Bankruptcy Reactions

In the journey to Vatican III, surely the bankruptcy of the Portland Oregon diocese will be seen as some sort of landmark -- or landmine.

Here's some second day reaction from around the world.

In the Statesman Journal of Salem. "(Daniel) Gatti, a leading litigator in a wave of lawsuits accusing Catholic priests of decades-old sexual abuse in Oregon, found time to criticize church leaders for taking the unprecedented step. 'It's shocking what they’ll do to avoid compensating these victims,' Gatti said. 'They’re biding for more time and public sympathy.'''

The Vatican released its financial report today. It's allegedly in the red for a third straight year. See story.

Is this one more example of cutthroat politics by the church? A writer for the Boston Phoenix thinks so. She writes: "If the Catholic Church were a corporate giant like PG&E, its aggressive legal tactics might not seem unusual. But the Church is not a profit-driven corporation; it is a spiritual institution whose mission is to minister to its parishioners. So it doesn’t seem unreasonable to hold the Church to a higher standard."
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