Forgiveness: Seventy Times Seven

As the threat of another beheading looms in Iraq, I turned to the book Seventy Times Seven written by Johann Christoph Arnold, author, elder and leader with the Bruderhof, a spiritual commune.

Fr. Stan Malnar loaned me the book. I noted him in the blog below. It was a life-opening book of discovery with much wisdom on forgiveness, a timely message during this war time, during the continued healing from the sex-abuse crisis.

Here's an excerpt:
"We all know bitter people. They have an amazing memory for the tiniest detail, and they wallow in self-pity and resentment. They catalog every offense against them and are always ready to show others how much they have been hurt. On the outside they may appear to be calm and composed, but inside they are bursting with pent-up hatred.

"These people defend their indignation constantly: they feel that they have been hurt too deeply and too often, and that somehow this exempts them from the need to forgive. But it is just these people we need to forgive most of all. Their hearts are sometimes so full of rancor that they no longer have the capacity to love."

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