Polly want a college nominee:

As you know, Gonzaga University can play great men's basketball. But it gets a little squirrelly when it comes to free speech. Remember that hubbub last fall re: a visit by conservative author Dan ``Why the Left Hates America'' Flynn? The PC police and its administrative allies went bananas when they saw the word HATE! And the young Repubs who brought Flynn to campus landed in a heap o' trouble. As a result of that PC brain cramp, Jesuit U finished in the Top 10 of Young Americans for Freedom's 2003 ``Worst Moments in Education.''

Now, Collegiate Network ("The Home of Conservative College Journalism") is seeking nominees for the 2004 Campus Outrage Awards, or "Pollys". The Polly Awards? I'll let Collegiate Network prez T. Kenneth Cribb Jr. explain: "We created the Campus Outrage Awards to expose the excesses of college administrators and professors who misuse their authority to silence dissent and impose their own political agendas on unwilling students."

You can win up to $1,000 for nominating outrageous examples of political correctness on campus. Go to the Web link above for all the details. And ... by the way ... I have dibs on Gonzaga. But there's gotta be something out there just as silly from Washington State, Idaho, Eastern Washington, Spokane Community College or even North Idaho College. Good luck.

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