soldiers On:

Don't get your shorts in a bunch about that recent USA Today/CNN/Gallup poll that shows the Dimplecrats' two Johns leading Dubya by double digits. First, a poll this time of year is about as reliable as trying to judge who's going to the World Series based on spring training performance. (OK, OK, the Yanks are. Now, onward.) If you're going to rely on a poll, look no further than Zogby. I've watched Zogby for years. And it runs rings around the rest of the number crunchers. If memory serves me correctly, Zogby predicted on Election Day 2000 that Weird Al Gore was going to win the popular vote -- by a nose, as they say in horse racing. Here's the way Zogby sees things shaping up in the national prez race as we wait for spring.

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